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Strategies to Succeed at B2B Telemarketing

You are only frightened by B2B telemarketing because you will need it to talk your way around the watchful secretary. The strategies that you employ will go from wise to silly. However, just like with many different marketing formats, don’t use anything that has not been proven as being reliable. Remember that you must think about your business brand and do not need anything that will mess that up later on down the line. Because the secretary is used to dealing all types of slimy people, you should not try to trick her. Secretaries often know what you are doing and are willing to cooperate if you have something noteworthy.

A great tip is to always relax before you make B2B telemarketing calls. You may think being a little nervous or stressed is something you can hide but that’s really not the case. Without a doubt, your tension will be evident, even to the person you’re speaking to on the other end of the line. Your voice will be affected as will your thinking and how you respond to any questions or comments. You will need to sound confident and positive, and you will sound less so. Instead, breathe slowly, and think about each thing that you say, and do so in a positive way. If you simply smile, and begin talking as if to a friend, you will be fine.

There is quite a lot of debate amongst telemarketers about whether to use a script or not. Some people recommend them while others do not and both sides have good arguments. There’s nothing more off-putting than sounding as though you’re reading off a script. Even if you memorize a script, you still might be one of those people who sounds monotonous when repeating it. What you should test out is loosely following a script, but be sure you know the important points. Another positive option is to consider what possible responses you might receive and plan some responses.

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When dealing with B2B marketing, check your ego at the door and have an open mind. I can tell you about a certain telemarketer who stop using the generic script. She started using her own script because the generic one was not correct. When she did that, her sales increased dramatically and very soon she was the top telemarketer in that small business. Quite naturally, her employer took notice and was very satisfied. When they inquired about why she was so successful, she told them that she had modified the script. Her employer said that she must revert to the initial script asap. The bad script resulted in bad sales just like the others had. In a way, telemarketing is usually the result of reaching the decision-maker of a company. If you can’t, there’s not much you can do. But just remember that this form of marketing has existed for many decades. It’s all about having the best communication skills possible, and being the right type of person to make this work for you.