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Anime line-up: Summer 2014

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Summer is just around the corner and what does it have lined-up for most Anime fans out there. A ton of new anime has just started and here is a list of a few animes worth checking out if you have the time-

Sword Art Online Season 2-

This is the sequel to Sword Art Online, this was one of the biggest anime back in 2012 this will be the next arc "Phantom Bullet". Nothing else has been mentioned about Season 2 but more info will likely leak after the first episode and the new opening and ending theme too.

Persona 4 the Golden Animation-

A rural town far removed from the city that spends its time peacefully. A boy arrives at Yaso Inaba Station, where the cherry blossom petals are falling. His name is Yuu Narukami. Due to his family's situation, he moves to Inaba to live with his uncle, and attends Yasogami High School. From there, his school life begins: The shopping mall after school. The serial murders happening in the town, The Midnight Channel that comes on late at night…

Space Dandy Season 2-

This will be the Second Season of Space Dandy which just started this year back in January for both English and Japanese voicing so you should have a choice on what version to watch it since both version have good voice acting.

Free! Eternal Summer-

Second Season of Free! This takes places after the first season where Haruka Nanase and his friends Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryūgazaki resume their normal lives at Iwatobi High School. Rin Matsuoka finally accepts his past and repairs the bonds with his friends following the swimming tournament. While he decides to continue following his dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer, a new competition looms over the heads of the Iwatobi High Swimming Club as they continue training to improve their performance.


Story centers on Yūki Akamatsu, a boy who joins the staff of his school's second newspaper. The editor-in-chief Ayaka Nikaidō immediately assigns him to the life (jinsei) advice column. Three girls the science representative Rino Endō, the liberal arts representative Fumi Kujō, and the physical education representative Ikumi Suzuki answer requests from students about whatever is troubling them.

Sailor Moon Crystal-

This will not be a remake of the 1992 original, but rather a more direct adaptation of the manga and is set to premiere on July 5, 2014 and a new episode every other week for a year, running at a total of 26 episodes. Fans have been waiting forever for Sailor Moon would the wait be worth it in the end?

DRAMAtical Murder-

Taking place many years in the future where the game "Rhyme" a virtual fighting game, is incredibly popular and people possesses "AllMates," convenient AI computers. Aoba leads an ordinary life, working at a junk shop and living with his grandmother on the island of Midorijima. Unlike his friends, he doesn't participate in Rhyme, nor does he belong in a gang. However when rumours of people disappearing spread, Aoba finds himself needing to unravel the mysteries behind the island in order to protect his everyday life.


The story follows six high school students who meet during the summer. The protagonist is Touko Fukami, a 17 year old born in Fukui Prefecture. Her dream is to become a glass artisan.

Minarai Diva-

Story follows two aspiring divas who hope to become famous through a unique brand of music.

Tokyo Ghoul-

The suspense horror dark fantasy story is set in Tokyo, which is haunted by mysterious "ghouls" who are devouring humans. People are gripped by the fear of these ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. An ordinary college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an avid reader like him, at the café he frequents. Little does he realize that his fate will change overnight.

Other Anime that should be worth checking out as well-

  • Aldnoah. Zero
  • Barakamon
  • Bakumatsu Rock
  • Hanayamata
  • Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
  • Love Stage!!
  • Majimoki Rurumo
  • Puri Para
  • Rail Wars!
  • Sengoku Basara Judge End

Any Anime on the list catch your attention or plan on watching this Summer?

Let us know in the comments-