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The Good, The bad and The Ugly

I have brought 3 new games at a cheap price-

Naruto Ultimate Ninja for £20

Everybody's Tennis for £9

And Family Guy for £5

But the bad thing about today I first started playing Final Fantasy 7 but it wouldn't work tried it on the PS1,PS2 AND PS3 still wouldn't work becuase of disc was damged so I had to get my £6 back(Boo I can't kill Sephiroth boo) ope there is a PS3 version coming out soon.

So far I'm halfway trough God of War 2 the best part about the game so is Slamming someone head trough a door trying to slam.

I'm back from Mallorca, Also 200th Blog

Finally back from Spain, it jas been really fun, enjoying myself also abit of MSN as well

But before I went on Hoilday I went to see The Simpsons Movie which was brillient becuase I am a Simpsons fan, also brought Final Fantasy 7 and Mario and Luigi partners in time before I went to Spain, In other news Finally got God of War 2(whoo) more blood thristy violance which is brill

But the bad news about my hoilday was lack of voltage meaning I could play on my DS while it was charging, also I will be making anathor Musical which I made a few weeks ago if you havn't seen my last one have a look

It has been a fun hoilday but I still got a few weeks left to have more fun.

Won't be online for 2 weeks!!

Do not panic I won't be online becuase I will be on Holiday in Spain for 2 weeks. If you still want to talk to I will try and be on MSN if they got PC'S in hotels that have MSN proppley will do but depends. I will tell you all about my Holiday when I come back.

1st August

Auguest already flippin hell time flys when having fun not much to tell mostly PS3, sorting out what stuff I'm gonna take on Holiday.

Also it is the 100 years of Scouting you'll proppley have heard of this on the news or TV it has been 100 years from the first scouting in 1907.(Wow)

Finished God of War and PS3 online (Also Harry Potter "Holy Crap")

Finally finished God of War it was really brillient loved the blood, gore and violance I really want to get God of War 2 if I get the chance of getting.

Here is anathor question I may ask does anyone esle have PS3 online? Becuase it would be really great becuase of Resistance and motostorm have online gaming and having fun. And play in Team mode or create a party team in Resistance fall of man.

I finally finished reading the 7th Harry Potter there ending was brillient the story was shocking and really got me into it more, I feel sad now that there won't be any more Harry Potter, but I have heard thatt J.K Rowling might make a spin off for charity hopefully explaining this and that. But it was a fantasic book!!!!!!!

But hey when in Rome

Sorry I havn't been online recently becuase of my new PS3 and also the 7th Potter book(Please don't tell mewhat happens in the end!!!!). Also brought two more new games for my PS3 Tony Hawk Project 8 and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoeinix, and I'm halfway through God of War as well.

Also I sold most of my Xbox games and the console itself, There will be some games I'll proppley miss playing but not forgotten.

  • 5- Tony Hawk Underground
  • 4- Psychonauts
  • 3- Dead or Alive series
  • 2- Halo 1
  • 1- Beyond Good and Evil(The best on Xbox)

Also got Tekken Dark Resarection for the PS3 which I brought online, also been playing Resistance fall of man online which crazy.


The party was brill altogether I got £425!!!, Also Finally got the latest Harry Potter Deadly Hallows(WHOO), I feel awfully full and stuffed after eating a chocolate cake.

Some photos will be up sooner or later.

My 18th Birthday(WOOT)

Today is my 18th(Yeah) Its been great so far, I got a SonyMP3 player, £175 so far, also got God Of War from my sister, I'll let you guys know what esle I've been doing sooner or later.