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Make him prove that it works before you fork over money.
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I stopped trading games years ago because I would regret getting rid of something I really liked.

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I won't be upgrading. I don't play enough to make it worth it to me.

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My thought is that I want it RIGHT NOW:!:

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It wasn't eye-bleeding terrible as-is.

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The first "next gen" game I played was Kameo when I bought my 360. I had a shiny new 720p Samsung HDTV and I was amazed at the level of detail. Kameo was such an underrated game. As for my first PS3 game it was Ridge Racer 7. Played it in 720p on that Samsung, but I was truly amazed when I played it on my first 1080p set. Ridge Racer isn't what it once was in its prime, but I've played each and every one of them. Love that drifting!

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Why do you think it being sold out in your city is worthy of a thread or news? I mean they can easily be bought on, they have aplenty and that's been the case for several weeks now.gamer082009
If you don't think it's a worthy thread then why bother to comment? Nothing wrong with asking for some help.

They are in short supply where I live, too. The supply chain is very lean, that's for sure.

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What's the point? It's completely possible to tell a compelling story without going to excess, be it sex, drugs, gore or anything. Sometimes what you don't show is more powerful than what you do.

I think we're better off without these kinds of games.

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Pokemon is best suited for portables. Pocket monsters, pocket system. Makes sense to me.