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I heard europe have had no problems at all

I think EA were saying that cos its not true at all. Europe got it pretty bad. Just went onto an Irish forum I found and lads there cant get on at all. I think i might just play a different city sim. I hear Sim City 4 is good. Tropico 4 is cheap on Steam at the moment too, anyone have anything good to say about that?
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Is the game in a playable state now? Im in Europe, Ireland specifically, and dont want to buy the game if its still a shambles. So whats the current state of it?

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The game was bloody awful. At no point did i feel like an assassin. I was just a grunt. Sent to do **** missions. Way too much eaves droppping and chase missions. Any time i had to assassinate someone it was impossible to do it without being seen and having to fight a load of enemies. And it was the same crap over and over. Couldnt have been more dissapointed in this game. 

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The Templars kind of win out though. Juno wants to enslave humanity. Stop the cycle of death and rebirth. If she succeeds she will have done what the Templars wanted. She hates humanity but she isnt gonna kill them off. Shes just gonna try and control them.

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Im on level 17. Ive just gotten to Tiny Tina but i still only have 3 weapon slots. Can anyone tell me when i get my 4th? Cheers

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Im Salvador. Ive put 4 points into the Rampage tree and 2 Brawn. But i cant access the tier 2 skills. So what do i have to do to ge taccess to the tier 2 skills?

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Im just wondering aside from MGS, FF and Ninja Gaiden(which i think will go multi platform) what other PS3 exclusives are comin?

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I can afford one but im not gonan buy one just cos its a PS. I want good games, which im gettin on the 360 i bought cos is was sick of waiting for the PS3. Things like Assassins Creed was meant to be PS exclusive but now it isnt and its a game i was hugely lookin forward to. GTA is another. im gonna get the PS cos i love both FF and DMC but im still incredibly pissed off with them.
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Teh PS3 is not sellign fast. its a fact. its easy to find. And for the people who said Sony understand Europe. by the looks of things Sony hates Europe, with a passion. We get huge delays as always, AND the worst part is we are paying more for a technically inferior machine. its an absolute joke. I was gonna get a PS on launch but not now. Im gonna wait till a great exclusive comes out, and judging by the list of games that isnt gonna be anytime soon. theyve lost several exclusives and the games list is anything but impressive at this stage. Im sick to death of Sony treating the European market like this. its ridiculous.