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I would pick Marcus Fenix anyday over Master Chief for my favorite character any day. Marcus Fenix has a bad ass attitude and a chainsaw that allows him to hack enemies to pieces.

Granted I think Master Chief has gumption, but to go into a fire fight with heavy armor Marcus is my choice.

Halo 4 is Xbox's last stand. So Master Chief comes back for round four, but is it as good as when Marcus thought everything wsa done with the Lightmass bomb, only 6 months later to figure out that there is a lot more where these locusts came from.

I would love to know which game a gamer would like to play and which character is more "bad ass."

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How can you say that. 

This game is why PC Gaming is what it is and that is great. Diablo 3 has an immersive story along with easy gameplay making it one of todays top games. 

PC Gaming is not dying it is simply different. If you connect an XBox controller you have an XBox 360. Titles that don't make PC and are uniquely made for the "console world" are really not that great. 

Yes, I admit the "Metal Gear Solid" Series and the "God of War" series are fantastic, but how about "Half Life" Series which changed gaming forever and the "World of Warcraft" series which people cannot stop playing. How about the "Starcraft" series that is PC exclusive. 

You cannot say that PC gaming is dieing. It's just in competition with other consoles. The PC has more functions and better graphics. 

Actually, what do you think an XBox is? It's a PC. The Hard drive is a laptop hard drive - open it up and find out. It has a CPU and a GPU along with a Heatsink to keep it cool. The OS is simply called "firmware." 

In conclusion: Consoles are PC's - Read and do more research before you discuss something. 

- Daniel