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As i see it, the whole mess is about some suits, not having a clue who and for what reasons is paying for this product, trying to change the formular.

The "unique selling point" of this product was it's personalities. If you strip those from the concept, you are left with nothing at all. Surely there a many left, but with this new harsh wind blowing, i'm not sure we will see much of the beloved "can of crazy" anymore.

My hope is, Jeff is starting his own Video-Blog. I would pay for it... maybe with rich and greg and carrie .. which i do miss alot also.

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Same here. I understand that by stopping beeing a paying member, i worsen the situation for the remaining people at GS, which i respekt and love, but to fire Jeff has to have serious consquences. The Internet is a business now, but the suits have to learn that things run differently now. Nobody cares about them getting rich, but don't even think of telling us what we want and need.

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... and just leave one cancelled thread open. People do this for a political reason, so grow a pair gamespot and face it.
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Well .. before the evil wizard came by and dropped a step between step one and step two, the old step two was for selecting the bandwidth.

Now that is the third step. So, again, what is the 2nd step for ... i'll stick to my evil wizard theory until someone prooves me wrong :)



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If you click the green "Download" button, it leads to another page that has a oragne "Download" button which brings you to the third and final page with the actual download button.

Is there any explanation why this second step is necessary ?