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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Everyone

Hope everyone has good new year.

2006 is now ended here are some great things that had happen to me in 2006.

1-Finally getting kingdom Hearts 2

2- Joining Gamespot and new friends

3- Kingdom Hearts World Union up and runnin

4- 666 was a laugh in June

5- Last but not least Being with my friends.

Game of the Year - Kingdom Hearts 2

Film of the Year - Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

2007 the future

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Anyone looking foward for 2007?

I'm looking foward to it why?

Final Fantasy 12 (Europe Date Feb 07)

The Simpsons Movie

18th Birthday

and many other things too.

So guys what are you guys looking foward to in 07?

2 New videos

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I have uploaded Two videos one is Legend Of Zelda(Wii UK AD) and the other one is Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball 2(Xbox 360 Japan AD)

Here is one of the videos I put on my blog.


DS or PSP?

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I don't know which handheld I should get for christmas? a PSP or a DS

my parents think the PSP is better but I think the DS is more fun.

So what do you guys think is better?

What's this?

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Hi everyone how are you all?

I just got this emblem today do any know what this is?

I thought it was a emblem for somthing I did?

Level 20

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Hi everybody how are you all?

Yes I'm finally on Level 20 Metal Slime(I guess Metal Slime is from Dragon Quest?) The union still going stroung.

I've been busy at college all week I got even more Art work to do before I go back to Sector-College doing G.C.S.E painting and Drawing.

In the gaming world I'm on chapter 4 on Bully, fight The empleae( A Bird Boss in the relm of Darkness), and messing around on Soul Calibur 3 and Klonoa 2.

Brought Bully today

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I'm going back to school just kidding.

I just brought The game BULLY today its really good.

Has anyone esle played it?

People passing out in SAW 3

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I've heard all the news on the internet and papers alot of people are passing out when they are watching SAW 3 in the cinema's.

I've not seen the SAW trilogy but I know that they are scary. But it is wired people fainting and passing out in a movie.

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween everyone yes this night will be scary!!

But I think some people will probbely be playing Final Fantasy 12 instead of scarying people.

But have a fun night everyone.

No I did not draw this!!!!

My Fan-Fiction of Kingdom Hearts plus made it to Level 19

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After reading the letter that King Mickey sent to Sora,Riku and Kairi on Destiny Island. (At the end of KH2)

Sora- Sounds like anathor Uniervise is in trouble again.

Riku- Yeah looks like Maleficent and Pete are up to no good.

Kairi- Look there's The King, Donald and Goofy are already here with the Gummi ship

The gummi ship lands in the sea next to the island Mickey,Donald and Goofy come out of the ship

Mickey- Hi Sora,Kairi and Riku How are you guys?

Riku- Were fine you?

Donald- Well erm not good The Heartless are in anathor galaxy

Goofy- C'mon Sora lets go the worlds need our help

Kairi- Yeah c'mon lets go!!

Mickey- Here is the plan Riku and I will go to other side of the univerise there has been rumors of these Armored people.

Kairi- Lets go Sora we got to help them.

Sora- Alright lets get going.

So the Gummi Ship leaves Destiny Island into the Galxay Riku and The King take anathor ship to get to the other side of the universe. Sora and Kairi are with Donald and Goofy are togethor in the ship.

Kairi- So whats the first world we've visiting?

Goofy-Don't know but Sora do you remeber you fighting skills?

Sora- Sure do Look theres the first world!!! Lets go and see what the trouble is.

The Story Continues find out  what happens next to Sora and his friends in the next Fan-Fiction of Kingdom Hearts.

Chapter 2 alviable at Kingdom Hearts World.

Sora and the gang will go to world from a game have a guess what it is?

I finally made to Level 19 Gitaroo Man :D