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wow dudes....its been 4-ever!

hey everyone.

i havent posted a blog since september!

so yeah......ive been so busy lately with playing the latest games and learning to play well as school and such.

i should soon be posting up some new game reveiws for the 360 and stuff so stayed tuned my imaginary

i have gotten a lot of new games in the past few months or so. i got elder scrolls 4, assassins creed, silent hill, final fantasy 12, dead rising, madden 08 and 07, ncaa 08, world of warcraft.

i love warcraft. its one of the greatest things know to man. its so addicting.....i can play for hours and hours and hours on edge.

anyway......until my next blog post.

-rock on,


Lvl 14 and updates!!!!!! plus.....Guitar Hero 3 news

yay...lvl 14!

as for updates...i really dont have much to say right now.i really havent gotten any new games latly.i did start playing this cool online game called wild isle.its pretty cool.u can mix different animals together to make a totally different one and then send those animals to attack other players.thats about it on the updates.

Guitar Hero 3 will be coming out sometime in October!i can hardly wait.

here are some of theconfirmed songs:

Rock You like a Hurricane by The Scorpions

Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n' Roses

Cult of Personality by Living in Colour

Rock and Roll all Nite by Kiss

And many more!!!!!!!

Best songlist yet!!!!!!! they are gonna feature a little something called boss battles.youll get to face ledgendary guitarists in a showdown!there will be 3 of them has been confirmed.he is none other than slash from Guns n' roses.once you beat him...he becomes a playable character.thats soooo awesome!!!!!!!they also have new guitars.the Les Paul will be for the x-box 360,PS3,and the Wii while the Ps2 will have a Kramer Pacer.both r wire less.there are also new venues,characters,guitars and much more.

That about raps up this blog post.Talk to yall lata!

Lvl 13 and 600 posts!

Im finally lvl 13!!! it took me awhile but i acoplished it.Anyway..

A month ago i bought god of war(a game ive been wanting to play 4 ages)and beaten was awesome.the graphics were amazing and the sound track amazed me even more.i will soon be getting the sequal.I also bought a game called champions of norrath.that was and awesome game has to be one of the all time best rpg's ive ever was an improved baulders gate in my of the main things was character customization.which is something baulders gate ddnt have.the graphics were pretty good and the soundtrack was had a very...very wide variety of weapons.and that was aloso really good.

Also....i have beaten hard mode on guitar hero!!!!!!!!!! 4 a long time i was stuck on carry me home and physcobilly freakout.......but finally acomplished them.i also have gotten 5 stars on every medium song!!!!!that took me im gonna work on getting 5 stars on every hard song and then move on to.....*gulp* mode.

lastly i would like to announce that i am leader ogf my fav union...the guitar hero union!!!!!yay!!!!!!!thanks again heviross 4 promoting me.

well that all i have to say 4 now.bye bye till my next blog.;)

Lvl 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im finally lvl 12!!!!!!finally!i would have gotten there faster if people would start posting in the guitar hero union(no offence).

Im not going to be able to get on regularly cause my computer broke down(again!!!!!)so ill be lucky if imcan get on once a day.

ok that about rape this post up(i really dont have much to say)good bye until my next post!

Updates and crap like that

Latly i have been playing a lot of video games.its summer time wat can i say!anyway i borrowed a game from a friend of mine called Devil May Cry.That game is dam fun!!!!!i love it.its one of the most action packed games ive ever played."Lets Rock..Baby"!!!!!!!!oh man i love it when Dante says that!

Im not gonna rant about my x gf in this blog.....ive moved on now.Anyway,me and a friend of mine r going to be doing a star wars fan film.we r gonna practice correography,write the script, work on our lines all summer and then star filming around halloween time.there is gonna be a lot of light saber dualing in this movie and its gonna be so awesome!!!!!!

I bought the new Linkin Park cd Minutes To Midnight the first day it came out.Im feeling a slight disapointment.there isnt nearly as much rock and jamming as there was in the other cds like Hybrid theory and meteora.i dont like a lot of the songs on the cd,only a few of then r worth listening to like Bleed it out and given up.they could have done a lot more with Minutes to Midnight then they did.

Ok....that about raps it up.thanks 4 reading and plz post a comment.

Lvl 11 , 400 posts and updates

Im finally lvl 11! It took me a whole month which doesnt surprise me considering i havent gotten on regularly.

*sigh*ive had it with my x gf. She is being so annoying! She wants to get back together with me but she doesnt understand that im tired of her lies.she like a child. She wanted to go out with me again but i told her that i was over her and that its time to move on.Because  ive moved on.Ive got me a better girl who doesnt lie to me,one that like three days grace and linkin park,and one that is faithful to me and only me. me and her have so much in commom from our music to our love 4 video games. The sad part is......she lives 1500 miles away from me.But we sent each other pics and she is so dam beautiful! I wish i could meet her!!!!!!!! i luv her so much!!!!!!! 

a couple days ago, my cousin gave me her super nintendo and a bunch of games for having a friend of mine check it out for me and then ill start playing the crap out of it.I got a couple mario game for it because i love mario.I also got some other games but they are all crapy.


okay, that about raps it up. Thanks for reading and enjoy the flashy banner compliments of AmarJ.



Lvl 10 and 300 posts! And my 20th blog as well!

Awesome!Latley I've been leveling up fast.Anyway, since i dont want to write another blog post to cover this topic, im gonna say it now.I'm now an officer in the Hollywood Within Union!Oh yah baby!That is so Joice! Sadly, I didn't become leader of the Hollywood Within Union like i wnted to, but im an officer.Its no biggie.

No, im not finished yet. This is my 20th blog and it has to be special.My girlfriend and I have been going out for 17 days now. Thats my longest relationship ever. We talk on the phone an hour a day. We have so much in common. Plus, she likes my fav band, Linkin Park! God I love her so much!

So that raps up my 20th blog post. Talk ta ya'll lata!

The games im curently playing.

This is a small list of all the games im playing right now..........

1. Animal Crossing(GC)

2.Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories(GBA)

3. Resident Evil 4(PS2)

4.Guitar Hero 2(PS2)

I think these games will ocupy my time.

My brand new banner!!!!!!

Check out how freakin awesome it looks! Look at how it flashes. I love it so, so much! Its the coolest banner ever! AmarJ made this for me and i love it.Thank you so much AmarJ, YOU ROCK!!!!!! Oh how i love the banner, it is so Joice!!!! Thanks again AmarJ!:P

im back and had an awesome easter!

Wow, my easter was awesome. to start my day, I got up at six in the morning to go to sunrise mass.After church i went and played a little video games and than went back to church to help out with the easter egg hunt. We ended up having a little over 1000 eggs! Then i went home and home and help out with the easter egg hunt at my house( my family and i do an easter egg hunt every year).

After the easter egg hunt, my girlfriend, Brittany came over and we spent the rest of easter just sitting around, drinkin sodas and eatin candy necklaces.I got to know her a bit better than i did. We have so much in common.I feel like ive known her my whole life. After she went home, i played some Kingdom hearts chain of memories and called it a night. That was my easter. Oh, and did i mention i still have a sugar rush from all the candy i ate yesterday.