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About the ME 3 ending...

People are whining because..?

It's always been a mysterious game at its heart, and I like the open-ended ending they chose.

Call me a fanboy but I almost like it more that there are two stark choices at the end of the game.

You know why?

Because although one is good while the other is bad, there are still pluses and minuses to either decision, like in ALL of the series. I only wished for maybe a reveal of Ashley (my romantic interest) being with a child and explaining the heroics of Shepard.

Otherwise, it's a great fulfilling ending.

/mini rant

For fellow fans of Kid Cudi...

Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius (the mastermind behind "Day N Nite") release a full blown alt-rock cd. Cudi doesn't rap a single verse here. These are my thoughts on my favorite modern rapper's venture into rock and roll.

1) The Arrival: Nice eerie opening. This will appear on a lot of trailers I'm predicting. Really solid opening instrumental. Sets the stage nicely.

2) High Off Life: The Cudi sobriety song. I really appreciate what he is trying to do here. Reminds me of "Perfect is the Word." Very catchy chorus. I love this slow drawn out 90s esque guitar he is playing too. Love the lyrics. Really solid song all around.

3) The Dream Time Machine: Love the intro to this song. Almost sound like MotM 1. Very much atmospheric. Closing your eyes while listening to this song is a trip. This song evidences (as does the whole cd) that WZRD is not about formulaicly desiging a verse chorus verse chorus $tyle of music. This cd has to be listened to as a whole. Only Teleport 2 Me, Jamie has single potential and can stand on its own well. This sounds like "In My Dreams" but with more of an alternative edge. I'm liking it.

4) Love Hard: Almost funny intro. This song also has single potential. Really good chorus hook. And I love the lyrical message. I really love the structure of the song. This is definitely an early favorite. Could listen to this song on repeat for awhile. The halfway mark was jaw-dropping. I love how it transitions perfectly into the chorus. Awesome.

5) Live and Learn: It's incredibly to think he has only been playing for a year. Crazy. Really like the intro here. Yet again, really digging the lyrics. Positivity for once. Thank you Cudi. Everything he does just feels so real. You don't find this with most contemporary mainstream music. The chorus reminds a small bit of the Beastie Boys. It's cool. Overall, not a favorite but I still enjoy it. Love the three quarter mark where it sounds deeper and trailer-esque and ALMOST dubsteppy. Very unique.

6) Brake: Released awhile ago as his first song off of WZRD, I initially didn't like this song all that much. Within the context of this CD it's a much stronger song. I like the lyrics, but I like the lyrics of every song on this cd. Still not a favorite by any means, but it's a much better album song than stand alone song. The ending is pretty cool too.

7) Teleport 2 Me, Jamie: My favorite (I don't care that it's the most popular song right now). Very sentimental for me, and I love the simplicity in its approach. The na na na portion is nice too. I love the lyrics too. Really great chorus with a catchy hook. It's really easy to see this as a top 10 single on iTunes.

8) Where Did You Sleep Last Night?: Almost sounds 70s esque at the beginning. Lyrics are about approaching a cheater. Not a favorite by any means, but it's still intriguing. It seems that anywhere between the halfway and three quarters mark in the song they change something up. I always enjoy whatever they do.

9) Efflictim: Yet again sounds older. Like a B side from Smashing Pumpkins or Nirvana in the opening. Really love this song. It's very bleak, but Cudi always thrives when his songs are bleak. I love the somber tone in his voice. Not enough I can say about this gem of a song. This may contend with "Teleport 2 Me, Jamie" and "Love Hard" for me as my favorites. The piano at the halfway mark... So damn good.

10) Dr. Pill: Sounds older. (Noticing a pattern yet?) He goes to what's old to reinvent what is new. It's so brilliant. He's an excellent guitar player for only playing for a year. Very eerie and dark sounding. Eating it up. Not a favorite or my least favorite either. Definitely the creepiest song on the cd.

11) Upper Room: Excellent closing note. Really inspirational. Talking about fate, destiny, and God. Can definitely relate. It's a pessimist attempting to be optimistic, and that's why I relate so well to it. It's the perfect way to culminate the entire cd in one song lyrically. And the instrumentals are spiritually high as well. Freaking love this song.

Overall, I love this cd. That's not to say it doesn't miss because it definitely does. But to consider that a rapper can make a better alt record than most alt bands who spend years perfecting their craft? Hats off to Cudi and Dot Da Genius. This will definitely be something I listen to often now. It's fresh, retro, and still bodes well for cl@ssoc Cudi fans like myself.



1) Saturday Love: Sounds like a very TRON-esque song in the opening, but eventually goes straight into a typical AVA song. Particularly catchy chorus, and a very unusual but an enjoyable opening really sets it apart. Great song.

2) Surrender: Great chorus, and great lyrics as well. Another standout track. Fairly formulaic for AVA however, and so I would say that is its only downside. Still very solid.

3) Anxiety: Definite standout, 5 star quality song here. Great lyrical content, great hooks and an even greater chorus, and a very unique U2-esque riff for the verses. One of my favorites. Describes anxiety flawlessly, and is the greatest lyrical track of the first half of the cd.

4) My Heroine (It's Not Over): Excellent opening with the slowed tempo. Tom does himself a load of help when he slows his voice down. Fairly mediocre chorus that is helped by great lyrics. Pretty cool breakdown that is worth noting. Still, the weaker chorus makes this song ultimately forgettable.

5) Moon as My Witness: Very unique and cool opening to this song. The slower tempo again works in Tom's favor. This and the last track have the most subdued voice from Tom I have ever heard. Great lyrics again, as is the common theme in most AVA songs. The longer ending does itself a credit and disservice by relaxing yet mildly boring you till the next track. Overall, this songs hits more than it misses.

6) Dry Your Eyes: Bizarre opening that I feel indifferent towards. The short, spastic punk riffs (drum and guitar) really do the song credit. Opening verse riff is kind of awkward. Not a very noteworthy chorus either. Track is fairly forgettable. One of my least favorites.

7) The Revelator: This song has nothing really wrong with it, but nothing really going for it either. Fairly standard AVA track but with nothing to draw me back for more listens. I do like the breakdown however. This track is alright.

8) One Last Thing: Really enjoy the opening to this song. Fairly standard for AVA but still ridiculously catchy. Really strong lyrics. His relaxed voice makes the chorus forgettable, but his effort to switch it up is pretty admirable. When he switches to his more high pitched voice he does himself a lot of credit.

9) Inertia: Cool and slightly more dark opening. Interesting change of pace. The punk riff is mildly reminiscent of Up All Night, and the verse riff sounds eerily similar to Snake Charmer. This song probably sounds the most like 'new' blink. The punk riff and verse riff don't mesh very well as the verse riff is much better. Again, the lyrics stand out yet again. Lyrically, I like AVA more than blink. But that is the only facet of AVA that is better than blink...

10) Behold a Pale Horse: This song is jaw-dropping. The lyrical imagery is dripping with elements of the Biblical Revelation. And the instrumentals stand out as well. Overall, this may contend with Anxiety as my favorite track. Primarily because of the absolutely amazing lyrics. The next song contends with both as well however...

11) All That We Are: Incredible slower tempo song. Incredible sincere and soft lyrics from Tom make me nearly teary-eyed. The repeating of "all that we" needs to be removed as it's annoying. But the instrumental explosion at about the 2/3 mark is great. Great closing song.

Overall, this album definitely hits but definitely misses. The first 3 tracks are great, and tracks 5 and 8 are solid as well. The last two tracks are stellar, but the remaining 4 songs are either alright or mediocre. This cd is on par with L)VE Pt. 1, but neither of the two part series compare to I-Empire, and are not even close to We Don't Need to Whisper. Really enjoy the lyrical content of AVA much more than blink however. Much more uplifting. To conclude, it's nice to have 11 new songs from my favorite vocalist, but it's frustrating to want to skip through a third of an album because it's simply not very good.



This is my track by track review of Neighborhoods. If you don't know what Neighborhoods is, than I wouldn't bother looking at this note. :P

1) Ghost on the Dance Floor - This is a punk AVA song. I love it. Great opening track with a riff that is so catchy it's almost annoying. Tom's vocals are more blink/Box Car influenced however, and there is no worries for those who don't appreciate AVA because Tom doesn't do his yodeling voice, and he sounds more raw. The lyrics are great, full of imagery and of a dark tone. Excellent opener.

2) Natives - One of my least favorites, but I still enjoy it. The chorus and the verses don't mesh very well imo. But all in all, I still like it. I love the lyrics though. And I also love the cl@ssic blink riff breakdown a lot as well. Makes me feel all giddy inside.

3) Up All Night - Very obvious why this was a single because it's the easiest to like. I love the tradeoff of Tom and Mark between the lines, and I like the bizarre dark punk riff (think Box Car) that starts and ends the song. The chorus is beyond catchy as well which is always a plus. The opening AVA riff is awesome as well. Definitely in my top 5 of the album.

4) After Midnight - The "I Miss You" of this cd with the slower tempo, this song is irrestible. I love how Tom does the verses and Mark does the chorus. I also love how the breakdown fades away from the alternative metal-ish riff, and it builds really well into the final chorus. I also can really relate to the lyrics, which is of no surprise. All in all, probably in my top 5 as well.

5) Snake Charmer - This song is definitely a homage to The Cure, and has an interesting eerie riff throughout. Definitely a standout for me because I love 80s music, especially The Cure, and I love the creepy lyrics as well. All in all, this is a dark masterpiece of a song, but I wish Mark had a somber portion of the song to add a bit more of sadness. I love the 'Ahhhhs' though. The ending goes nicely into the next tracks too.

6) Heart's All Gone Interlude - One of the most emotional interludes/instrumentals I've ever heard, and it fades into Heart's All Gone brilliantly. Best instrumental from these three. Easily.

7) Heart's All Gone - This is a punk song. And an emotionally fast-paced song at that. Mark's delivery isn't mad, but it packs a punch. The lyrics are incredible, and the tempo never ever lets up. Absolutely can not say enough about this gem of a song. Mark owns this. And it has the best drumming from Travis as well I think. This song also has a very 'Stockholm Syndrome' type breakdown. It's awesome. This is my favorite, tied only with one other song.

8) Wishing Well - Nice more upbeat song after putting us in the pit of despair in the prior song. Tom kind of yodels, but it's so catchy he can get away with it. The drum portion proceeding into the chorus is ear candy. Very catchy riffs throughout, which is obviously blink's trademark, but is still worth noting. I really like the breakdown in this song. It's very AVA/Cure ish. Excellent. Overall, a solid song.

9) Kaliedoscope - I LOVE when Mark has a more chill tempo with his singing. This is definitely very +44esque, which I have no issue with. Tom's appearance is good, but I kind of wish Mark would have just sang this whole song. Yet again another, awesome breakdown. This cd easily has the best breakdowns.

10) This Is Home - I don't know why, but I thought this was Yellowcard the first time I heard this. Minus the keys portion. Tom does the yodeling thing again, and it's very catchy, as to be expected. Great breakdown once again. But nothing really stands out in this song. Probably one of my least favorites.

11) MH 4. 18. 2011 - Another meh song, but the catchy chorus and strong lyrics certainly help its cause. This may sound strange, but this song seems too happy. I really don't know how else to describe it. Doesn't really feel like a blink song. Minus Travis's drumming.

12) Love is Dangerous - Opening of this song is very AVA-esque, than the second riff comes in and it's a bonafide blink song. The effects on Tom and Mark's voices is a really welcoming change. Lyrically, this song is my favorite. And the chorus is my favorite as well. Another great breakdown as well. After two listens, I noticed myself singing it all the time. I even put it as a status. I love the fadeout as well. Overall, I think is tied with Heart's All Gone as my favorite.

13) Fighting the Gravity - Probably the strangest song on the cd, but I like it a lot. It sounds like a song that would be in a Zack Snyder or Quentin Tarantino movie. It is all over the place, but I like the confusion I get when I listen to it. Lyrically, it's similar to 'GO,' but it is WAY better then that song. I love how Travis definitely free$tyle quite a bit in this as well. Definitely think I love the oddball song of the album.

14) Even If She Falls - I love the more somber voice that Tom has to begin this cd. It's similar to 'Rite of Spring.' I also love how he changes how his voice sounds in the second verse. And I love Mark's minor but important presence. Very strong closing song, and definitely on par with "I'm Lost Without You."

Overall, it was what I thought it was, but with a LOT more AVA influence than expected, but still retaining that blink flair. I think, based off of my 30 listens, that it is my new favorite blink CD, with the selft-titled barely behind it. I definitely think this is MUCH better than TOYPAJ, and WAY better than anything pre-TOYPAJ. I'm just beyond stokes that I have another 14 songs of my favorite band to digest. And I like all of the songs, I love about 5 of them, think 6 are very solid, and that three are ok. Overall they hit a whole lot more than they miss. Tom, Travis, and Mark are back, and I couldn't be more excited.



Up All Night, Harry Potter, romantic endeavors, the goods....

So initially Up All Night felt like Tom ripped control of production from Mark and Travis's arms... But, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. It's just such a pleasant thing to hear my two favorite singers and my favorite drummer back together again. The breakdown is ****ing weird though. That's probably my least favorite part of the song. It definitely sounds reminiscent of a Box Car Racer breakdown I just can't remember the song.

Harry Potter TDH pt. 2 was excellent. So many tears for me... I love how [spoiler] Snape's story was told, and I love how the very obvious Christ references for Harry's character were not changed to be more politically correct.. [/spoiler] I really want to watch it again, and it is still very bittersweet that now both the movies and books have come to close. I can not wait to show my kids this wonderful story however.

Me and the girl... have gone downhill, so to speak. I believe that the 16 year old side of her emerged and she got scared... She had a previous relationship that was long, broken, and damaging to her. It may take her awhile to even begin dating, according to her own words. And I really think she is telling the truth, because she has yet to lie to me. I just hope that she can be healed sooner as opposed to later that way I can begin to date her because I really like her! Pray (or wish! haha :P) for her to become better soon!

The Diemma (HELP my OT friends! Help!)

I be 19, and the girl I like is 16. She is very mature, and is a lot cooler than most girls her age. I understand that, assuming we continue to like each other, by the time I'm 24 she'll be 21, so it really will be no issue at all. For now, however, I could understand where society and those around us are coming from in ASSuming, but not knowing, that I was a bit of a... creeper? Overall, what do you guys think? And how do you think I should compose myself to prove that I am not a creeper, and that I truly just really like this girl? Thanks for any help!

Any kids still play Reach online?

I want more friends to play Reach with, and I was curious which of you guys play Reach online. Everyone's too busy playing what is arguable the most overrated shooter ever made, and I have hardly anyone who plays Reach anymore.

So hite me up with your gtag and let's play Reach.