End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 4

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The Nintendo Wii U was released last year worldwide along with the PlayStation Vita in that same year and pretty much was the start of the 8th Generation of Gaming when you think about it. We should not forget about the Nintendo Wii which was released back in 2006 around the same month as the PlayStation 3 was released.

The code name original was going to be called Nintendo "Revolution" until April 2006 immediately before E3, with the success of the GameCube to hard-core gamers Nintendo still wanted to be the perfect console for everyone. Nintendo Wii is in fact more family friendly on most games released for it but Nintendo still made games for the hard-core gamers out there with titles like Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles and Super Smash Brothers Brawl; the family friendly side games like Wii Sports brought families together both young and old. This was Nintendo's biggest selling point between 2006 and 2013 people still play games together with their friends or family it was a clever idea, people still bought games that either got a poor review or a decent review if it was a third-party game or a game that had multiplayer support for more than 2 players.

Different to the PlayStation and Xbox controller, the Nintendo Wii controller may look like a TV remote it uses a combination of built-in accelerometers and infrared detection to sense its position in 3D space when pointed at the LEDs in the Sensor Bar. It allows users to control the game with physical gestures as well as button-presses. The controller connects to the console using Bluetooth with an approximate 30 ft and features rumble and an internal speaker. The Wii Remote can connect to expansion devices through a proprietary port at the base of the controller. Bundled with the Wii retail package is the Nunchuk unit, which features an accelerometer and a traditional analog stick with two trigger buttons. In addition, an attachable wrist strap can be used to prevent the player from unintentionally dropping or throwing the Wii Remote. The Wii controller also supported two AA batteries in the back of the controller or you can either charge your controllers because the Nintendo released and third-party companies released accessories for the Wii system chargers are still cheap from today and can easily be bought from almost anywhere. You even had choices on what kind of controller you wanted to use for most games for the Wii such as the Wii Remote as a 2D pad or a classic game controller or even use a GameCube controller.

Unlike the PS3 and 360 that had a memory storage, the Wii console contain 512 megabytes of internal flash memory and features an SD card slot which can be used for uploading photos and backing up data and save game data including downloadable titles from Nintendo Wii Shop Channel. The menu screen interface was designed to emulate Television Channels using the Wii Remote you can simply click on what channel on the menu you want to go on from loading up a game in your Wii or heading over to BBC IPlayer or even checking the weather. The Nintendo Wii also supported backward compatibility with GameCube games this gave both gamers and newcomers a chance to play some GameCube classics on their Nintendo Wii but you would need a GameCube controller in order to play games on it, speaking of classic games you can also download NES and SNES games from the Nintendo Shop Channel.

Nintendo also released Wii Fit back in 2008 which was an exercise game consisting of activities using the Wii Balance Board peripheral. Wii Fit is currently the third best-selling console in history. Players used the Wii Balance Board for exercise including yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games. The idea has also been used for Physiotherapy rehabilitation and has been adopted by various health clubs around the world. The Balance Board has also been used for other games for the Wii as well such as Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games, Punch-Out! and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party.

During the years Nintendo Wii had sold millions worldwide and seeing cheap knock-off accessories in most stores and supermarkets. Nintendo discounted the Wii last month for Japan and Europe but they also released Wii Mini which was released this year which was a smaller design of the console but had no online support. However the Nintendo Wii U was released just last year worldwide but already the sales for the Wii U had a bumpy start on its sales and trying to keep up with the likes of the Sony and Microsoft but already the sales on the Wii U are slowly picking up with positive reviews and strong sales from games like Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World.

What have been your favourite games and moments on the Nintendo Wii?

So with the 8th Generation of Gaming already began will you be picking up a Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One? Or will you wait til they release more good games for the system?

Yes there will be a Part 5 on The End of the 7th Generation of Gaming, so I'm not finished with this Generation just yet.

End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 3

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If you've missed my last two blogs you can find them here-

So with the Xbox One being released on November 22nd worldwide expect for Japan which won't be getting it til 2014, the launch line up on games for Xbox One is so far pretty decent with games like Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Fifa 14, Powerstar Golf and Forza Motorsport 5. But we forget about the launch line up on games and a look back on the Xbox 360 which was released in 2005-

Xbox 360 was launched a year before the Nintendo Wii and PS3 which were both released in 2006, if you owned an original Xbox you may notice the 360 controller looking a little lighter and smaller than the original Xbox controller. Xbox 360 also supported HD if you had a HD TV back then not many gamers were that bothered in playing games in HD because most HD Televisions back then were very expensive, Xbox 360 also supported DVD and HD DVD but however HD DVD didn't last very long since the PlayStation offered Blu-ray support for their console. The best-selling game after launch was Call of Duty 2 and yes many gamers that still own an Xbox 360 still play the Call of Duty series til this day would explain why nearly almost every year they sell millions of copies worldwide and offered a ton of multiplayer support and DLC content. Xbox Live still played a major role since 2005 when the Xbox 360 was released, Microsoft's online gaming service Xbox Live was shut down for 24 hours and underwent a major upgrade, adding a basic non-subscription service called Xbox Live Silver (later renamed Xbox Live Free) to its already established premium subscription-based service (renamed as Gold). Xbox Live Free is included with all SKUs of the console. It allows users to create a user profile, join on message boards, access Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace and talk to other members.

Xbox Live Marketplace offered the same features that PSN had when it comes to download Games, Demos and Movies. Instead of using cash you are using Microsoft Points to purchase games and DLC content but to purchase can either be bought in stores or on Xbox Live. Not all games were compatible on the Xbox 360 certain games on the Xbox could play on your 360 but may have some glitches or errors during gameplay but Xbox gamers could still play their favourite games such as Halo 1 and 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Dead or Alive 3.

The Red Ring of Death played yet another major role for the Xbox 360 over the years like the YLOD (yellow light of death) on PS3 systems; Red Ring of Death had errors like Hardware Failure, Overheating, General Hardware Failure and AV Cable Error. Stuff like warning signs may include freeze-ups, graphical problems in the middle of gameplay, such as checkerboard or pinstripe patterns on the screen, and sound errors; mostly consisting of extremely loud noises that can be affected by the volume control, and the console only responds to pressing the power button to turn it off.

Xbox Kinect was announced at E3 2009 and wanting to compete with motion-gaming with the likes of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move, Kinect was more about using and moving your body when it comes to gaming on the 360 the Kinect was sold separately when it was launched in November 2010. Certain games like Dance Central series were pretty much the only games that really did shape up the Kinect and helps people with their dancing skills and fitness but half the games that were released on the Kinect didn't do well at all such as Sonic Free Riders and Steel Battalion did not respond to the players movement or voice control most of the games released for it went downhill after a few short months, even adding Kinect support on certain as optional didn't help much either in the sales. There were some good projects along the way after the events of E3 2009 Project Milo could have been a product game but that got cancelled and was only a tech demo but the demo back then did look impressive and could have helped the sales for the Kinect if it went forward.

Since 2005 there have been many good games, memorable moments and classic on the Xbox 360 such as Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Dead Rising, Kameo, and Lost Odyssey. Coming to a close on the 7th Generation the Xbox 360 will still release games for the system so no need to go out and buy a new console just yet, but with the Xbox One coming around the corner are we ready for the 8th Generation of Gaming?

What have been your favourite games and moments on the Xbox 360?

Part 4- Nintendo Wii

End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 2

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If you've missed my last blog you can find it here End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 1

With the PlayStation 4 being released this week for the US and then the rest of Europe at the end of the month, the launch titles on games is pretty good with games like Killzone, Knack, Contrast, Flower, Fifa 14 and Lego Marvel Heroes. We forget about the line-up of games that was launched for the PlayStation 3 back in 2006-

The first the PlayStation 3 was announced was back at E3 2005 back then the controller looked very different to the PS2 controller and looked almost looking like a boomerang/banana shape controller but that was all changed later on after the E3 announcement. Blu-Ray support was yet another big step especially that you could watch Blu-Ray movies on your PS3 instead of buying a separate DVD player for it to watch them, not only that the Blu-Ray even beaten the HD-DVD system which ended up fading away quite quickly. Comparing to watching movies on Blu-Ray and DVD made a difference to some hard-core movie lovers but it would depend on what kind of HD TV you bought or have. If you had a PSP you could connect it with your PlayStation which you could play certain games on Remote Play with games like BlazBlue or Lair, and plus another option to download PS1 games or PSP games from the PSN Store on your PS3 by just using a USB cable for it. During the launch Sony only released a 40GB and 60GB PS3, however most gamers would try and get their hands on a 60 GB PS3 because it would have backward compatibility support for PlayStation 2 games but however not all PS2 games would work on the 60 GB PS3, you had to check online which games were fully compatible because some games will not work or may have glitches and errors through certain games.

There was a short demand on 60 GB PS3 consoles but later on after releasing the 80 GB PS3 they removed a few features and added some new ones in but the bad news was that they took out the PS2 Compatibility which was on short demand and took money to making it. So the 80 GB was released and everyone still bought a PS3 for the number of cool features and there have been some really good games along the way such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted Series, Gran Turismo 5 and LittleBigPlanet. The Yellow-Light of Death took its toll on a few PS3 systems on older models which were the 40 and 60 GB; In September 2009, BBC’s Watchdog television programme aired a report investigating the issue, calling it the yellow light of death (YLOD). Among the approximately half a percent of all consoles that experience the failure, they found that it occurred usually between 18–24 months after purchase, while the standard Sony warranty covers one year after purchase. After this time, PlayStation 3 owners can pay Sony a set fee for a refurbished console. Sony claimed that, according to its statistics of returned consoles approximately only 0.5% of consoles were reported as showing the YLOD.

Sony offered free-online play for gamers without paying a rental fee meaning that they could play as much online gaming as they want with games that had this support like Warhawk, Killzone series and Call of Duty. After 2010 Sony announced at E3 about PSN Plus where you could pay a small subscription either for 3 months or 1 Year's membership this gave gamers the offer of getting free games every month and trying out some early Beta's or Demo's before they are released a few weeks later to the rest of the public. PSN store also offered gamers the chance to download PS1 games and PS2 games as well which only took some MB space on your PS3, but however all PS3 consoles does let you play PS1 games on your PS3 if you still have the original discs for them.

Over the years there really have been some memorable moments in gaming and have been some classic games for the PS3 such as The Last of Us, Valkyria Chronicles, Journey, Demon's Souls and Ni No Kuni. As we come towards a close on the 7th Generation the PlayStation 3 will still release games for the system so don't need to go out and buy a new console just yet, but with the PlayStation 4 coming around the corner are we ready for the 8th Generation of Gaming?

What have been your favourite games and moments for the PS3?

Part 3- Xbox 360

End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 1

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So as we come closer to the launch of Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 for this month we will be entering the 8th Generation of gaming which kind of already began back in 2011 with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and then we've had the PS Vita and the Nintendo Wii U which was released just last year. From 2004 up to 2013 the 7th Generation of gaming has had a great line up on games and systems all within that period; there have been some memorable moments in gaming and some good games that have won multiple awards and memorable soundtrack.

Around the time when the 6th Generation was around in 2004, both handhelds the Nintendo DS and the PSP which were both released within that year and then later in 2005 for rest of UK/Europe. The Nintendo DS was a duel-screen handheld console where you've now got two screens in front of you instead of one screen, the bottom screen was the touch screen which you can use a stylist pen or your fingers to touch the screen or tapping the screen during gameplay and the top screen was mainly the main screen for gaming. The Nintendo DS was also compatible with Gameboy Advance games, the console might have been a little chunky but later on after 2006 Nintendo released multiple versions of the DS which were lighter to carry around and longer battery but some changes taken in and out of the DS console. It did had a great line-up of games within those years for the Nintendo DS between 2004-2012 with games like New Super Mario Bros, Nintendogs, Professor Layton series, The World Ends With You and Brain Training.

Also in 2004 the PSP was released this was also Sony's first time entering the handheld market and wanting to compete with Nintendo. PSP was pretty much a version of a PlayStation 1 and 2 in the palm of your hands, it only had 1 analog stick instead of 2 like you would see on a PlayStation controller and only 2 shoulder buttons L and R. Instead of using cartridges or discs the PSP used UMD discs for both games and movies. The PSP also had Wi-Fi internet connection, a USB cable which you can transfer data, music and pictures back and forth from your PC, it even had a PSP Camera attachment for taking photos just like a normal camera. The PSP also gave you the chance to play PS1 games on the handheld meaning that you could play your favourite games on the PSP when you’re out and about; the memory card was a lot smaller than a normal memory card, the PSP version you had to use a Memory Stick Duo for saves, music, and data. Later up versions of the PSP were also lighter and the ability to connect your PSP to your PS3, however in 2009 they released the PSP Go which was a different version of the system but the downfall on the PSP Go was that it didn't had a UMD disc drive everything had to be downloaded from the PSN Store and double the price you would pay for games instead of buying them on UMD in retail stores. However the PSP had some good games in the line-up from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Grand Theft Auto, FF VII Crisis Core, God of War and LocoRoco.

Not only that the touch-screen for handheld gaming made a huge impact later in the years after 2007 with the I-Phone games on mobile phones were starting to become very popular for both young and old. Using the touch screen to get around apps on your phone and using the internet whenever you please, games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope were also addicting games and made great use of touch-screen when it came to gaming, even know there have been many knock-off title games made by users and ported games from hoe consoles and handhelds being released on mobile phones.

The PlayStation 2 was still releasing games and still being a best-selling console outselling both Xbox and GameCube during the 6th Generation of gaming, there were still some best-selling games after 2005 with games like Resident Evil 4, Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy XII and Okami. And in 2007 God of War II was the last biggest launch title for the PlayStation 2 and leaving a cliff-hanger right at the end of the game forcing both players and hard-core God of War fans to wait for the next instalment in the series. However the PlayStation 2 still kept selling even Persona 4 got great reviews and loved by both fans and gamers just a shame that not many people bought the game during that period because they did miss out on a classic RPG game. As of this year the PlayStation 2 had stop production and not many places selling the console in both Japan and the rest of the world, Fifa 14 is the last game to be released for the PlayStation 2.

I will be working on a second blog which will the next part about 7th Generation of gaming, but what have been your favourite moments or memories for the PS2, DS or PSP?

Professot Layton and the Azran Legacy Impressions- 5 Hours Later.....

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After spending a weekend at the Lake District over the weekend for a family birthday but did spend some time playing the latest Professor Layton game during the weekend-

Picked up Azran Legacy (3DS) early Friday morning before heading to the Lakes, but before picking up the game a few days before managed to complete all of the Daily Puzzles that were in Miracle Mask (3DS) which I've picked up on launch last year I'm actually amazed that it's been over a year that I've been coming back to the Daily Puzzles on the Professor Layton series. I do remember playing Miracle Mask throughout the first weekend when I first got it and even some of my friends tried solving a few puzzles when I was out in Newcastle one Saturday afternoon.

Story picks up where it left off after Miracle Mask and plus the story around Spectres Call, Eternal Diva (Movie) and Azran Legacy all take place before the events of Curious Village (DS) and of course Pandora's Box and Lost Future. Some of the puzzles that you'll come across through the main story and in the Daily Download section some of them will take you back down to memory lane and some puzzles are very straight forward to solve.

I don't want to spoil the story around Azran Legacy if US gamers or fans of the series who haven't got around to playing this game and having to wait til early 2014 by the time it gets released in the US. Plus Nintendo would have to change the text and odd voice acting in the US version of the game. But most of the puzzles I've come across are a little challenging and took some time to think on how to solve the puzzle. What made the game more fun was that some people in my family were asking what I was playing and showed them a few puzzles and what to do plus a few drinks as well. Listening to the soundtrack while playing Azran Legacy is impressive too especially when it comes to solving puzzles the music in the background make a great touch to the series; there will be a full review on this by the time I've completed the main story and of course most of the puzzles as well.

Before I go back to playing more of Professor Layton, pre-ordered the game at GAME in Newcastle and of course cosplayed as Professor Layton when I picked the game early Friday morning and the funny part is that I went as Professor Layton for Anime Attacks (Anime convention) last week.

Remote Play from small screen to big screen to online play

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I've recently got the latest update on my PS Vita which was 3.00 which allows you to connect to PS4 for Remote Play and Second Screen capabilities. But wait a minute; wasn't this idea been done before in the past with the PlayStation 3 and PSP between 2007-2012? I know that you can download PSP or PS1 games from the PSN Store on your PS3 and then transferring that download to the PSP.

Don't get me wrong the PSP is still a great handheld for playing games when you are out and about or want something to play while you’re on a bus or train. Remote Play between PS3 and PSP was a good idea certain PS3 games you could easily play on your PSP if you connect your PSP to your PS3 with a USB cable. There were a few good games that had this feature games like BlazBlue, Lair and PixelJunk Eden; what could have been a cool idea if it happened if you could play PSP games and playing them on your HD TV example use a USB cable and then connecting with your PS3 playing something like Final Fantasy Dissidia or even FFVII Crisis Core on a bigger screen. But that idea had already been done too with Adhoc Party where you could do the same thing but playing PSP games like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite online with other players instead of meeting up with your friends outside your home. This was yet another cool idea but trying to get a room for 2-4 players was a bit of a pain in the neck to connect. I'm not even sure if this application is still going it was around or not.

There have been certain games that got the 720p HD touch for the PlayStation 3 like the God of War Origins Collection (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta), Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and the most recent announce of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep coming to HD under Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix (PS3). They all had good reviews and scores from various sites and magazine but still poor sales after the first 3 weeks after release. People still bought the UMD versions of the game because they know where to see a good game when there is one or they are a fan of the series and more money to big companies.

The PS Vita was released last year and yes the same idea returned again where you could play certain PS3 games onto your PS Vita, like the Wii U you could play games either on your TV or on a the controller pad. Cross-Play was yet another feature if you bought the PS3 version of a game like PlayStation All-Stars you'll get a code which lets you download the PS Vita at no cost, this has also been used for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault. But playing games online from your PS Vita is a lot easier this time round where you could play games online like an example an online match of Marvel VS Capcom (PS Vita) without connecting to the internet or using a USB cable to connect to your PS3.

The PS4 Link app has been added to the PS Vita system’s home screen. With this application, you can use your PS Vita to remotely control a PS4 system, and play a range of PS4 games on your PS Vita screen. When you’re playing a game on PS4 that supports second screen features, you can also display information from that game on your PS Vita and use it as a second screen. I do wonder games what games will this feature after the launch of the PlayStation 4 in a few week’s time.

Are you planning on getting a PS4 this year? Will you be using this feature with your PS Vita and PS4?

Call of Duty from World War II to Moderen Day War where next?

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If you saw last week's blog on Is Assassin's Creed losing its touch? Or is it building more ideas? I've decided to do another blog based around another series and their next game Call of Duty: Ghosts which is released this week on almost every console expect for the 3DS and PS Vita.

The series itself has been around for over 10 years now and had started off as a series based around the history of World War II, back then most people would say and of course the developers wanted a Medal of Honor killer. The Medal of Honor series had been around since 1999 but was developed by DreamWorks and with a story done by Steven Spielberg, games based around history is a good experience for gamers and movie fans who wanted experience what it was like during World War II. But it wasn't long when Call of Duty 2 was released in 2005 for both PC and 360 and this is where multiplayer slowly started to kick in for fans and gamers.

And since then after 2005 there has always been a Call of Duty game being released almost every year around the same time between end of October and mid-November you could pretty much say that the game sells really well due to everyone wanting to play multiplayer or people who end up buying the game around the same weekend or a few days before Remembrance Day. (Also known as Poppy Day, Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918)

Call of Duty 4 was released in 2007 and the series took a different turn on this one, instead of it being a World War II themed game it’s now based around the present day of Modern Warfare most of this isn't real but it’s now of the lines on an alternate universe. It did had a decent story even I've played a few games in the past for both Campaign and Multiplayer; but the real reason why Modern Warfare sold more copies was because it's Multiplayer was the strongest selling part about the series either playing with a few friends or against other players online. And since then that has been the biggest selling point for Multiplayer where more than 30 players at once and yet people would still buy the DLC content for it a few months later stuff like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch can really bring out the worse for gamers. Some people are really good at shooters online and there's the side where people would swear and curse down your ears if you have a headset, some of the things you would hear from other gamers can be funny at times but half the time you don't want to hear any of it and just have it on mute for both players and not using headset at all.

Zombies made a huge impact since World at War was released in 2008 and since then games like Black Ops II had Zombie Multiplayer matches and it seem like it's making a return in Call of Duty: Ghosts but this time instead of zombies it’s now Aliens which I am curious to see how well this goes down like the Assassin's Creed series is Call of Duty losing its touch? But the funny part is that the Battlefield series has the same idea Call of Duty series wanting to make both its Campaign and Multiplayer the perfect FPS game based around the battlefield set in the Modern world. And as for the Medal of Honor series you could say that the series has pretty much been forgotten after the poor reviews and sales of Medal of Honor: Warfighter (2012) I'm not even sure if there will be another Medal of Honor game in the future.

Are you planning on buying Call of Duty: Ghosts this week? Or do you think the likes of Battlefield and Medal of Honor are better then Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments-

Movie Review- Wolf Children

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I know that this was released a year ago in both Japan and France; it recently got an English Dubbed for the release for both UK and USA. Mamoru Hosoda is well known for his film on The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) and Summer Wars (2009); his latest film Wolf Children (2012) pretty much tells a modern day folktale story set in the present day.

Hana (Aoi Miyazaki) a 19-year-old student, who falls in a fairy-tale like love with a wolf man, think of a Japanese version of Beauty and the Beast at the start of the plot. Over the course of the 13-year story Hana gives birth to two children older sister Yuki (Haru Kuroki and Momoka Ono as young Yuki) which translates “Snow”, and younger brother Ame (Yukito Nishii and Amon Kabe as young Ame) which also translates "Rain". At first the family quietly lives in the city trying to hide their wolf heritage from the public, but when the "wolf man" suddenly dies Hana makes the decision to move to a rural town, far from their previous city life.

As they start their new life in their new home away from the city the story really starts to pick up on the family, being a single mother looking after her wolf children and doing pretty much everything from scratch from fixing their roof to farming vegetables. As soon as both Yuki and Ame start to control their changing form from wolf to human, Yuki really wants to go to School and try not to lose her temper by turning into a wolf in front of everyone. And Ame pretty much skips school altogether and ends up learning what it takes to really be a wolf. The animation may feel a little murky but past films made by Mamoru Hosoda where unlike most anime, characters outlines and details are well done and detailed. The style of this is well suited to the kids Yuki and Ame where they can quick change forms to human to wolf. Looking at the expressions and emotions for Hana does for a lack of face expressions at a distance. But the art and backgrounds of the film are very well detailed when it comes to the outdoor environments or even looking at the mountains which gets mentions or seen in the film, plus looking at the expressions and faces on wolves cannot easily be ignored their faces are just cute to look at when it comes to Yuki and Ame.

Yet Wolf Children is still an excellent film which pulls off some great voice acting and some humour added in this is what Hosoda fans would want when it comes to films like these. The stunning animation art and soundtrack will make you feel drawn into that story it might not be as perfect as his last two movies but it’s still a worthy film to check out.

5/5 (5 Stars)

*DVD/Blu-Ray release is December 23rd for UK*

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

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So with Halloween being this week and I'm guessing that some of you on Gamespot have got plans? I've already carved a pumpkin last week based on video games for change but if you've missed my blog on that you can find it here- You got a Layton in my pumpkin

Speaking of Halloween went to a Nintendo Themed Party last Tuesday night and that was a lot of fun, I went with a few friends and even got quite a few StreetPasses along the way. I have been attending some of the StreetPass Meets in Newcastle and most of them have been really fun especially the Animal Crossing Launch Party back in June. The Halloween party was fun too bit of Animal Crossing, a lot of drinking and my friend was dressed as Solid Snake brought Cards Against Humanity and ended up playing a game of that which was a lot of fun. Not only that I even won a runner-up on the costume contest as Professor Layton, got myself a Pikmin plushie-

Already my Red Pikmin has made friends already :D Everyone I know including my friends had a great night and I look forward to their next Nintendo-Themed Event at their next StreetPass meet Event in the future.

Posted two more game reviews on Gamespot feel free to have a read of my reviews first one is- Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix: http://www.gamespot.com/kingdom-hearts-hd-1-5-remix/user-reviews/2200-12539490/ and the other is Crazy Market: http://www.gamespot.com/crazy-market/user-reviews/2200-12542190/

And before I go only 1 more week til Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy-


Is Assassin's Creed losing it's touch? Or is it building more ideas?

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So my main topic that's been in my head during my weekend is based on the release of Assassin's Creed IV which is released this week worldwide. Most people were aware that the Assassin's Creed series pretty much killed off the Prince of Persia series before the first game was released back in 2007.

I have played the first game and do admit that it was an impressive game back in the day on who you can Assassinate next on your list and travel across a wide-range of land just like most open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead or even Jak II. Later games in the series have gotten a little better and better having it in different periods of time like the last game Assassin's Creed III was based on the American Revolution, have heard that the story plot for Assassin's Creed IV takes place before the Third game based on the Golden Age of Piracy with a mix of Caribbean Islands and based on open-ended ship based exploration with combat and land-based adventures just like what normal pirates would like in books and movies.

When you think about this some of these ideas have been mentioned do sound a little familiar if you've watched the Pirates of the Caribbean series you’re sailing across the sea, fighting pirates and looking for treasure. Now think of One Piece series it has the same idea your sail across the sea looking for the Grand-Line and becoming a Legendary Pirate; And plus when it comes to gameplay in Assassin's Creed IV you are using abilities and attacks just like you would see in either of those titles I've just mentioned. Ok so sailing across the sea is likely the biggest hype around this whole game which I can understand when it comes to gameplay and of course the graphics and setting added in to the background to make it more pirate looking, but seeing most of this when it comes to using about to travel the world, we've all seen this done before soo many times in past games from the late 90's or even before then when it comes to sailing across to one place to another in video games.

As soon as I first saw the first trailer for this I did wonder if the series was starting to lose its ideas, even though that the series is very popular around the world for most countries especially US and UK/Europe. Fans of the series must surely understand that the series is starting to loose it's touch, you do wonder if something like Watch Dogs could replace the Assassin's Creed series in the future just like what they did with Prince of Persia series before 2007. But I would be surprised if there was an Assassin's Creed V in the works soon after I do have a guess that the next title could be set either during World War I or even World War II, I mean it could work you’re a spy and you’re going under-cover taking down leaders or world-leaders during that period. Think about it, it may even work if Ubisoft did pay attention to any of this or likely its hard-core fans would easily throw fan-fiction into this idea if they want to keep the series fresh and keeping it going for the franchise.

If you are planning on buying Assassin's Creed IV this week? please post a comment below and see what you think.

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