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I Return

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Hi everybody guess whos back? Wait its me, yes after like two months of not being on gamespot i thought i better come back down and i have look around :D, but this means that i have to save my union, so everyone who is a member get down there now and start posting please! The union has seen better days and deserves some activity. So hope to see everyone around again :D


Welcome Vietnam_M16A1

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Just like to welcome my new friend (in real life) to gamespot, he is called Vietnam_M16A1, he joined about a week ago and he is liking the site. He specifically likes Vietnam and the TV show Lost and of course games related to this, if you want to see his account and what not, you can find him in my friends list,

Welcome Vietnam_M16A1!

Gamespot Wide

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Gamespot Wide has now come, great hey, well i like it.

But the thing is why are the forums and unions still the same. Come on Gamespot tell us when they are coming.

Level 21!

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After 5 months of dragging my legs through the fabulous level 20 which is like getting up level 50, but now after a max of 2.5% a day i have made it, thank god. I can now get up some more lvls easily, can't wait. I hope everyone else enjoys that level when they get to it lol.

Now I Am Back

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I am now back and my union has been fully updated, hi everyone.:D

Away On Holiday

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Hi everyone , i am now going away on holiday to Swizterland for 10 days this means i will be back for the 1st of August, So see you all. :D

E3 08 Crashes

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Hi everybody, i haven't posted a blog in months, i just couldn't be bothered.

Anyway tuned into the E3 08 last night for the Microsoft conference but the thing is the site crashed, can you believe it , apparently it happened to everyone. I missed the first 20 minutes of the show and i might not even get an emblem, well i hope gamespot realise and send me one for watching to the end when the site did work.

Well they say it won't happen today so i hope I'll get two emblems for the two conferences, one could but only hope.

Happy Birthday!!

by on

Happy Birthday!! To me,

Today the 27th of April is my birthday yheaaaa


The Gamers Universal Union Lives Again

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Sorry That i have been away for a while, but just not had time. But just over a week ago i discovered that people on the gamers universal union had not posted at all, it had all gone quiet, but know with the recently amount of posts i would like to say that the gamers universal union lives again!!Hurray. Thank god it was saved and the union is being used again. So if you think you want to join click on my unions tab and its the first union on the list.Thanks


New Animated Banner

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I now have a new animated banner which as you can tell changes the colour of the text, there are ten different varitions included in the pic. Its been great since i got adobe photoshop CS3 it really has allowed me to created some cool animated things. Also just thought i would mention it that my 2 year anniversary for gamespot is up in a couple of weeks, 6 th of april, can't wait!!
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