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Pizza Box

Anathor normal day at College, I did made pizza for my lunch also brought my Xbox in College mostly VS mode with my friends such as Dead Or Alive series, also Beyond Good and Evil, Jet Set Radio and Psychonauts. It has been a cool day.

Hi Everybody

Hi Everybody how are you's?

Well my day been great becuase I've been doing some Manga art,Watching Happy Tree Friends on the internet and went to the beach with some mates. Also got this today as well.

My life for Footage!
These special viewers caught all three days of GameSpot's live stage show at E3 2007. Now if we only put subliminal messages into our broadcasts, we'd have an army to take over the world...

I'll be 18 by Sunday the 22nd(Yeah) and yes I might make anathor music video sometime by this week.

The end of the show and other news

E3 is now finished for now but there were some cool games that wre really interestingI'm really looking foward to

  • Simpsons Movie
  • Guitar Hero 3
  • Rockband
  • Lost Oddysee
  • PS3 Home
  • Killzone 2
  • Resident Evil- Umbrella Chronicles
  • LitteBigPlanet

A great show but looks like no one ever saw FF VS 13 at E3 this time becuase that is one game I'm really looking foward too

In other news I got no more sessions at college means I can do what I want for the next 2 weeks yeah, Also finished Gitaroo Man in a week and a review I've done if anyone want to read it if they want.

E3 2007 so far and how my day went today

I'm enjoying the E3 show so far I got 2 emblems so far for Nintendo and Sony.


Nintendo was interesting and funny becuase Brain Training was very populuar around the world, also the new controllers they mentioned like the Gun controller for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, or the Sitrering wheel for Mario Kart and also the Wii Fit which was a mat that can pull you wieght and play games like the Wii sports but your moving around alot.


I liked the Sony show becuase of the new Playstation 3 Home system in it. LittleBigPlanet , Resident Evil 5, Simpsons Movie and Killzone 2. But I was disapointed because they never had any info or trailers on Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy 13 and FF VS 13 which I really want to play the most on PS3 but sounds like we have to wait til the Tokyo Gameshow in September(Boo wait 2 months later boo).

Both shows were excellent the Microsoft conference was good as well with Halo 3 and GTA 4. What will we all see next over the next few days of E3?

Also at college I've been playing Guitar Hero 1 and 2 all day and showing my friends how to play the game becuase they played any of the games on PS2. But my friends and the staff at college loved Guitar Hero sounds like I was popular for the entire day, also next week will be Summer Timetable(Yeah no sessions), also my birthday July 22nd too.

So hows your day's been? or How well E3 getting on?

What is 4th of July? and new video

What is 4th of July stand for in America? I just want to know what the meaning is. Becuase I never knew how it works.

In other news I made anathor video thanks to Windows movie maker.


My Friend on Gamespot

My friend at college had joined Gamespot for a couple of months now and he really need some friends.

So can you please make Sw2093 more welcomed on Gamespot.

Thanks for reading

The beginning of July

July is gonna be one hell of a month for me why?

E3 on July 10th and 11th

Only 3 weeks of work but the last two weeks It will be summer timetable at college.

The final Story of Harry Potter Deadly Hollows July 21st

My 18th birthday 22nd Julythe road to victory(yeah)

Simpsons Movie July 27th

Guess thats it for this month

Info about my week so far and Vivi

Well things are turning out ok so farin college, I got Student of the Year at Gateshead college (Sector College where I did G.C.S.E Art) which is cool for me becuase I wasn't specting any of this:D. In other news I made somthing a few years and I thought I might show you guys it I made Vivi(Puppet form from Final Fantasy 9)

Vivi Puppet I made