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New Theme

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Yahoo, a blog. Life's too dull to blog about, so I'll blog about, art. I started playing Mega Man Zero Collection after buying it two days ago, and now think the character Fefnir is icon/sig material. So, new theme is up (thanks to Mr_Jenkins/Jager), now that it's finished loading. Yay.

I think it's time for an explanation.

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All right, so I've only 11 people who track me. And of those, at least one is banned, and at least one more has left Gamespot, and is also myself. So, it's not likely anyone else will see this, but those who do are those I have this for anyway. Yes, I am mariostar. Yes, mariostar left. Yes, I'm still here. How's that work? Because I'm just here for an RPG, the SonicSpot one, and I just use this account to post in it because I really like my post count of 50,000 and final post ever, so yeah. Don't expect to see me anywhere else, because I won't be. Also don't expect to see my second alt around, because he got old anyway, too much work to pretend I was a totally different user.