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Rescue Ranger

I don't really do blogs on levelling up on Gamespot but it certainly did take a while to get through Metal Slime :).

So a quick update on my rented games!

From Sunday I pretty much just played a whole lot of Lost Odyssey and I got up to the 4th disc on Tuesday, unfortunately I have been neglecting The Bourne Conspiracy so far. Its a good game but soon becomes repetitive, I only played the first few levels on my cousins Xbox but am lacking motivation st start playing it.

So I'm kinda stuffed really, I could probably complete Bourne Conspiracy before Saturday but I doubt I can finish Lost Odyssey. (If anyone has completed it could they tell me how far I am from the end? I'm up to the bit where the party splits in two in some ruins looking for a ship part to get past some fast tides.)

So yeah, Metal Slime beaten and progress. :)

2008 Game Wish List

Hey guys, just a blog of my games wishlist for this year and some other stuff.

Heres the list for this year:

  • DBZ: Burst Limit
  • Rock band
  • Madden 09
  • Saints row 2
  • GOW2
  • Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
  • Legendary: The Box

And in other news...

I've been messing around with some profile schemes lately, though this Halo one isn't concrete it'll do for now and your feedback will be much appreciated. Also has anyone been catching The Line up? Since Jeff ect. left I wasn't really too keen on the gamespot shows but I'm really enjoying this one and the Giant Bombcast over on (can't wait till' it gets going this summer).

I know that everyone is talking about MGS4 right now, but I'm really excited for stuff like Ninja Gaiden 2 and DBZ:Burst Limit at the minute. This is probably down to me not having a PS3 but I've never really checked out the series before this and I feel like if I go back and play the games now I won't appreciate them as much as I would of when they were first released.

On the Demo front, I tried out Battle Field: Bad Company and Quake Wars this week and was pretty disappointed. Battle Field could of been a great game with a few tweaks, I found the aiming to be way too sensitive and the control scheme that was purposely going for something different didn't work. By that I mean I think they should of stuck to the basic fundamentals 360 games, this may just be me but I can't get my head around LT being accelerate and LB beings brake (its crazy I tells ya!). I'm posative some people will love the game but the gameplay kinda blew it for me.

Now lets talk Quake Wars. I'm going to be brutally honest with this one, it feels like they grabbed Star Wars: Battlefront and The Outfit made them worse, combined the two and then put the thing into fast forward. It feels like a PS2 game to me, its not a complete shambles of a game however other games have done this better already.

So to sum it all up:

  • Check out The Line Up and
  • If your a hardcore Quake fan check out Quake Wars but if your not save yourself some time and download BF: Bad Company instead, you never know you might like it (probably not).
  • Whats your opinion on MGS4 and smaller titles out this month, my new layout and wishlist?

Get back to me :P

NG2 Demo Impressions...

NG2 has just replaced Rock Band on my game wishlist, I love the gore its awesome. Call it sick or whatever but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a guy get stabbed in the heart whilst his face and limbs go flying into walls. The weapons are great and the combat feels good too, though the screen was prompting me to press LB instead of RB (or so I thought). Its still a Hack n' Slash but the combat feels stylish and smooth.

Even if your not that interested, try out the demo on the marketplace. From what I've played 8/10.

GTA IV and stuff

Hey, haven't blogged in a little while. So heres just some stuff I've done lately:

I've completed GTA 4 the ending is pretty awesome ending but I don't know why everyone is raving about the mission "3 Leaf Clover".

Unlocked the Long Road Ahead Achievement on Guitar Hero 3.

Completed Lost Planet after ages of just faffing around with it, its actually an alright game. I recommend picking it up if you see it selling cheap.

Attempted making my own Gamespot pictures and stuff which just gave me a very pixelated Ryu Hayabusa :lol:. I'll try and fix it up soon.

Playing a bit more American football now, playing every sundaywith the usual crew.

Got a really expensive Philly Eagles hoody which I love, I'm sad enough to get my name on the back it, but you all know how much I like the sound of my own name ;).

Its half term now which is great, so I'll be on my Xbox more (I'm on enough as it is).

Got some new friends on XBL, Glenn, Cobbo and Jonny (I know 'em), which is always good.

Completed Eternal Sonata a while back and forgot to mention it.

I'm sorry, I went and did one of those crappy list point blogs but I can't be arsed right now going into more detail, what have you guys been gettin up to?

Guitar Hero online

Just a quick rant, to say matchmaking is crap and the fact that when I 99% a song on expert but somebody 100% a song on medium they win a pro face off? that is really annoying :).

Yeah Baby

Yeah, so I've just completed Guitar Hero 3 on Expert! After ages its been done and I couldn't be happier game wise. So if any of you want to play with me online and contribute to the Long Road Ahead achievement or for fun just send me an invite. Whats your favourite song on the game/s? Favourite song in game: Peace of Mind by Boston

My Top Eleven 360 Games

Inspired by Robobie's blogs, may contain serious fanboyish and confusing descriptions that may or may not make sense.

11. Tony Hawk's Project 8

Bringing old Tony Hawk games' style back to the series this game could of been one of the best with a storyline like Underground.

10. Spider-Man 3

Perhaps not one of the titles you would expect to see up here but the game has some really great elements to it and I've always been a fan of Spidy and his games ;).

9. Mass Effect

Mass Effect brought a new standard for 360 RPGs all the main aspects are there and they can easily improve on the silly mistakes (top answer being good etc) they got wrong for the second game and raise the bar even higher.

8. Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata is yes a 3+ game made for young children but damn its addictive, if you play that game for an hour I bet you wouldn't be able to put it down :shock:. The fun and sense of achievement you get from making a really cool garden is strangely overwhelming (kind of like showing off an A exam paper or something). Its party time!! :D

7. Oblivion

When Oblivion was released I was pretty late to buy the game, I'd heard very little about it but borrowed it off Tom and became addicted instantly. The sheer size of the game was pretty overwhelming and the sidequests were actually fun to do and rewarding aswell, which some RPGs recently released can't seem to pull off *cough* Mass Effect :p.

6. Halo 3

Halo is just fun for me, I find the story strangely compelling though at times it makes little sense and online just a great laugh with mates. Features like building your own map or editing videos and stuff like that isn't unique to Halo in the slightest however the good thing about it is the fact it can take all of those features and put them together whilst expanding them further.

5. Madden 08

Madden gets me extremely competetive and is great to do tournaments on and stuff with mates, they need to improve local multiplayer as you can see your mates plays as he picks em' but that shouldn't be too much of a problem for this awesome football game that does everything it says on the tin and much, much more.

4. Guitar Hero 3

Theres not much I can say about this that you don't already know but this game just makes me keep wanting to come back for more, whether to improve, play with friends pr just mess about Guitar Hero is a game anyone can pick up and play.

3. Call of Duty 4

COD4 certainly took a while to grow on me but that only made me like it even more when I finally picked it up, some really cool moments in the single player campaign (far too brief), but multiplayer being great fun with large teams (hopefully people you know for a more pleasant gaming experience ;)) and a wide variety of game modes.

2. Gears of War

Almost 2 years old and can still hold its own as one of the best games on the 360, I just love it :lol:.

1. Bioshock

Easily the best single player "experience" on the 360 if not one of the best games on 360 one of the ebst of all time because this game is MINTAGE!!!!!!!! :P

Make the Cut?

Hey this is just a quick blog asking you guys how hard Rockband is on expert and whether I should be able to complete it, I'm on the last setlist on expert on GH3 and my friends don't want me to start Rockband and then get stuck on the last songs. So what do you think my chances are? (I am no Paul/PAJ89 at GH)