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It's happened again ***UPDATED***

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Box of cookies for the last one to tell me what's wrong with this picture.



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Nobody got it right so I'll have the cookies for my self :P

The Chocolate Cake and the boy killer

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How many times have you seen a kid get stabbed in the face with a fork by a middle aged bald man?

Probably never, but that is exactly what I saw today, as I very innocently popped into the bakery today for a little snack while out shopping with a friend. As I wait in line to pay for my very large slice of probably the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten in my entire life (think of the very best chocolate cake that you can, you've done that? well, the cake I had is EVEN better than that.) Anyway as I was saying, there I was waiting in line, I could hear some swear words being thrown around, but then I thought "It's pretty common here anyway" and dismissed it and continued talking to my friend as I wait, but what happened next was completely crazy... and slightly funny.

The guy behind the counter suddenly lunged over the cake cabinet and mercilessly, repeatedly stabbed a little boy - probably no older than 11 to 12 years or so - with a very large and pointy fork, the attack was BRUTAL, the man was a SAVAGE, incredibly DANGEROUS, very STABBY HAPPY, and the thing is that the bakey guy was crying while doing this. At this stage I was like "OMFG, WTF are you doing crazy man!?!?!?", :shock:

Then I saw the boys face, several stab wounds turned his face into a bloody mess, luckily his eyes were still intact and he was conscious, this was really ****** up, like God of War ****** up, but being the cool, calm and colected person that I am 8) I didn't jump to any conclusions about who fault this was, maybe it was the kids own fault, maybe the little ******* got what he deserved. At this stage I was like "Ooooohhhhh!" in a that had to hurt kinda way.:o

After this I decided to do some investigationary work on why this little child had been turned into a bloody potato with holes in it. So I asked some other people on in the shop what the full story was behind this RAMPAGE, and my predictions on this very bloody matter were confirmed, the kid was a TOTAL BRAT and deserved every PAINFUL jab in the face that he got.

So what happened was this kid was actually being a complete JERK to the counter guy. He threw his doughnut in the bin because (surprise, surprise) he didn't like the filling, despite the fact he chose it on his own and then demanded that he get a new one with something better as a replacement while repeatdly swearing at the guy in the process. The bakey guy said "No" and that the kid should watch his language. At this point apparently the CRAZED child went OUT OF CONTROL and made very offensive personal comments toward the bakey guy.

These included things like a very violent DEATH THREAT, the kid had threatened to get the bakey guys kids SET ON FIRE and his wife RAPED, also mentioned things about torture and setting his house alight. I was really quite shocked at how a kid of his age could have such a violent and sick mind and I completely sympothisesd with the bakey guy, I'm pretty sure I would have done more to make this kid suffer.:x

A few minutes later police and ambulance had arrived at the scene and took the kid to hospital at which point I had an irresistable urge to burst out :lol: like this, while shouting out "CRY MOAR!" :twisted:, I know it's wrong but you only get a few chances like this.:oops:

Sadly in this case most people will start to demonise the bakey guy and sympathise with the child for one simple reason, it's the most politically correct thing to do, B*******! :x

But even after thinking about all of this, i'm not really surprised that this happened, and in a way I think I was kind of expecting it to happen, (maybe I'm just a weird, evil and cruel p**** who likes to see morons like him suffer,) but kids these days seem to have SERIOUS problems, and it's not just attitude problems, I really think that media these days has a serious effect on how these kids think, and see the world. I really think that a lot movies, music and dare I say it, even video games are rotting their minds (not that I blame ANY media ofcourse, but at how accessible they all are to people who they are not suitable for.) Anyway, this blog's just gone from my personal funday to being too serious so I think I'll end it there. What do you think guys, are you with me on this one, or are you with me? ;)

Not long now + MS conferece impressions

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Really exciting stuff folks, as I sit at my computer listening to this MS' press conference is just an hour away. I haven't really been following MS that much but I'm keen on seeing what their new revolutionary game changing thing is, MS PR seem to have been getting a bit more lively the past week.

Anyway, I atleast expect SW to be slightly crazy after the conference, but I still think Sony will shock us the most. Speaking of shocking I got infamous last week and loved it, not the best technical work but an awesome game none the less, and very addictive when I first loaded it up I played through 8 hours straight, I've never played that long befofer in a single sitting (not even for MGS4, and I LOVE that game).

Anyway, 50 minutes left, perfect timing for me to catch the 6o'clock simpsons episode. Now I'm going to load up my video page early, I expect a lot of people will be wearing out their F5 keys :P.

Just hope it doesn't put Sony to shame. Afterall I reserve a special place in my electronics collection for Sony ;).

Just saw the MS conference and.... WOW.

It was good but IMO MS didn't put enough into the games. They focused too much on the non-gaming aspect and dare I say it... going to the casual route.

I was slightly excited for alan wake but after the footage shown it looks quite boring. Splinter Cell and Forza on the other hand were both awesome, I had never really liked SC or Forza but both of those sections were crazy, Forza has a lot of things to live up to now with all those claims, though. I wonder if they can pull it off.

Really excited for Sony conference, I think they have a lot of big things to show there, part of me also thinks that their PSP go "leak" was on purpose, so who knows. Hopefully sony focuses on the GAMES. Also think they're gonna talk about a new SIXAXIS, since motion control seems to be al the rage these days.

I did it for the first time today, and it felt great.

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So I finally got behind the um... handles of a proper motorbike today and it was amazing. Although I didn't ride on the road (still underage) I got to ride one on a wide open field so I didn't have to worry about crashing either.

I was riding a Yamaha R1 that my friend had just bought yesterday, and the thing is a beast, it feels so satisfying to twist the throttle because it revs up so quickly, it was really exilerating but also quite scary since I didn't expect it to be so quick and almost fell off several times, since the only other thing I've ridden is a crappy little 100cc bike so it was quite a jump riding a bike like this. Now I've decided that I wan't one, unfortunately I still have to wait 5 years before I can legally drive one of these things on the road so I'm very sad.

It looked kinda like this one, but had some grey bits.

What I want in the PSPii

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With all the talk of the (obviously) upcoming PSPii (aka. PSP2) I'd like to share my ideas on what would make the PSPii the ultimate handheld.

1. No UMD drive.

Lets be honest, UMD is a failure and no matter how much Sony says otherwise - we all know it's true.

Getting rid of UMD also adds a few instant and inherent benefits such as a longer battery life, faster load times, reduces weight, allows for a more compact design, and higher durability as I'm pretty sure the UMD drive is the only moving part in the PSP. As you can see ditching the useless UMD drive alone brings alot of improvements to the PSP.

2. Digital Distribution only

This is a definite "must do" along with ditching UMD, it's the only way to completely kill off piracy, and due to the small size of handheld games it would be much more convenient to just download them, instead of buying them at a store.

Some might say that going DD only will alienate casual gamers, but as we've seen with the iPhone, the very handheld which has been labelled "teh casuallzzzz" has shown that casual gamers do know how to download stuff.

Another inherent benefit that comes along with no piracy due to DD only is greater developer support, and that's always a plus, because afterall, more games are what we want... right?

And this can be great for retailers too, as they get to keep shelf space but sell download codes for promotions and such.

3. Greater developer support

This is one of the major problems with the PSP, although things are starting to look up for the PSP this year, in comparison to the DS the PSP developer support is appauling, Sony need to actively go out and start locking down new and original projects for the PSPii if they want to be successful. This is something I feel "DD only" will strengthen.

4. Second analogue nub

This is probably one feature that has been requested most since the PSP first arrived. PSP games definitely suffer from the lack of camera control, something that could easily be fixed if the PSPii includes a second nub.

5. No more power

Giving the PSP any more power will only make it closer in-comparison to a console, something which it is not. Turning the PSPii into a small console will only drive up development costs which will result in lower developer support. Another appeal of handheld gaming is all those quirky little titles that would never get the green light on consoles, something I feel would dissapear if the PSPii is made any more powerful.

This would also increase battery life

other thing I'd like:

longer battery life - at least 5 hours on Max brightness

internal storage + memory card slots

These are my ideas on what I think would make the PSPii great, let me know what you think.

Goodbye Gamespot (Hey, I did teh alliterations!)(56K deathzone)

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Well not permanently atleast. As of this moment there is 12 hours left before I fly off to to Saudi to perform Umrah.

After six days in Saudi I'll be getting another plane to Dhaka, the captial of Bangladesh

At which point I will get (another) plane to my parent's home town of Sylhet.

Both of these places will be a major change from the usual British Weather, with one country being in the middle of a hot, dry desert and the other in a hot, humid, jungle-ish (?) place. Once my eight days are up in Bangladesh I shall Jet of Back to Dhaka and then catch my flight all the way back to miserable ol' London.

As you've probably noticed by now, I will be using alot of planes (where sometimes they're not really needed.) It's just an indicator of how much I really care about the environment.

I don't really know how to end this blog, but I'll just something that I think Bart Simpson says the best. "See ya. Suckers (!)"'s about teh "Culturezzz" *angry rant*

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So, for the last week or so my mum's been constantly nagging at me to get my hair cut (and it's not even that long), and now it's starting to p!55 me off. I don't complain much because atleast once a months she usually compolains about the length of my hair, soI pretty much expected this to happen, but this week she's really taking the piss.

Tomorrow we're gonna have some family come to our house and it's all gonna be quite formal and $#!+ because we haven't seem them in quite afew years, and apparently my hair looks "dirty" and "uncultured".

"uncultured", that's the word that ticks me off the most. They seem to think that we're still in their home country, and that all their cultural traditions apply here. Now my mum thinks that because of my hair the families "image" will be stained, she's got to the point of calling my hair "sickening" and that no "normal" person would have hair like mine. What makes it worse is that my mum sais that she doesn't really care about image, which is obviously not the case here.

Anyway, I just needed to rant about it somewhere, so i think I'll forget it about it now, and just rub it in even more when everyone comes round tomorow, because it's oh, so "Uncultured0." But, I don't give a $#!+, so whatever! :P

You have grades A,B,C,D,E.... and then you come to U

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Did my first A-level exam for computing in January, and I failed... miserably.

This is for year 12 students

Most people were expected to get Bs and Cs (I was expected a B)

2 people got a D

11 people got an E

2 people got a U, atleast I wasn't alone :P

Luckilly, we'll get to redo it in June. But what the heck, seeing as I've F'd around for most of the year, I'm probably gonna try and just completelt retake year 12 (sixth-form)

5 games that need to be bought back

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Since I have nothing better to write about, I'll just go on about my most cherished game franchises that have yet to be on the current gen of system.

(NOTE: These are all games/series which - as far as I'm aware of - have had NO current-gen update)

5. Carmageddon

Who DIDN'T love Carmageddon, This was porbably mr first, properly violent game that I ever played and would definitey kill... for a new one.

4. Pokemon Snap

Laugh at me if you will, but this is a game I had fun with. I have soo many memories of this game. It was Pokemon at its prime, and although I'm not interested much in all the new Pokemon games a newer version of this is one I'd gladly welcome.

3. The Revenge of Shinobi

This was easily my all time favourite megadrive game, countless hours would be spent trying to go get to the end in one sitting, although that could be partly down to the fact that there was no game save, but I think it was more to do with how much fun I had with it. A HD remake with updated graphics + same gamesplay would IMO wipe the floor with many of todays newer games.

2. Bloody Roar

I've always loved this series. Even though it hasn't had the best critical reception I still had alot of fun with the bloody roar games. I still remember playing these for hours with a bunch of friends round. Although I'd LOVE to see a new one on a current-gen system I doubt we'll ever see one of these again. Unluckily my favourite version bloody roar 2 for PS1 just broke afew days ago :cry:. All I can hope for is a HD remake of any of the games or even a download from the PS Store.

1. Rival Schools

This is a game I didn't play much of, but it still sticks out of all the games I've played. I only played afew hours of this but I still remeber it as one of the most fun moments in gaming I have ever had. Of all the fighting game there are IMO this is one of the best. Luckily as this is made by Capcom I still have some hope of a new release for this. I just hope there are more people who want this as much as I do.

All 3 of these are system seller to me, and I would definitely buy a console for the sole reason of playing any of those games.

Honourable metions

Streets of Rage

- I love this game, but not enough for it to be in my top 5

Golden Axe

- I know there is a "next-gen" version of this, but I'm hearing that it's all kinds of crap

Final Fantasy IX

- Forget FFVII remake, I just want this one remade

Old-school sonic

- Sonic Unleashed almost got it right, but they HAD to ruin that too


- I had the 3D Pong on the PS1 and loved it, a HD version would definitely be awesome

Harry Potter and JRPGs

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Not much here, but I was bored so I just thought of writing something.

Prepare to enter the mind of me, some stuff will be quite random and may even be considered OCD.

The main thing on my mind right now is college, I kinda just F'd around for most of the year and wasn't really all that into formal education. But then I had gone to some other lessons just to test them out, and I realsed... My lessons suck. I find them extremely boring (except computing), and have ZERO motivation to continue. So I'm still debating whether I should just drop it all together or repeat the whole year.

Another thing that's been bugging me for the last few... uh... hours is Harry Potter, and how the films are completely wrong. Accprdong to Wiki, Harry was born in 1980. He was then sent to Hogwarts on his 11th birthday which should now be the year 1991, this sets the story for the first HP book. There are then 6 more books after the first, each set a year after the previous book. This means that the story in the books (excludin the epilogue) runs from 1991 and end at 1998 since there are a total of seven books.

Now everything is okay so far but this is where things start to "derail", and I only noticed this in the fifth film. The fifth film, which is based off of the fifth book SHOULD be set in 1996 to be as authentic as possible, but you'll notice that when Harry and Ron's Dad go to Kings Cross Station before they go to the ministry... Harry uses a ******* Oyster card to open the barriers, there were no such things as oyster cards in 1996, and that for me pretty much ruined the entire film for me (now that I think back on it). I know it's only nitpicking but still, little details like that always matter.

Another thing that bugs me is why people whine about JRPGs, the typical arguments against them, and things thst people want changed are.

Sexually challenged men (final fantasy)

Kid characters who go on an epic adventure to save the world

gravity defying heir

emo characters

whiny, clingy characters

atleast one female character with melons the size of... which has very large melons.

very linear

very little CHARACTER customisation

Now in my opinion these things are a staple of JRPGs, and removing them is kinda like asking guns to be removed from shooters, it just isn't the same if they're missing. So, quit your whining If you want to play a JRPG without those things that I mentioned go play a WRPG, it's quite simple really. I know they can be frustrating at times, but I believe that it's just part of the package, and it should stay that way.

Anyway, it's just a random look at one of my typical daily thoguhts. Very interesting... yeah.

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