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F----- U------- Glenn Beck.

Die in a fire. Quit spewing twiested facts and trash at the mindless twits who follow you. To grow a hate filled, scared mob *cough* tea-party group is not what America needs. Your poison rhetoric is distorting minds and making it difficult to solve problems that aren't as big as your 24 hour pundent lie factory makes them out to be.. In short quit destroying minds by making the world out to be way worse than it is. Because in the long run the puke that comes from your mouth in the form of flowery words will only choke and self-fulfill the social collapse of America.

Get bent Beck.

My gamespot name

I wish I could change my gamespot name without losing all my stuff. I started this account 4 years ago used it for a year and sat idle for almost 3 years. My current name is Battousai cause it was from an Anime I liked way back then.. Im not to fond of that stuff anymore and wish I could change it to something more age relavent and pleasing.