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so many games ... so little time

ever get that feeling you are falling really behind in games... I am seriously falling behind. I have a stack of games for both XBOX360 and PS3 (saints row 3, resistance, fallout 3 & NV, ghost recon, etc etc) now i have a bunch coming in the next few months like GTA5, splinter cell Blacklist, Batman. Then to top it off, I have the Xbox One coming with Assassins Creed 4 and Watch Dogs. I have so busy times coming with my games. and not to mention I have some games that i have the DLC for and havent even played through yet. I need some serious Game Time in the next months to get caught up. Geez. 

thanks for my rant.

New Xbox 360

So, here is the deal, I was playing GTA4 a couple weeks ago. my apartment got a power blip, the system forced reboot, and i picked up where i left off. after a while the game came back "disc unreadable" i checked the disc, but it was fine. so i shut the console down for a while and went shopping. i needed that stuff they call "food". Me and my girlfriend sat down to eat dinner and watch a movie on the 360, I booted the 360, it got stuck at the logo screen for a few minutes, then bounced back with E86 (0r 68, i don't remember the actual error number) I started to freak, as all my game saves are on the hard drive, I thought my Xbox was dead, it was a 2 shipment launch console was shipped out for RROD about 2 years ago and has been working great since. I did some research to find out what the error actually means, only to find out it ishard drive failure. I took the hard drive off the console, and tried to boot the console up again, and it worked fine. I was so mad. I lost all my saves. I searched online for anyway to save the drive and get it to boot up long enough to get my saves off it. to no avail, i tried opening the shell and connecting it to a PC to run CHKDSK but it would not go in, the drive was indeed dead. I can't complain too much cause i got more then my moneys worth out of it.

So the warranty from M$ ran out this past january, so i was screwed from that end, so i priced out the console to trade in to gamestop for a ELITE system. I brought the 360 w/ wired controller, original nintendo DS, and a junk load of games for the DS and Gamecube that i never play anymore. the store put 196 towards the ELITE. I purchased the 1 year gamestop warranty, total price came to 269. I was amazed it was low.

So regardless i lost my saves, I will have to endure the time to start playing some of the games over again, luckily a couple of the major hitters i was working on, i was either 100% done with (Assassins Creed) or was going to start a new game for the rest of the achievements (Fable 2)

I just got to deal with the loss of the saves, but the ELITE looks great and runs even better than the last one. :-D

Its been some time since...

Well Well I haven't been signed on in some time so I figured what the hell, why not post a new blog on here..

well since I have written my last one I have had a lot of new things occur in my life. to sume most of it up...

broke up with old girlfriend, got new girlfriend a few months later, Quit my band, started looking into new ones, got promoted in my karate school to 4th degree black belt, moved in with new girlfriend, Father passed away from colon cancer, mom is moving to florida, I am going to Okinawa Japan for karate training.

busy life i had in the past year. so on the gaming front, I still game on my 360 exclusively. got many new games to play and beat. other than that, nothing really new at all


I got my XBOX 360 back today. YAY!!, they gave me a new one. YIPPEE!! and now off to call Microsoft on getting my downloads to link to the new one so I can play the content offline as well. joy!!

the day has come...

well today is the official 2 year birthday of my 360, unfortunately it did not live to see it. it got the red ring of doom last night. so now I wait for the "coffin" in hopes of getting the new chips. I have 2 friends that recently sent their boxes in and both got new Xboxes in return, 1 friend the the ring of death, and the other had a faulty DVD drive that was scratching every game he owned. I was told that their new ones are a lot quieter, and seems to run smoother than the last. so I hope I get a new one update model. Oh well. I have to wait and see now. I am limited to the PC and WII for a while.

RS Vegas update

well my last post was about the same game. this is just an update.

I really love this game. I get the urge to play some every day. I was corporal during my last blog writing 3 weeks ago, at the present time I am a Captain with 4 and a half bars. My goal was to get Major over the weekend from first Lieutenant. I didn't gey where i wanted to be, but I am close. Maybe tonight I will get there.

I have only played the single player missions through 2 sections, I have not played any other games that much, with the exception of guitar hero (face it, that game is fun) well that is just an update. I will write again soon.

Rainbow Six: Vegas

its been a while since a blog posting.

well I finally found a game that gets me going online. Rainbow Six: Vegas. I started playing it in single player (which is what I usually do in any game) then a friend asked me to play with them in team t-hunt on realistic and high occupancy, so I grabbed my shield and pistol, and said lets go.

what an experience, I played some games on regular xbox but the AI was too dumb, and spawned the same area every match and moved the same way every match, got repetitive and boring, Vegas is the total opposite. I would go outside in the match, and sometimes there would 7 enemies to greet me, other times there were none. some times I even got caught in the middle of 4 enemies due to them flanking me in mulitiple directions.

The ranking feature is pretty cool as well. I played from Private Second Class to corporal in a few hours last night. the game is addicting. If any one is unsure about getting this, I recommend it. great game. lots of fun

Wii Mii

Well I finally have the Wii., I must admit I got it for my girlfriend mainly, and also I wasn't really looking forward to the controls. but when we got it on launch day, I did not hesitate to set it up and then start messing around with it. the more i played it, the better i felt about. Kudos to nintendo for making yet another great gaming console. They have not dissapointed me in the many years of existence.

needless to say I am a firm fan on Nintendo Wii now. I grew to really enjoy it, so I bounce between my XBOX360 and Wii alot. Twilight Princess is a great game, yet another classic game series that releases new stuff and never dissapoints.

until next time

i got my 360!!!!!!!!!!

I just got my 360 last week. which figures cause I broke my wrist not that long ago and have to deal with the cast for a little longer, but I have mastered playing with my index finger as a steering finger on the left joystick. I have been playing COD2 and NFSMW religiously, I am not going for achievement points I am just out for fun right now. I am enjoying all the perks 360 has to offer. That is all for now.