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About me

I'm feeling abit bored so I thought I put a bit abour me

Real name- Ben Leslie

Eye coluor- Hazel

Hair coluor- Light/Dark brown hair

Height-5 foot 8

First Game I ever played- Sonic the Hedeghog

Favourite Game- I played so far- FF9 or KH1

Favourite programme- Simpsons or Family Guy

Favourite Animal- Got 4 types Lion,Wolf,Eagle and Shark

Favourite colour- Blue,Black, and Blood coluor

Favourite subject- Art

Other websites I go on- Kingdom Hearts World Union,FFextreme, and MSN

Music-Rock and Heavy Metal

Books- Harry Potter, KH manga series, Northen Lights and Air Gear

Movies- Oh too many

What do I want out of my life- Go on an adventure


Guess thats all I can think of for now.




Short Blogish

Hi umm short blogish Today also a new video I uploaded last night, sounds like I'm running out of Blog ideas. What should I put in my next Blog?


The return of Zidane

Last night there had been a few magazine scans on the latest Final Fantasy games coming up but there was one scan that I found surprising called Dissidia-Final Fantasy, and there was one charcter I thought I'd never see again which is Zidane(Yeah my favourite FF charcter:D) but its graphics looks like it will be on PS2 or PSP and its proppley a fighting game too.

Also at college this week my friend at college is borrowing my Star Ocean game(PS2) hope he will enjoy playing it.Plus half of my friends are looking foward to playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for DS when it comes out in the UK. I already told them that you can get the American games now at Grainger Games but they rather wait until its out in Europe.(Thought it was kinda silly for them waiting to get the games and you can already get the game in America which they are English after all). I never played any of the Pokemon games so I don't have clue what there on about half the time I'd never liked the TV series or the movies.

Brought 2 games, And a list of Bosses

Brought 2 games Lego Star Wars 2(Xbox) and Sonic Rush(DS) there both great so far, also brought AirGear Volume 4 aswell.

(Heard its really good game so I thought I might try it out)

(I love the 2D version games that have been on Mega Drive and Gameboy Advance)

During my Gameplay skills there are still Bosses I still need to beat, Here's a few bosses I wanna try and beat.


Why I havn't beaten him yet? Because I never had the chance to defeat him in KH-COM(GBA) But If KH2-Final Mix or RE-COM comes out in Europe and North America I'll finally get the chance to beat him.


Same thing never beaten him in KH2.

3-Dark Genie

Havn't Finished Dark Cloud yet but I'm halfway through it. It will be a though boss when I get around to it.

4-Lord Vayne(FF12)

There's always a tough Final Fantasy boss in every game such as Kuji,Seymour, or Sephiroth but I'm still in progress in the game, I'm stuck in Galmour Jungle but leveling up on the way.

5-Dr Eggman

Always a boss to fight over and over.

Other Boss names I forgot to mention-

Goblz(FF4), Taira-No-Kiyomori(Genji), and Hideyoshi(Onimusha Dawn of Dreams)

Weekly News 28th April-4th May

My week has been crazy but the best thing about this week I finally finished my G.C.S.E Art Exam(WOOT) My art work will be checked by examiners and I've proppley got a little of extra left to finish sooner or later. Also I've got the Monday of aswell becuase its Bank Hoilday in the UK I love being lazy. At college I've also went to Pizza hut for Lunch which was the Thursday that just left and Last night(May 3rd) Hanged out with some of my friends and had a Barbquare on the Beach which was really fun.

Thank God its Friday the weekend starts here!!!

Level 25

Finally made it to Level 25(Yay)For my G.C.S.E Art exam I've done 8 hours and 45 minutes I've only got todo 3 hours left til my exam finishes.

So how are you guys?

So bored

Sounds like there's nothing esle todo on Gamespot at the moment been busy with my G.C.S.E Art exam so ask me anything or try and make me laugh if you can. Might do anathor review sooner or later or abit of Fan-Fiction or upload anathor video.

Weekly News and 2 games I got for 99P each

My first Week back at College went well and I've been through 4 hours on my G.C.S.E Art I've only got 6 hours to do. Things are turning out ok so far.

In other News I brought two games today for 99p each Genji(PS2) and Tekken 3(PS1) quite a bargin.

I've been looking for Tekken 3 quite a while but its still cool.

Also 150th Reivew is up(WOOT) which Metal Gear Soild.

Nothing Much

My first day back at college was ok. But mostly I've playing Final Fantasy 9 when I came back from college and I've also uploaded anathor video onto Gamespot. So how is everyone then?


Looks like my Spring break is over.

My Spring break is alomost over because I'll be back at college the next day. Spring break has been fun but I'm not looking foward to go back abit because I got an Art exam coming up hope I don't freak out on the exam. But I got plenty of time for it plus I'll also see my friends too. The bad new is my Xbox crashed down but hopefully it will be repaired by this week.