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Veterans Day

Today is veterans day and at my school we have a program called JROTC or Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps, for those of you who don't know, and yes it is taught by real people from the military, my Lietenant Colonel and Chief Master Sergeant both gave speeches today i would like to share them with you

Lietenant colonel had a best friend in high school named James David Brown, he was one of those against the war being peaceful type of guys (this was during Colonel's senior year of high school during the vietnam war) after they both graduated Colonel joined the air force, he already had his mind made up, and james got in some deep trouble.. he had the choice join the military or go to jail.. James joined the military, since he didn't want to fight he became a medic.. as soon as him and his team were being deployed in Vietnam the helicopter he was on had been shot down by a Rock Propelled Grenade

Chief Master Sergeant had a friend whos family was like family to his family well both chief and his friend decided to join the military chief being Air Force and his friend Navy, well before 9/11 his friend joined the navy seals and was put on Navy Seal Team 8 after 9/11 he was put on Navy Seal Team 10 a few weeks later a group of navy seal squads were in a huge fire fight and needed back up.. seal team 10 was called in but as soon as they were gonna land their chinook helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade crashed and they died...

i'm not asking much but please take a few minutes of silence to remember our fallen and those who are still with us today and even those who still serve fighting for our country i feel proud to wear my Air Force Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps uniform and i respect those who are veterans, alive or not, still serveing or retired, please just take a few minutes of silence to honor them