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Forza Motorsport 4 Demo Impressions

Well recently the Forza 4 demo has been released on the Xbox 360 and while playing the demo, I am quite excited for the game now. I had pre-ordered the Limited Edition of the game and can't wait.

The demo allows you to pick 3 cars which are the Mercury Cougar, Subaru WRX and a Ferrari 458. All cars sound great. That is something I like from Forza than GT5. Even the cars in this game look so much better. Definitely better than Forza 3 and GT5.

The environments and the tracks look so good. This is what GT needs to get for their environments. The track you play is in the Alps. I forgot the name. Anyway, depending on which car you choose, the track is changed into another format of the track. I hope you know what I mean.

The cars feel a little bit different to Forza 3 which meant all cars felt the same but I think Turn 10 has fixed that. There Physics engine won't be as good as GT's engine. I can say that but Forza 4 is looking like to be a great racing game for racing fans and gamers. I can't wait to get my hands on the game.

My Pre-Orders for 2011

I have recently pre-ordered a lot of games that I want this year and they are:

Gears of War 3 - Xbox 360

Forza 4 Limited Edition - Xbox 360

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary - Xbox 360

Modern Warfare 3 - PS3

Need For Speed The Run - PS3

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition - PS3

They are all great games that I can not wait.

I got a Wii

Yes. I finally got a Wii since my mum and my brother wanted one. So I went to EB Games yesterday and got the Nintendo Wii bundle that also came with Mario Kart Wii and a Racing Wheel. I have been playing it a lot and its so fun versing against my bro or my mum and it funny sometimes.

Before I even got the Wii, I had brought the Special Edition Goldeneye Wii game which came with the Classic Controller Pro. Now I can play that game since I am a huge 007 fan and I remember the days of playing the N64 version. Both great games.

What I like at E3?

Well this year has been pretty good for E3 and there are some things that I wasn't expecting to see. Here are the following things from E3 that I liked:

Halo Combat Evolved Remake

Halo 4 (Wasn't expecting this one)

Forza 4

PSP Vita (Definitely getting one of theses on release date)

Battlefield 3

Modern Warfare 3

I would probably get all of these once they come out especially the Halo remake. I have memories of playing that game and I would love to play it again.

The 2 games I got from the Welcome Back program

Well when Sony had said that the Welcome Back program is up, I went straight on to my PS3 and went to the PS Store. Now the two games I chose were games that I have never played before and they are:


Little Big Planet

I have never played either of these games and I have downloaded them both. I haven't played them yet but I will soon.

More Games and New Union

Hey guys, well it has been a great week this week because last tuesday was my birthday and I got some new games which were:

Portal 2 - PS3

Sniper Ghost Warrior - PS3

I have already finished Portal 2 which was awesome and now playing Sniper which is actually not a bad game.

I feel sorry to those people who only own a PS3 because they can't play online at the moment. I also own a Xbox so I play online there at the moment like Modern Wafare 2. Yeah I still play that game because its fun.

Also join this new union called the CoD Zombies union if like Zombies from the call of duty games.

Update + New Games

Hey guys, the past few weeks have been very busy for me with school exams and other major events and I have finished my exams and I can finally come back to Gamespot and do my usual stuff. I'm on holidays now which is great. I get about 3 and a bit weeks off so I will have plenty of time on my hands. I will try to finish up my Top 5 games with extras that I finished with Halo's firefight mode at Number 3. I will get number 2 and 1 in the next few days.

Also I got a 2 new games which are:

Need For Speed Shift 2 - Xbox 360

CoD Black Ops - Xbox 360

I will be on my Xbox 360 and PS3 these holidays since I haven't played them for while now.

I want your opinion: Call of Duty Black Ops

Hey guys, its been a while since I have posted a blog but I have been busy with studying for upcoming exams and sporting events.

I have been wondering about Black Ops for sometime. I haven't even got it yet but my local game store is selling it for a really good price and I just want some of you guys opinions on the game. I love call of duty and I still play modern warfare 2 because that game is great. I'm just wondering whether I should go buy it or leave it.

My Blog of Unfinished Games

Here I would like to talk about my unfinished games that I still own. Everytime I would buy a new game and the game that I was playing before that wouldn't be finished yet. So here is my list of unfinished games:

Test Drive Unlimited 2
Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2
NBA Ballers The Chosen One
Halo 3 ODST
Forza 2
Forza 3
NFS Shift
Gears of War 2
Gran Turismo 5
Medal of Honor
NFS Hot Pursuit
Midnight Club LA
Red Dead Redemption
ModNation Racers
Killzone 2

Yeah, I got a lot of games to finish. Probably take me a long time before I finish all these games plus others in the future lol.

My Top 5 Games with Extras #3

Halo 3 ODST's Firefight Mode

When we all heard about ODST coming out, I was looking forward to the Firefight mode. It is where you and 3 other friends go up against waves of aliens. This like Gears of War 2's Horde Mode but a lot more fun and its Halo. You even got to choose the difficulty from easy to legendary and it always provided a challenge and it was fun. Halo Reach's firefight mode is exactly the same like this one but with new levels and that is also great too. Firefight mode was awesome.