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Level Up

I am on Level 22 now- Blaster Master

In other new i'm off for 2 weeks becuase of Half Term. And I have just started playing Resident Evil 4 and Okami which brought yesturday.

Resident Evil 4

The game pretty amazing so I've just started going through Chapter 3. But when people are carrying chainsaws there tough to beat.


Finally a game that you can art when battleing enimies its beutiful.

Mostly Resident Evil 4 been distracting me all day I can't stop playing it.

Sora trys to learn magic

I got abit bored so I decided to put anathor Fan-Fiction story on my Blog.

Any questions please leave a comment.

Kingdom Hearts and The New Universe

Chapter 9- Hogwarts Secrets

Sora,Donald and Goofy were in Dumbledore's office for a quick meeting. Dumbledore came in his office to see them"Donald I'm glad that you returned to visit Hogwarts, but I need you,Goofy and including you Sora, you guys must find out whats going on in this School. Maybe your friend Sora can learn some new magic, why not you guys head to Donald's old house team Griffendor." "Umm sir how did you know my name?" Sora asked, "Well you see you are the Keyblade master and you need to learn the arts of magic. I'm sure Merlin has told you some arts of magic?" "yeah thnaks sir" said Sora.

Donald showed Sora and Goofy around Hogwarts they found the Griffendor comman room but there was a Fat Lady painting asking for a password, Donald had forgotten the password but Sora saw Harry Potter who was heading to the common room too. Harry told them the password was 'Pigsnout' they entered the common room Harry spoked to his friends Ron and Hermione about the blood on the walls. Sora was having a look around the common room Ron asked Sora"So your in Griffendor house huh?" "Yep thats rights were here to find out, whats going on in this school" Donald had a look of Sora's timetable "Sounds like you got some good sessions". Hermione asked Sora "Have you got Transficuations on your timetable?" "Yeah tomorrow is it any good?" Sora seems puzzed, "Yeah it is hey are you the Keyblade warrior? if you are we need your help" Goofy seems puzzled "Gosh whats the problem?" Hermione, and Harry explained about what was going on in the castle.

Hour and a half later "So Someone is killing everyone in the school" said Sora. He spoke to Donald and Goofy"Do you think the Heartless are behind all this?" Donald and Goofy didn't know. It was getting late everyone was asleep exerpt Sora who was looking out the window thinking about Kairi "Kairi please be ok"

The next mourning Sora went to his first session which was Transficuations with Harry,Ron and Herminoe. Ron told Sora that Prosffer McGonagall runs the session. In the Transficuation McGonagall was teaching how to turn animals into water goblets. She tapped her wand three times and a bird transformed into a cup. Then she pointed at Ron to try but his wand was broken and his rat transformed into a rat-cup, everyone started laughing. McGonagall asked Sora to try, Sora used his Keyblade and tapped three times saying "Ferrafverto" and transformed Rons rat into a shiny sliver cup. McGonagall looked amazed "Very good secpially on your first day, ah yes Grainger". Herminoe raised her hand"Prosffer do you know anything about The Chamber of Secrets?" Everyone went quiet and McGonagally looked calmed She explained about the Chamber of Secrets and about the heir of Slytherin and a terrible monster living in the chamber. She thought all of this was a myth everyone seemed calm but worried.

Everyone left their sessions Sora was walking along with Harry,Ron and Hermione to meet up with Donald and Goofy "How was your day session Sora?" Goofy asked "It was ok but we now know about The Chamber of Secrets" said Sora. "So do you really think its true tnen?" Ron asked Harry "Yes McGonagall worried all the teachers are" said Hermione, "So if there really is a monster in the chambers that means?" Harry told them, "So the heir of Slytherin has returned but who is it?" Hermione telling them and everyone stood there seeming puzzled. "You think Malfoy the Heir?" Ron asked "If he is the heir and how on earth would we know that he is up to all this?" Harry asked. Hermione had an idea"There might be a way, but we will be breaking about 50 school rules and it will dangerous, very Dangerous" Goofy asked Hermione "How long will it take to make it". "Not Sure" said Hermione, Donald was thinking about the Potion. Harry looked abot worried"What if it was a mounth?!? what if Malfoy takes out about half the school by then?" "I know but its the only choce we got it'll be done soon as possible" "I've done a tough potion like that I'll help" said Donald "Us too" said Sora and the others.

So Sora and the others are making a potion to sneak into Slytherian Comman room, More rumors about The Chamber of Secrets, will Sora and his friends find out who's behind all this.

More storys over at Kingdom Hearts World Union.

Nobody Knows

No one know when we'll get 'The Best and Worst 2006' Emblem for voteing for the best games of 2006.

Dark Cloud and Truma Centre under the knife

I brought ome more new games while I was in Town got rid of some games too.I finally got Dark Cloud and Truma Centre under the knife becuase I've looked everywhere for them, I also got Tenchu Dark Secret and Forza motosport for £1.99:D

Hooray !!

Cool I like the Tenchu series.


What a bargin!

What the heck going on with Final Fantasy?!?!

On January 16th, two teenagers were arrested for committing murder in Germany. The two were known as "Reno" and "Sephiroth".

Games such as Grand Theft Auto have been linked to the increase in violence by teens, but nobody imagined that Final Fantasy would do the same.

The two teenagers first stabbed a couple to death in their home and proceeded to take another woman hostage. After an hour, they finally gave themselves up.

Because of their horrible acts, Final Fantasy VII is now referred to as "Killerspiele", which literally translates to "killer game". When will teenagers get it through their heads that what happens in video games should not be reenacted whatsoever?

Most wanted games for 2007

So guys what games are you looking foward to this year.

Here's my top 3 most wanted games

1-Final Fantasy 12(Europe)(PS2)


3-Its a Wonderful World(DS)