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The Ongoing Problem With Pokemon

Post-Game Spoilers for Pokemon X/Y.

When you play a Pokemon game, you’re in for a grand adventure. But after my last adventure with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, I feel that the series is not learning from its past like traditional video games. A game like Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, it had recently been announced that the player can tackle the dungeons in any order, similar to the original game. But when I play Pokemon, the only thing that seems to transition over to the new games is the 700-something Pokemon. So, I’m writing this to re-explore the series, and be hopeful that one day the next Pokemon will add these features.

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Pokemon Red/Blue/Green:

The start of the trademark franchise, I can’t really think of any features left behind. Some people prefer the designs of this generation and value them above the others, but I have found that most my party is not of the 1st generation. Note, before you even go "WHERE'S YELLOW!!??", don't worry, it is mentioned later in another feature.

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Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal:

This trio of Pokemon games had something incredibly special, in addition to its own region to explore. The post-game challenged the adventurer to go explore the previous region as well. Instead of raising your Pokemon to level 50-60, when you were done with the Kanto region, your team was at level 80-90.

This is the most remarkable feature any Pokemon game can have. From every Pokemon game onward, you’re post-game is half-a**ed. For Pokemon X/Y, we get a short detective story and the 4th iteration of the Battle Tower.

The post-game challenged the adventurer to go explore the previous region as well. Instead of raising your Pokemon to level 50-60, when you were done with the Kanto region, your team was at level 80-90.

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Pokemon Ruby/Saphire/Emerald:

You know the feeling of owning your own home? Yes, you should already know where I’m going with this. The feature of having secret bases was continued through the next Pokemon game, but was abandoned after that. Finding your favorite route and setting up a base was one of my favorite features of this Pokemon game. I would pick the bush in the rainy route of 119 before Fortree City as my secret base.

I could see many ideas how this could be implemented with Spotpass and Streetpass. For example: The player’s friends would upload their secret base to the cloud, or wherever, and when the player walks up to the respectful secret base, the game would ask whether or not to upload a base by connecting to the internet, or using streetpass data. Then once the base is loaded, the player can explore it to his leisure.

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Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed

Known for having the best key item to be released in the Pokemon realm, the VS. SEEKER. This device allowed you to face the trainers you defeated, adding much replayability to the game and making your Pokemon training much easier.

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

There were three features that did not make a return to Black/White. One of them was the Underground, where nearby players could venture together in a mass underground. They could mine ores together, explore each others’ secret bases, and become mischievous and set traps for one another.

The second feature was Contests. This was actually presented in previous generation; the player had their pokemon use their moves to impress judges. You could do it at any time, so it added to the small list of things to do post game.

And the last feature removed from the handy Poketch, a watch with a mass variety of features to aid you along your adventure. This device showed you from the time, to when eggs were ready in the Day-Care, dowsing machine, map, berry finder, a type match-up calculator (very, very useful), and more. Once you collected all the apps for this machine, it became your best friend.

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Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Pokemon following you around like Pokemon Yellow was notably the best feature to add to the best game. Shame it didn’t return.

I don’t think it is technically a “feature” but I do note that you can catch over 300 Pokemon in this game alone. And you can find over NINE legendary pokemon, compared to X/Y, where you can only get a cheap three. (You can’t even find all three of the legendary birds. Incredibly dumb) can catch over 300 Pokemon in this game alone. And you can find over NINE legendary pokemon, compared to X/Y, where you can only get a cheap three.

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Pokemon Black/White/Black2/White2

If there was one thing that stood out about Pokemon Black/White was its story. The story of N and Team Plazma was actually done very well, and its conclusion made you feel like how you would when you beat Ganon in Zelda. I won’t spoil anything more, so I’ll end there.

Seasons, well, it is very arguable that having a multi-seasonal region is great. But I’ll admit seeing the environments change was very interesting.

Changing soundtrack, in addition to the every changing region of Unova, even its soundtrack changed during events and motions. Notably, my favorite part of this feature is when it changed to the Pokemon theme when you got the Pokemon Gym Leader to its last Pokemon, or when your Pokemon reached Pokemon. It made you feel the heat of the battle even more. And it’s another liked feature removed…

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Pokemon X/Y

What will be removed from the next game? Mega Evolution? Pokemon Aimie? Wonder Trade?

Do you feel the same frustrations I do, Pokemon players? With a goal of making the best possible game for the public to enjoy, it seems that GameFreak is handicapping themselves. Post-game Pokemon is a drag, and the tradition of it being so definitely continues in Pokemon X and Y. Until the Pokemon Bank comes out, no one wants to restart their game to regain the replayability. To amend this issue for Z (not confirmed/announced yet), I recommend GameFreak look to their roots and find the things that would allow us to continue our adventure after we complete the game.

Etrian Odyssey Untold Demo Review


If I could describe the demo for Etrain Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl in one word... I couldn't. :P

After playing the demo for the fourth game and was interested (but didn't buy...) ATLUS decides to throw out another lure at me. After seeing the crisp-clear anime-cutscene, I was already sucked in. Before I knew it, I was entered into a beautiful forest. I have never seen such detail put into the mass amount of plants and trees. And to top it off, I was listening to the soundtrack that definitely complemented the environment. 

The battles are very complex. After each level, the character is given skill points to spend on upgrading abilities and stats. I have never seen so many different abilities. I think that the developers have truely thought of every possible kind of attack there is. I can't wait to explore even more of them when I get the actual game.

Its inevitable, people will pass up this engaging video game because its battles are fought in the first-person. If they were like me, I passed up WindWaker because of its visuals which resulted in me missing on a masterpiece of a game. So, I encourage those who dislike the FPS style to venture outside their comfort zone, you never know: you may actually enjoy the engagement of the game that aren't battle-oriented.

Top 5 Overworld Themes

Hi everybody, just a quick sound. I'm just going to jump to the point. Enjoy. :)


5. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: Field


-This was stunning tune that I liked this tune as much as I did. Starts slow, but picks up well.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Hyrule Field


-When I first heard this in SSBB, I didn't like it much. But after playing the game, I grew to it.

3. Persona 4: Your Affection


-"TO KICK A PUPPY" Jk that's not what it says. :P 

2. Tales of the Abyss: Guilt, Duty and...


-The dramatic events that take place before this replaces the previous overworld theme really fits this tune.

1. Final Fantasy IV Main Theme


-I would lie if I were to say this is the grandad of overworld themes, but this definitely leaves a legacy for other JRPGS.


Alas, that is all. Comments? Have your own favorites? I would love to hear them in the comments section. Enjoy. :)

bbkkristian's Dream E3

As a gamer, E3 is very important time of the year for me. But we must face the facts that these conferences are aimed at shareholders, not gamers; I mean, look at the underwhelming presentations for the past three years. Were they really focused on the gamers? Not really. So, if you are a realist, these "Dream E3s" are unobtainable and worthless.


  • Remove all restrictions:

The biggest turn-off of the Xbox One is that it is completely anti-consumer friendly. With it's used games restriction, mandatory 24 hour login, continued Xbox Live, and absolutely no backwards compatibility, these four reasons warrant me skipping it for its competition. I love to be loaned games and to loan games to my family members while picking up games I missed at a cheaper price; however, this system interferes with my prefered gaming lifestyle. If Microsoft were smart and wanted more sales for their console, they would drop these dumb restrictions resulting in gaining more money in the long run.



  • Confirm there is no used game restriction

Easy, Sony, do not follow Microsofts plan for used game restrictions or do not expect me to buy your product.

  • Oh yeah, please show us the PS4

Yes, please. I'm tired of assigning a whole bunch of information to a theoretical device in my head. Make it concrete.

  • Have a bigger focus on JRPGS/RPGS

While Final Fantasy is confirmed to be next gen, I want moar!! :P Throw in some Kingdom Hearts 3 (I'll settle for 2.5) Persona, Tales of Vesperia (yes, Vesperia) Valkyria Chronicles (Japan already had 3 out for a while now), or/and Fallout 4 (set in New York City).

  • Implement Gakai day one for BC

Every time someone says that PS4 doesn't have Backwards Compatibility, the common rebuttal is that it has Gakai. So, I would like to see Sony's grab of this technology finally be put to use. I refuse to buy my collection once again, like I did with the PSVita. I am already upset that I have to keep my phat PS3 in the room if I want to play these games; so, I hope that they have some sort of plan for Gakai's implementation to the PS4.



  • Easy, Save the Wii U with Games

The Wii U shot to the most consumer friendly product next-gen; but it continues to lack in sales, so the one thing it needs to change its path is games. I want: Project X release date & trailer, Super Mario Universe/Galaxy 3 announcement, Metroid Prime announcement (PLEASE), original Zelda announcement, Bayonetta 2 release date, and Super Smash Bros. U Release date.


This is my dream E3 presentation. The companies already have their hardware out early, now all they have got to do is attract the gamers with the one thing that matters: Games. My name is bbkkristian signing out, if you have any comments or want to post your dream e3 as well, post them in the comments section below. While I have Finals during E3, I will do my best to follow the best week for a gamer while struggling through the worst week for a student. :) Be safe, everyone!

Fire Emblem Awakening Final Thoughts, and no the Wii U is not dead

Fire Emblem Awakening. This is the game that got me regretting selling my 3DS; so I acted and saved my pennies again and useless games to aquire this hiddem gem. It is my first Fire Emblem game, and I have to say I was surprised, like many others, on how well this game was made. For my first playthrough, I played on Normal and CIassic. I didn't play on Casual because I wanted to feel the intensity everyone spoke of, and oh boy, it took a great deal of resets for me to understand how to play this game to win. Particularly the whole arrows one-shotting my pegasus knights. :x


To continue, I really like behind the scenes in video game stories. I noticed this after viewing the skits in the Tales series, where the party converses on a random or story related event. Fire Emblem awakening has this ideal in the form of support conversations. After two units aid each other in battle, they gain points to contribute to their next level in support conversation. The skits range from serious, to embarrassing, to actual funny dialogue. I've enjoyed pairing odd units together and see how they act in the camp, it is quite interesting and leads to some character development.


I entered Fire Emblem Awakening after playing Final Fantasy Tactics, which set the bar for me for strategy games. But the two are diverse in their battle systems. Fire Emblem Awakening is more simple than FFT, while FFT can be exploited with its system (thank you Ninja and Arithmetics). Fire Emblem is more balanced and more difficult (mind you I played on Normal) while FFT is allows more freedom and creativity.


To conclude my Fire Emblem Awakening segment, it is a stellar video game that you will increase your quick math skills as you spend your 40 hours+ grinding your unique characters into the heroes they were meant to be.

BUY IT! ;)

Next topic: Wii U.

Slow days among us gamers as we await the PS4, Nextbox, and many titles set for the latter of the year. These slow days are affecting the internet with this deduction that the Wii U is on a path of failure. Sales are down, below the PSP in Japan, and a drought of video games are in effect world wide. I admit, things are looking gloomy for the lonely console, but I do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


The Wii U is like the Nintendo 3DS at this point. Last summer, the handheld was in the same situation; it had a drought of video games just like the Wii U is going through and in time, it gained such hits like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Bravely Default which gained millions of sales in Japan. The Wii U is in the same situation. If you remember the Nintendo Direct which was focused directly on the Wii U, it had shown a great amount of stellar titles in the future for the console. These titles included Zelda WindWaker HD, Monolith Soft's new Project X, Yoshi Epic Yarn, and the Wonderful 101. Now yes, none of these titles have confirmed release dates (I'm looking at you Project X). But here is where I go over your heads.

With the Wii U in the state it is in. I think Nintendo and their owned developers have been too quiet; every day something isn't announced, they are working on this ways to get out of this predicament. I think that Nintendo has a few cards that were hidden from us, the audience. So, to conlclude this segment, I firmly believe before the Wii U is the next Virtual Boy, like the 3DS was fated to be ( :roll: ), I suggest that those who believe it doesn't have a light at the end of the tunnel to wait until E3 before deciding Nintendo's ultimate fate.

Square Enix's Most Recent Disappointment(s)

Hello again, my dear fans. :P Kidding (wanna be my fan?) I'm here on a serious issue that won't get off of my mind. I've tried playing The Last Story to calm myself down, but here I am writing a blog about it while it's paused.

Square Enix is a famous video game company, known for it's hit franchisesFinal Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, etc. It has been making hit video games for over 25 years. Recently, the company has angered me in it's recent decisions , ranging from it's recent trend of mobile games, and the TWEWY fiasco.

As you all are aware by now, Square Enix posted a teaser website about TWEWY six days ago with a countdown, stirring up a lot of hype. Many of the fans thought it was a long overdue sequel on 3DS, while those who weren't fans guessed a Vita port. The fans were extremely exited and thoroughly hyped for the announcement, until...

Until a leak got out about a mobile platform release for the game that shockedeveryone.(Look at comments) The internet community exploded in reaction to the leak, thinking "Why on iPhone/Android??" The issue of mobile gaming is a debate that is nearly one-sided coming to the conclusion that it is inferior to handheld gaming. The games made for the handhelds contain substance, and last much longer than mobile game. Why spend 5 minute's throwing birds at blocks when you could be using it to catch Pikachu or to beat Brock and Misty?


This is where it gets good, after the leak, one of the translators of this game tweetedthat the leak "is more like a drip," hinting that there is more to come. After the countdown was over, the announcement was indeed an iOS port with remixed tracks. The part he was hinting was that combat was all done on one screen. Talk about aggravating.

What really angers me is that Square Enix did not forsee this coming. A countdown for a mobile port. Think about it. It's not something to do when your fans are expecting a sequel or something. Countdowns are used for big announcements, like example another Assassin's Creed game or a new Zelda game. Their announcement of TWEWY on iOS should have just... announced!! :x Not building up hype to disappointment!


"Why... What the hell!?"

Square Enix does make it's retro games available on mobile platforms, but it's not what you will expect if you go search for it right now. The prices are incredibly inflated compared to the dollar games normally sold. While Where's My Perry costs $0.99, Final Fantasy costs $8.99. Final Fantasy III, the third in the series (aka. Not Final Fantasy VI), costs $15.99 along. Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lionsis the same price, even though it has a cheaper version on PSN; not to mention you can choose whether to buy the PSP enhanced version, or the PS1 CIassic for $9.99.

The newest Final Fantasy is called Final Fantasy Dimensions, being released as... you guessed it. Mobile platforms. This Final Fantasy follows a traditional ATB system with a Final Fantasy III/V like Job System. It was to be released in seperate stories. Sounds familiar, yes? That's because Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on WiiWare was the same way. The game had an expensive prologue and epilogue (about 1500 Wii points if I remember correctly), and about 300 Wii points or so. The game ranged to be about over $30 for everything. Final Fantasy Dimensions is to be released on the 31st of August. You have the choice to buy the full story for $28.99 or buy everything seperate for $32.96.
Just to let you know, TWEWY is $20.


I was interested greatly; until they dropped a $29 price tag on me.

I'm really disappointed in the marketing department of Square Enix. The countdown should not have happened and these mobile game's should not be this price.

I'm going to post some un/semi-related posts in spoilers.

Future of TWEWY:

[spoiler] Rumors say that if this port doesn't sell, then TWEWY wont be recieving a sequel. I think this should be busted because of the fact that the game sold well on DS, but I have been proven wrong before. [/spoiler]

Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

[spoiler] Sorry, let's not get into that....See how I just got your hype up to view this then just shot it down? That's how I feel...Too make you feel better I'll say we'll add it to the list of disappointments. [/spoiler]

Mobile Gaming:

[spoiler] I really hope this doesn't become a trend for video game companies as big as Square Enix. [/spoiler]

What are your thoughts? Please voice them in the comments section.

Soundtrack Special: How Important Music is to Video Games

What makes up a video game? Let's count some major key points that are mentioned: graphics, gameplay, frame rates, and voice acting. Ah, now that is a game. :cool:

Huh? Did I forget something? Nah...

WAIT! I just remembered something; as a kid, I would hum the Lost Woods theme throughout the entire day after playing the game (I didn't know how to get through the Lost Woods at the time...). I believe these songs aren't just songs; they are memories, especially in today's age of video gaming.


You're already humming the song, aren't you?

Because I am a single player gamer 98% of the time; I'm more attoned to story-telling games. When a song plays, I know exactly what happened during the song. Like this; Final Fantasy IV: Boss Battle, I remember Tellah's famous quote "You spoony bard" and he whacks Edward with his staff uncontrollably.I laughed pretty hard because he dealt so little damage. :lol:

If you're a social gamer; listening to a song can remind you of a time you played a game with someone. Example: Route 209, a buddy of mine despised this song and I remember getting my butt handed to me in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Trust me, now I know Pikachu>>>>>>>>Link...back in the day I would've never accepted it.


FYI, I chose the stage and I still lost continously...

There is one FPS game that I thoroughly enjoyed its music: Battlefield Bad Company had an exert. Normally with all the shooting and trying to save Haggard, people likely missed this amazing piece. I'm lucky and I heard it early in the demo before I picked up the game.


Haggard: I didn't know dem shooters had 'em tunes and beat.

Amazing, right? Let's take a path down recent memory lane, limiting it only to current generation software; going too far will just be praising the already praised. This way I can give those who lived up to their respective past some credit.



Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama
Their piece I picked as my favorite:Zelda: Skyward Sword Music - Koloktos / Moldarach
My memory: Grabbing that 50 ton sword and cutting off the legs of Koloktos.

Favorite: Xenoblade Chronicles: Gaur Plain
Memory:That ineffible feeling when I first ventured onto the plains; those who've played this know what I'm talking about

Composers:Motoi Sakuraba,Yuzo Koshiro,Masafumi Takada,Noriyuki Iwadare,Yasunori Mitsuda, Takahiro Nish
Favorite: Kid Icarus Uprising Boss Battle
Memory: ''Twinbellows!Here boy!Old Pit's gonna teach you some MORE new tricks!!And if you're good, I'll take you for a walk, and give you a bath and a treat.WE'RE GONNA RACK UP SOME SERIOUS NINTENDOGS TRAINER POINTS!!!"

Composer: Shoji Meguro
Favorite: Persona 3 Portable: Danger Zone
Memory: Wasting time just to continue hearing this song.

Composer: Yuko Shimonura
Favorite: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep: Final Battle Vanitas
Memory: My heart was racing before this battle and an intense battle it was.

Composer: Gred Edmonson
Favorite: Uncharted: Nate's Theme 2.0
Memory: I think the composer was trying to convey the feelings of the game through this song; and it worked.

Composer:Kohei Tanaka
Favorite: Gravity Rush: Resistance and Extermination
Memory: This song made me feel like I was a flying superhero!

Ah, I'm finished; to conclude, I'll ask, isn't it amazing how these composers can not only describe what is taking place through song, but also force a memory to come out of no where? If I were a philosopher, i would say that music connects the player to the video game if done right. It is a very important element of gaming and shouldn't be ignored as easily as it is currently. I would like to thank GameSpot for it's SoundByte section for focusing on the music of video games; yes people do actually read that. :P And lastly, I would like to thank the many composers, they are definitelywizards in my book for succeeding in their job. I know I couldn't come up with masterpieces like I listed.

Did you enjoy my blog? Say so in the comments section; and while you're down there, tell me which song can evoke a memory you have.

Gravity Rush LAST Impressions



NOTE: I don't think there are any SPOILERS in here, but if there are, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;)

Gravity Rush did a good job entertaining me, and it was fun while the short time it lasted. The game is a 7-12 hour game. :| Really short for our $35-$40 we spent on it. I enjoyed the combat and comic-style cutscenes but I dispised their mission system, which ultimately led to its disappointment in the end.

The combat in this game can be fustrating (yet I enjoyed it.) You will never spend too much time on one enemy; if you do, good, you're getting a longer experience than I did. :roll: Using the Vita's tilt features combined with the right analog perfects the aiming, but is held back by the camera; so the enemies might get a few hits off of you while you are turning around. The enemies also havgot a sudden difficulty spike at the half-way point of the game and they DO get cheap. Shooting endless rounds of energy balls gets old quick...


Imagine this, upside-down, flipped, and mirrored--and the camera not coming along for the ride

I expected the story to be a bit more organized. There is no clear antagonist in this game, the climax is really near the ending chapters of the game, and Kat tries to find a love and they disbanded that goal of hers in the middle of the story! Just dropped, Kat seems to have just forgotten about it. Secondly, there is no protagonistic bond to Kat. Normally in well written stories, the player is attacted to the protagonist, and can relate to the emotions the writer is trying to portray. In this game, minus everything, there is no bond, no emotions. Just a little girl that most guys think is cute when she smiles. Sigh....................... :(


Sigh... You deserve a better story; or one more focused on you.

Lastly, the post-game portion of this game is dispicable. :x You cannot play already completed missions, or even replay your DLC missions after you beat them! That is very disappointing! Take that back, you can only repeat 3 areas of the entire game WITHOUT the cutscenes. So if you got replayability in this game, you're gonna have to start a brand new game. And to put salt-on-the-wound, those missions last about 5-10 minutes. Seriously. :|


The only thing to do after you beat the game is to... Buy more of the game! ...Literally:x

So, it seems that Gravity Rush has a lot of flaws from my last impressions, amirite? :P Well it is a "good" game and I think it deserves a solid...

My Score: 7.5

Yeah, I think it could've been MUCH better and it seems that it was veryRushed (get it? :P ). The story could've used some work, the mission system needed to be revamped, and it could have been just plain LONGER!!!!!sigh...

Been a while: Vita, iPod Touch, Fingertip healed up (With pics!!)

Its been a few months since I last updated my blog and a lot has happened. First things, first: My finger healed up! The scab went away about a couple weeks ago. Some of you are probably wondering how bad of an injury I got. Well in the Spoiler tags, there it is.


Before you click the spoiler, just be warned that it is a picture of my fingertip severed, and it is bleeding in the picture. So if you have a phobia of blood, don't click it. :x


My severed finger


If you missed my last blog, I accidentally cut off my fingertip using a paper slicer. Don't ask how, I got a lot of crap afterwards from friends and family :P My finger is permanently deformed, the skin from the end of the finger to the fingernail is completely gone. Here's my after picture after its healed.

finger (after)

It was a quick healing process for me; Even the doctor was surprised at the rate it healed up. I can type and play video games and haven't attempted to play guitar. >_> Since I did it at the end of my senior year, I am now known as "The Kid Who Cut Off His Finger" :roll:

Speaking of Senior Year, I graduated on the 12th. I am going to Cal State University San Bernardino in Fall, as soon as they register my darned Financial Aid. :x I was denied the Cal Grant ($20,000) because my parents made too much money, so I have to take out loans. -_-

With all my graduation money came in, I got myself one educational gift and one non educational gift. With all the money I got myself an iPod Touch 8GB White. Pretty Fancy, I don't like gaming on it though.

I got Final Fantasy, which is just like the PSP version
I got Sonic 4 Episode I, no complaints, but some of the levels that were in console versions were replaced with stupid score attack ones
I also got Sonic & Sega Super Stars, which exits out every time I change the options or pause it in the game....

So aside from a few useful schooling apps, my iPod is staying a dedicated note taking, music player. :)

With the leftover money I got, I decided a bit early onI wanted a PlayStation Vita. Whoa, this sheep on System Wars wants a Vita? Calm your horses, I had a PSP!! So I got a bit of useless games and traded them in and did a bit of work around the yard and ended up getting enough for a Vita Wifi, 8GB Memory Stick, and Uncharted Golden Abyss.


I really like it! I can't wait until Sony makes it so they can play PS1 games, because I have my Final Fantasy collection I want on it. I already put SMT Persona 3 Portable on it, continuing the game from my PSP adventure and I put Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, which I will have to restart from scratch :( I was really sad to sell Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim, it really was my favorite game; so that's the first I will replace on Digital Download. :)

I also got the Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles. Words cannot describe how much this is worth. Get this game for its price right now, you won't be sorry. This JRPG gives what elements make the RPG genre great, with a gigantic world to explore, challenging enemies, fast travel (for all you Fallout finatics :P ), revisitable locations, and a easy-to-understand battle system. NOTE: you may find yourself challenging every enemy you encounter, that is a quality most JRPGs fail to deliver to gamers. The soundtrack is exemplary, you definitely will find yourself rocking out and feeling the emotional impact when fighting the bosses.

Yes, so get this game immediately, because Operation Rainfall and those helped didn't give us this game just to brag about in System Wars. PS: Its definitely worth the price tag. I know its still expensive.

That's about it, My 3 months in a nutshell; from pain to entainment!! :D Feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below! Peace out guys! :cool:

4-10-12, the longest day of my life

dont read if you cant stand blood or medical stuff.

This blog is gonna take my a long time to write because I can only type with one hand...

I accidentally cut the tip of my finger off during school using an antique paper cutter that didnt have any guards; i put the tip back on and i was evacuated to the nurse. it was the worst pain i had ever felt in m life. the nurse wrapped my severely bleeding finger with a dry gauche. My parents come in and evacuate me to urgent care, while it was still bleeding, and the lady there made me wait up to two hours!! Then because of that LONG *** wait, the tip of my finger couldnt be reattached... So after the mom realized the doctor had my fingertip on backwards we went to the ER.

We go to the ER to fund that i punctured an artery. They then re wrapped it and i got my first x-ray. was pretty cool. They then took me to a room and injected my finger with numbing stuff (even worse pain in my life) and they cleaned it and put some silver stuff on my finger that kind of looked like metal. My mom thinks its silver nitrate, the same stuff i use in chemistry **** That cauterized my finger then the physicians wrapped it up to continue to stop the bleeding.

so, my parents have to pay a large medical deductible near $1500, and my completed recovery time is up to 2 years... :( the WORST PART i that i cant play any video games because it hurts too much...