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Bureaucrats, Political Correctness, and Liberalism.

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@Jaysonguy: so games should only be on Vita via ps4 remote play. Got it, youre definitely treating it as the accessory it is.

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@Jaysonguy: I guess it shouldn't be coming to Vita then either.

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Has he been hanging around Phil fish?

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You know I watched the reviewers commentary on this game post e3, and the four gs editors all had negative stigmas towards this game. Tom was one of them. all I have to say is that it's unprofessional to enter in a game for review with a negative attitude towards it before you play it.

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@darkspineslayer: I liked Devil Survivor Overclocked on 3ds. It's like Fire Emblem and SMT combined (lol no wonder why they got together for FExSMT). I never played the other ones or it's sequel.

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So with $15, I can go buy nearly all of the games with nasty DRM. That's what the platinum's worth, huh?

This is the first year where I personally do not give a s*** about the rewards. This is a goddam middle finger to those who didn't get platinum last year and missed out on the pins or Majora's Mask OST.

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Happy Independence Day! :D

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Plz plz plz Nintendo.