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I'm the Cold Nut!!! (Nrrgh)

Patience is a virtue. ANd iF yOu geT WhaT yoU waNt then don't complain about having to wait for it! Goodness, and i thought i was impatient...

Well i'll be a FOUR-LEGGED human...... So if u got someThinG to complain about, make sure that it's about somethin' you want or other, ya know? *ChUckLe*

Meet them all!... Ahh, whatever.

Well, the dead is back... As in, me? Yeah. Had other crap to deal with, not really fond of this site to be honest... Ya know? Don't know what to do here. Games ain't such a big deal to me, ya know?... Don't know what to talk about right now... Hmm... Ahh, whatever! Bye bye, for now! :D :D :D

Patience is a Virtue...

Just letting you guys know that I'm here.(again)

Not too hot about being here cuz i don't even know what to really talk about, so yeah.

Also, please forgive me for not commenting on your profiles, i actually try readin' them 'n' all, but if the subject does not excite me then i probably won't comment. i try to look and stop by occasionally, so please understand.

Also, (not that it really matters) notice that my profile is NOW ENTIRELY Bleach theme!!! :D :D :D (except for my avatar, of course!)

BTW, if u guys like the versus that i occasionally post, just tell me, okay? i'll post more later...

Jesus Christ Superstar!

I haven't been on for the following reasons:

1. working

2. working

3. musical (opening night is sometime in March)

4. musical

5. musical

So that's why I've been off for a really long period of time! sorry.

"F*** you, batacatafog!"

Persona 4?

came to stop by and see this "Persona 4" and its "greatness"!

not interested in getting it, but i don't see why it's all that... Lark Anderson WOULD give it a 9.0! sheesh, nice guy! :D whatever.

everyone's into it, or at least my friend is, tee hee! seems overrated. whatever.


Wow. It's been a while since i posted a decent blog. Well, i figured that i should stop to say hey and how's it goin', ya know?

I guess that i'm simply not yer hardcore gamer. Or i'm just gaming more than coming here, ya know? ha ha. Yay! :D :D :D

FAVORITE CHARACTER IN BLEACH!!! aww, isn't she so cute?