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Things you dislike about the world

Well for me

it's the fact that when I go online I can't hate something and wind up into forced fandom and lose rights to speak my mind.

How my gender is treated like immature bratz with role models that are total sexists

War in Iraq

George Bush is letting our society crumble(no offense to republicans or those who like Bush)

The corrupt medias on tv(Bratz anyone?)

The fact that online we can't speak our minds in a forum

Someone of my age can't watch something good like FullMetal Alchemist because of the ratings system and is stuck with kiddy crap like Mr Meaty(which actually isn't that much of kids show at all and thankfully I have the net)

The fact thatI feel like one of the few people in my school who actually has a brain and would not rather goof around,but do well in school so I can get a nice job and buy a nice house

Americananime censorship,seriously if you have to magle it to the point where no one knows whats going on,why bring it here let alone import it?

That classics die and garbage lives on


That people are becoming more and more selfish

I'm baaaaaack!

Yep,that's right folks,I'm back from the Big Apple,I had a lot of fun.Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday,I was taking a train for a return trip and there was some sort of delay with the air brakes so I couldn't make ithome untill like 10:30 PM.But anywho,Ihad a great time in Ny

Leaving for New York

I'll be leaving for New York for five days as of Tonight,I'll be staying at a hotel overnight before I take a train to New York for 9 hours

Worst anime dubber

Well I would've said 4kids,but they aren't really much of a dubbing company seeing as One Piece,Pokemon,Sonic X etc arepracticallydead so it looks as i 4kids is loosing intrest in dubbing altogether,so they're of my list

That just leaves.......


Don't get me wrong I am a fanof Disney's works but really their anime dubs could've been way better than that.Just about the only anime I like on there is Digimon

The Apocolypse of TV

Ok in this blog we think of what people could do to bring the appocolypse of tv upon us

I'll start with

1.Barney airing on Comedy Central and replacing South Park

2.Mr Meaty getting new episodes and becoming an acclaimed Hit

3.making a live action series of Bratz

4.banning anime in America(I think a lot of you will agree on that one)

Then you guys continue on

Extreme Network Renovations 5(?) Disney(general)

Ok it's been a while since I have done one of these blogs.In this one we will figure out ways to save Disney after going so far from what it originally was

Get Rid of:Jetix,The rights to any anime(it's s poorly dubbed),the rights to Power Rangersand give it tosomeone else,or just anialate it altogether,Yin Yang Yo,Pucca everything else on Jetix,almost all current shows on Disney Channel except Cory in The House,Hannah Montana(It's alright seeing as NBB's just trying to copy it), and Suite Life,and Playhouse Dinsey

Bring Back:All cartoons shunned to the late nights,Even Stevens,some other things I can't think of