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Illegal downloads and torrents... Why do people have to spoil our fun?

Games are fun! I am finishing the Gears of War series and Dishonored. I don't mind going in my wallet for $59.99 for something that's literally going to give me 10 - 160 hours of entertainment (Skyrim I played over 160 and still haven't beat it) Also, I haven't played the Halo series, thus giving me reason to start with reach and go from there to Part four.The reason I am mentioning my own personal experience is togive a scenario...

Example: What if I just got done with Halo 3 and I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Master Chief in part 4? All of a sudden I was watching a video on or reading a forum on the Xbox web-site. I clicked on that video or read that response and there you have it the story of Halo 4 ruined for me. I would be devastated primarily because here I am waiting and waiting for the new Halo to come out and now I know what the ending is or what happens.

I was reading the article about Halo 4 being hacked and how microsoft has this great plan of banning that ONE machine from access to Xbox live, but should the consequences be a little bit more dire as opposed to having to go out and buy a new machine?

I could see how gamers around the nation feel compelled to download these games onto their Xbox, PC or whatever console, because they can't wait for that experience of playing a game a few weeks before it comes out. Does this give them the right to ruin our game-play by:

  1. Posting Spoilers
  2. Posting Videos
  3. Possibly telling their friends about the ending which becomes word of mouth
  4. Bragging in the comment section of gamespot of how they cracked it and saw the ending
  5. Trying to create buzz by building a web-site and reviewing it early

These are just some of the ways illegal downloading has hurt our gameplay in general. Some people actually want to know more about the video game before it comes out so it's not hurting everyone (I'm using a generality when I say "everyone"), but it is hurting a mass and that's pivotal during these "crazy"times for developers since they have major criticism.

A while back I read an article where the developers of Serious Sam created a giant red bosslike crab of some sort for people that illegally pirated their video game. This was clever, because they knew that it happens and it would happen to their video games, but how do video games leak out to the public in the first place!

This picture is the actual game! I couldn't believe when I saw this on

This is just plain sad

(courtesy of

Source Codes and possible employees of the developers are to blame, "For example, in 2003 a hackerexploited a security hole in Microsoft's Outlookto get the complete source of Half-Life 2, which was under development at the time." according to, but I think that there are a myriad of ways of how games get hacked. I just don't think that it stops there.

In my humble opinion one way is negligence and poor management by the developing company, poor IT preparations for cyber security attacks, money reasons (aka: corporate greed for free advertising), publicity stunts, etc. In the end gamers are hurt by it and that's the ultimate disgrace.

Spoiler Alert

The point of waiting for a great sequel or even prequel and correct me if I am wrong is to experience emotions or feelings from the campaign through:

  1. Suspense
  2. Gameplay
  3. Guns (or Weapons)
  4. Graphic details and more...

Now, if I want to be spoiled a little bit which is ok I would go on and watch the many editors such as Chris or Kevin's reviews on the game, or previews if I pre-ordered it.I have done some major research. I have found that as the internet becomes more flexible and people have free reign on source codes (or the other reasons I mentioned) there will eventually be a specified web-site that will be designated for people to go to if they want complete spoilers. For that to happen you would have to pirate each and every video game out there or at least the major ones, sit down and write about each and every game you play. Or the developers could create a web-site that would allow the same thing since the game is being leaked anyway.If you think about it that may be an ideal way to stop video game hackers from throwing hints here and there and basically spoiling a beloved game without even realizing the damage they are doing.WTFAnother thing I cannot stand is the bragging rights these idiotic gaming hackers think these gamers have. It's disgusting. I was reading the Halo 4 new preview comments (the one they show the new aliens in his mind) and someone blatantly admitedthat he had played the game and beat it. He mentioned it was good. 10 people through questions at him, what are the weapons like? Blah, Blah, Blah. I do not know why the moderators didn't put a stop to the conversation and not allow him to post something that is going to spoil the game, but I guess freedom of speech is still in the constitution (I think lol) and we have to allow him to say what he wants, but what if he wanted to be an idiot and divulge a complete synopsis of the video game from beginning to end? 1000's of people would be devastated and the video game industry would even have more criticism then it already has. This puts people out of work, out of jobs and most of all out of good solid video games from the ground up.I think that the pirating issue isn't taken care of properly. I think that the repercussions should be much more dire and effective in stopping it from happening. People make rude sarcastic remarks about losing their Xbox live access such as "We'll just make a new live ID" or "We'll just buy a new Xbox." I think it's a literal joke of what the repercussions are for someone that is ruining game experiences for us game paying customers.Two possible consequences that would possibly scare people into not doing this anymore:

  1. A Huge Fine
  2. Possible arrest or jail time

Xbox could impose a $5000 fine that would be perfect or jail time - We need to start thinking about series consequences for serious actions.

I have plenty of other topics I want to write about and leave me a few comments of what you think of pirating and how we should take care of it, because it's what we want that counts.

Violence in Video games... Hate it or love it?

There are alot of violence in video games today! Look at the Max Payne series or the gore in Gears of War... But what really makes a game? The violence, dynamics or is it the graphics? We can play Meat Boy and still have the same amount of fun as it was destroying the locusts in Gears of War.

I am not anti-violence in video games, but sometimes I think the dev could go a little to far.

I think that our affinity for violence started when we were ripping the heart out of people in the Segas version of Mortal Combat.

So you think that violence could lead to something else real? ABSOLUTELY NOT! but we could still have a hell of a lot of fun playing super mario brothers stomping on heads as opposed to using a chainsaw to hack something or someone in half.

What I am trying to say is the developer's of violent video games could tone it done a little. If they are truly genius then they could make a fun filled world that has little to no violence and still captivate the audience with the what's going to happen next syndrome.

I would love to hear what other people think, because personally I actually care!

I really love Gamespot! is one of my favoriate places to go to in my limited free time to experment and get reviews on the top games in the country.

To all the editors at Gamepot - don't stop doing what you are doing!

- Bear Computer Repair