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What games are you stuck on at the moment?

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Hi everybody what games you guys stuck on at the moment or busy playing on?

Heres my list of games I'm busy playing.

Star Ocean til the end of time (Leveling up, in stuck on a Dark Eye in Shrine of Kaddan, and inventing new items in workshops)

Dragon Quest Journey of the cursed king(stuck on Dhoulmagus Raptur form in Dark Ruins)

Xenosaga episode 2(started playing it on a tough boss in Momos mind)

Sudeki( Have finished the game I'm just expolering and leveling up)

Tomb Raider Legend(just collecting rewards)

No KH Cartoon(boo!) plus Remake Chain Of Memorys.

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Heard rumors about a KH Cartoon? They are false! The truth is Square Enix are releasing a mobile phone version of their anime/manga magazine GanGan (GanMoba). Avaliable on it will be the KH Manga.
KH Cartoon = False

Firstly, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will be remade in 3D for the Playstation 2 and feature voiceovers alongside a variety of other content..

Thanks to KHU for pointing giving out this infomation.

Kingdom Hearts Cartoon!!

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Great news everyone! In its monthly magazine, which generally has information on anime and the like, Square Enix announced the confirmation of a Kingdom Hearts Cartoon. The content of this cartoon is still under wraps, including what exactly is meant by a "Kingdom Hearts Cartoon"! The cartoon will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show.

Once again, KHI brings you the big news first! Keep checking back! This has truly been a great week for Kingdom Hearts Fans!

Only one week left til Kingdom Hearts 2 is out in Europe!!!

Gameboy Advance games

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Which is the best gameboy advance game I should buy?

I was thinking of buying

Kingdom Hearts chain of memorys

Final Fantasy

or Legend of Zelda

if you know any other good gameboy games do say.

Level 14

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Made it on level 14 Ring King.

Plus I need help on Dragon Quest 8 stuck on Dhoulmagus(rapture form in Dark Ruins)

Oh and 11 days until Kingdom Hearts 2 is out in Europe.