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fave somg in each SSBB stage

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Battlefield:Battle feild

FD;Final destination.

DP:Defino Plaza

Luigi's mansion:LM theme

Mushroomy kingdom:Underground theme

MK Stage (forgot name):Walugi Pinball

Rumble falls:Bramable Blast

Bridge of eldin:OoT meledy

pirate ship:molgera battle

Norfair:Gs final boss

Frigate orpheon:Metada rildey

Yi:Yoshi's ilsand

Halbred:DDD theme

I'll finish it later

SSBB Mains

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Post your SSBB Main(s)






Back in black

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Hey guise im back lololololololololol

im not gonna be on much though.


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First of all this i not a joke blog.

Im leaving gs . everyone probably alredy knows why.

why does any body care what a review gets. Last time i checked this was GAMEspot.Not Well-fire you-if-you-give-a-bad-review-of-a-game-were-advertising-Spot.

Jeff was a great guy and shouln't have been leaving and going to Gfaqs so goodbye to everyone.

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