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Creed1706 needs help with her union All Things Anime she just need more members to join if you wanna join the union just sign up.

TWO emblems

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Hey guys I got this emblem today for voteing on rytham games and flashback NES

Also got popular thanks guys for tracking me and wanting to talk about things!

Union Failed

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Bad new guys its probbley my fault but my union didn't get created but I will try and create the union again(kingdom hearts world)

If you want to be officars please leave a comment.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix?

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Hello Everyone,

Some potentially exciting news today about the rumored Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix.

Today, quite a few popular video gaming websites have been putting up articles regarding apparent 'reports' that a new version of Kingdom Hearts 2 is in development and will feature in the next issue of V-Jump magazine. It all seems to link back to one very short post over at FF7.Blog.

Earlier this year, Tetsuya Nomura commented on a possible Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix:

Since it's you after all, Nomura-san, you probably already started thinking of some plans for Final Mix, right?
In fact, I've prepared a very big trump card for it but I can't say what it is yet. It's something to look forward to if I'm able to make it. (laugh) If we can make a Final Mix, I would like to add the mushroom heartless in.

My opinion? It's certainly possible, but the KH Team is very busy developing FF. Vs XIII. Regardless though, we'd certainly welcome the game with open arms!

Either way, look out for official confirmation at TGS 2006:
September 22nd - 24th

Oh and 17 days until The Euro Version of Kingdom Hearts 2 released!

This my first video!

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Hi guys I've uploaed my Fisrt Video its a movie clip from Final Fantasy 9 which was the best PSONE I've played.