Black-outs and faulty memories

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With the new look for Gamespot on the way it makes me wonder if I'll still be here after the new changes start to kick in? I still enjoy writing blogs and reviews which I always do best hopefully the new changes won't bother me but will take some use to get use to. Forgot to mention last week that I went to a mini Anime convention at Newcastle Library last week and I thought I'd try and do a cosplay based on a game that's not yet released til 2014-

Sebastian Castellanos (The Evil Within- PS3/360/PS4XBOne)

You might notice that I'm also wearing the E3 pin for it too, I didn't win the art contest either but had a great time last week and plus gutted that Attack on Titan has finished too last week :(

But back to the main part of my blog, something strange happend to us yesturday morning I was staying at a friend's house on Saturday for a few drinks and some gaming. After getting any sleep after 3am I wake up a few hours later and before leaving my friends house I think I may have had a migraine around 10 am. I pretty much fell to the ground with my eyes rolled backwards and my other friend phoned up an amberlance and I was sent to hospital, after seeing someone I may have something wrong with my white cells. I'm not that worried about it but it was a little creepy and not only that woke up with a few marks and battle scars, hopefully something like this won't happen again.


As for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (PS3) I'm towards the final boss on standard mode and only using original weapons and without using a single continue. For Chain of Memories up to the final boss on Sora's story but may need to level more for that.