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Kingdom Hearts Trading Cards

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Square-Enix and Tolby have announced a new batch of Kingdom Hearts Cards for the KH: TCG! This will be the seventh set of cards released to the market. Below are some of the cards featured.

The set consists of 72 cards. They have been broken down as follows:
•18 Common Cards
•18 Uncommon Cards
•18 Rare Cards
•15 Super Rare Cards
•3 Special Cards

The price will be 200 Yen a pack. (That is about $2!) Each pack will contain 6 cards. The cards are set for release on October 28th, 2006.

Shame you can't get them in Europe.

Favourite Simpson charcter

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I really love watching The Simpsons

Who's your favourite Simpson's Charcter?

Mines Homer dumb and funny and I also Moe with all them prank calls at the bar like "call for Al Alcholic hey is there an Alchloic here?"

I had a wired Dream Last Night based on FF12!!

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I had a very wired dream last night it was based on Final Fantasy 12.

I was in the city of Dalmasca with Vaan,Penelo,Barthello and Fran. There was these soilders who were evil and stared destroying this the city. The Bad guy(from FF12) who was evil and was wanting to marry Ashe so badly in a private church in the Kingdom. I was helping Vaan getting the citizens out off the city.Ashe was in her weding suit and she was crying that she was marrying someon esle so the bad guy can control Dlmasca.

Me and the others were on our way to rescue Ashe loads of guards we had to fight. Saved Ashe from the wedding and the bad guy got away on this black Dragon.

 Then I saw this black dragon snake in the sky and there were three judges on the hanger of the black dragon. One of them was saying we shall control this world. The dream was just getting good by the time I woke up this mourning.

Luckly Ashe didn't get remarried but it was wired dream.

If there was a KH3?

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If there was going to be a Kingdom Hearts 3 what worlds would you want to see?

Like what world ideas do you want in the game?

Like a Final Fantasy 9 World where Sora help's Zidane and Princess Garnet in Alexandria Castle. Or a Harry Potter world

Got your own ideas I like to hear them.

Friday 13

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No ones worried about Friday the 13th are they?

Because I know it is an unluckly day so beware of the day.

What things have the same 13 number in?

Organization 13(Kingdom Hearts 2)

Clamty James(The Beano)

The Film with Jason

And not everyone's favourite number.

I feel alot better now.

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Hi everyone yes I am better my saw-throut gone. I missed a day of college yesturday, When I went back today everyone was asking how was I feeling.

So how are you all?