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Anyone looking foward to?

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Hi guys sorry I haven't spoken for a while because I've been ill.

But anyway anyone looking foward for Gamespot After Hours??

I'm createing a Kingdom Hearts Union!!!!

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Well after finishing KH2 I've decided to create a union based on Kingdom Hearts.

I did try createing it before but it failed I will try again.

Kingdom Hearts world is a Fan-fiction union based on the game. Like Sora in Devil May Cry world fighting Arkham or Sora and the co in Raz's world journeying trough peoples minds or Sora finds the Philohers Stone in the Full Metal Alchelmist worlds. You can put your own ideas from Games,movies or your favourite book.

Its mainly a Fan fiction union plus get the latest info on Kingdom Hearts.

If you guys want to be officars please put your name down on the comments page.

Finished KH2!!

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I have finally finished Kingdom Hearts 2!!!

The game was brilliant and my review is up if anyone want to read it.

So ill am I plus new emblem

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I didn't had a good day today I've got a saw-trout and stuffed nose too. I've been like this all day includeing at college.

Oh I also got this emblem the other day.

Enjoying KH2

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I'm really enjoy playing Kingdom Hearts 2 so far I'm on 2nd visit Port Royal collecting the medallions, plus trying to find magnera for Atlantica to get to the next song.

I'm really enjoy playing the game.

Finally got KH2!! PLUS LEVEL 15

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Hi everybody I might not be online for a few days becuase I will be playing Kingdom Hearts 2 I got it a day eary. I have been waiting for ages!!!

Plus I'm on level 15 too.

Square Enix Undecided on Console for Future Kingdom Hearts Titles!

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In this past console race, Square-Enix has generally supported Sony with the majority of games being on the Play Station 2. But is that the case for the future generations?

Most certainly not. In an interview with Wall Street Journal Vice President Michihiro Sasaki is quoted as saying, "We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much."

The article reports that this time around, Square-Enix will be supporting Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony more evenly that they have in this previous generation.

regarding future Kingdom Hearts titles, Square-Enix "hasn't yet decided" on an appropriate console.

Anyone enjoyed The Tokyo Gameshow?

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Hi everyone did anyone enjoyed The Tokyo Game Show?

What did you enjoy at the show live on Gamespot?

Mine was the Playstation 3 convention and Wii convention plus Devil May Cry 4 looked really well done.