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Mass Effect RP forum

Well, I did get Mass Effect for Christmas and I've already beat it twice (both renegade and paragon). The game is truly awesome and most definitely deserved Game of the Year (but what can you do?). Anyway, as I explored Mass Effect forums on the BioWare site I stumbled across this wonderful RP site that's a must see for ME fans. So check it out!

Damn...I Wish I Had The Cash.

So many great games are out this November yet I can only buy so few. Mass Effect I must own. I have become a full fledged fan ever since my fellow Star Wars fans directed me to it. I loved Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire and Mass Effect looks like another BioWare gem. Another game is Assassin's Creed. Several friends of mine own AC and claim it was an experince like none other. And if GameSpot's review is anything to go by, then it's a must have. Lastly, I'd like to get my dirty paws on Call of Duty 4. Finally a trademark WWII game franchise breaking their ways to make an awesome looking modern combat scenario. Now if only Medal of Honor can follow suite. Oh, my gamertag is a little outdated. I have well over 2000 points (closing in on 3000). My compy in my room is in for repairs so I'm off of XBL temporarily. Until next, may the Force be with you!!!

Massive Rehaul

I've added a lot more stuff to my GS account since abandoning it in '06 (specifically my wish list, collection and tracking). Oh and I'm just glad to be out of school. Only 2 more years! W00T Class of '09!

Yeah! It's here! Blood Money is finally here!

Sorry for the delayed blog but I've been busy playing Hitman: Blood Money and looking over my Star Wars board. This game is awesome. Simple as that. Want more details? Well, I'm going to write a review on here and GameFAQs (both for the Xbox version). Anyway, this game has left my wanting more Hitman, although the replayability has kept me satisfied, I want more! Now, is the wait for Hitman 5. Oh, one last thing, I'm making a fan-fic for Hitman. Someday, if I ever complete it, I'll post it here. Auf Widersehen!

Awaiting Hitman: Blood Money

This game will PWN all others. Even Splinter Cell 4. The new features are awesome. Check these sites for more info. and The Hitman series is one of the best games out there. It offers unique approaches to assassinating your target. And you get tons of weapons. Personal Favs: Custom Silenced Sniper Rifle and 47's famed .45 Silverballers. People not familiar to Hitman should try these games first: Hitman: Codename 47 for PC Hitman 2: Silent Assassain for PS2/Xbox/GameCube Hitman: Contracts for PS2/Xbox. Its a must have for stealth and/or shooter fans. Hitman: Blood Money out in May. Already have it reserved. Can't wait. In the mean time find me, the illustious bantha_fodder50 in the forums. Specifically in the Battlefront 2, Hitman Blood Money, and both KotOR boards. For GameFAQS members I'm frequently found in the Star Wars board/

My Star Wars video game idea.

I came up with this along time ago. I call it Star Wars: General Greivous. It would be a combination of Obi-Wan, Bounty Hunter, and Revenge of the Sith video game. Main character- General Grievous Timeline- Between Episode 1 and 2 as a Kaleesh. (Very begining of game) and between Episode 2 and 3 as the cyborg. Weapons- Blaster (unlimited ammo), 4 lightsabers (can switch between 2 and 4 sabers), and an electrostaff. You can also pick up majority of the weapons enemies drop. Main character background- Grievous is a Kaleesh warrior from Kalee that fought many wars against the rival tribe, the Huks. Grievous becomes a victorious war lord and starts to spark the atteneion of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), an organization of systems and senators that have seceeded from the Republic. San Hill, chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, visits Kalee to recruit the warlord. Grievous accepts, under the terms that Hill must pay of all the Kaleesh's debts to the Clan, and boards a shuttle to the awaiting CIS cruiser. A bomb planted in the shuttle explodes and the shuttle plumits to the uneven ground of Kalee. San Hill recovers the mangled body and transports it to Geonosis for Poggle the Lesser for "reconstruction". There suspended in a bacta tank on Geonosis, where Geonosians and the Banking Clans top technecians and scientists began preperation. Grievous was then turned in the cybotic form that was well known throughout the galaxy. Trained by Count Dooku in the Jedi arts he assigned the role of General of the Droid Army and sent on specific missions to assassinate Jedi. Where he built his collection of lightsabers. Missions and story line- Each mission is broken down in to several levels which contain savepoints. Opening cutscene starts with Star Wars crawl and pans down to Kaleesh and a Neimoidian shuttle on approach to the planet. It the show Hill disembark the shuttle and heads toward an enclosed balcony where he views a battle of Kaleesh and Huks through electobinoculars and spots Grievous. He sets the binoculars down and leaves the balcony smiling. It then shows the Kaleesh Battle Camp where Grievous is barking out orders then the Huks ambush them and a scene where Grievous kills several Huks in "unique" ways. It then shifts to the actual gameplay. In the begining of the game you take control of Grievous, but as a Kaleesh. You learn the basic controls and the set up of the HUD. You will also experince the combat system as Huks over run a Kaleesh Battle Camp. After fighting back the Huks you go to the Huk camp and ambush the Huks and kill one of their skilled warlords. A cutscene starts to Hill meeting Grievous, the deal, and the crash. Cutscene of Greivous in bacta tank fades out to FPS view of Grievous where he awakes to a smiling San Hill, a bug faced Poggle the Lesser, and a stern Count Dooku. After a somewhat brief talk you rise form the table and proceed to the hanger where Dooku corners him into a "pop quiz" of dueling. Here, you learn dueling, melee, and Close Quarters Fighting (CQC). I'll update this more but I do have most of the levels in the game: -Kalee (Kaleesh Battle Camp, Huk HQ) -Utupau (most likely last level) (Level 10, Hanger, City Streets, Secret Landing Pad) -Courscant (Streets, Senate quarters, Palpatine's Office, ?????) -????? (unknown) -????? (unknown) -????? (unknown) Opening Crawl (rough draft): It is a time of unrest in galaxy. Systems and senators are sperating from the Republic to join the Confederacy of Independent System, led by Count Dooku and the mysterious Darth Sidious. In order to defend the Confederacy, several organziations have combined their droid armies and other planetary armies. The Seperatists, in order to led their forces, send San Hill, chairmen of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, the Outer Rim world, Kalee, to recruit a fierce warlord, Grievous... Controls: ???? HUD: ???? I'll post updates when I get the chance.

Ugh. Boredom.

God, I am bored. I'm a huge Star Wars fan but there isn't a new SW game to play yet. I have a crap compy so I can rule out Galaxies or EaW. I have bascially every SW game for the consoles. Battlefront 3 is just speculation and KotOR III isn't coming out for a while. So my question is when/what/where will the next SW game for the consoles going to be???? I hate waiting. I have no patience either. Come on LucasArts start cranking out more games!!!!!