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Sorry to everyone that has been messaging me without avail, i have been very busy with school lately, and i'll try and get to all of them in a timely manor.


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Why does the popular logo thingy leave every now and then, is it depending on your mail in/ out or how many people look at your profile, what's up?

Friends on Gamespot

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Friends are a tremendous help, and those of you without friends i cannot stress enough to meet people on gamespot and make acquantainces based on anything.  I was asking around about how to get a good picture in my banner, and low an behold Itachi-uchi was the one that put my old banner out of it's misery, and i'm very grateful to him for this. 
Thank you Itachi-Uchi!

Wow it's so bad

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Wow look at my banner IT's SO BAD!
wow ha ha, it took me a couple minutes to make, and i have to admit, it's something, something else. Oh well, i'll have to fix it later..

Un found rules

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Recently i've had a new button appear on my profile (my moderation history), it's a button i didn't know existed nor did i believe would ever happen to me until today.  Now i'm not the rulebreaking type, i've had a clear record all throughout school, a goodytwoshoes boy.  And i did read (unlike others) the Terms of Service that Gamespot laid down for the forums.  But i guess i didn't expect them to be so strict on where you post what.  Now i didn't start system wars or anything, i merely posted an announcement in the wrong forum and i completely admit that i'm at fault here.  But instead of deleting my post, the modder could have. A. Posted it in the correct forum, or told me where to put my blog.  Or B pm'd me exactly what and why my post didn't belong where it did.  As it was i ended up pm'ing kittykat, who wasn't the one who moded it, and asked why.  Now i know and i'll never do it again.  But on the upside i now have one more button than most people out there on their profile page! ->

Chrome Hounds

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Maybe it's just me, but i've always wanted a mech game that you could play online exactly like chrome hounds, only, idk if i'll get it because when a game comes out that seems too good to be true, you'll wonder if you can do this and that, and then you can't and you end up dissappointed.  This could still be the game that gets me an x box,

No gaming- before ap tests

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I know there is a good reason to be studying for my ap tests, (what i should be doing now), and i should really be grateful that my ds got broken so now i'm not tempted to play it, and i should have an easier time concentrating on what i need to be doing.

MPH statistics

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MPH STATS for Jakuturo before they get erased on my game card.
365- biped kills
148- alt kills
Overall rank 9328
Games won 7
Games played 22
Disconnects 0
Win rate 32% (horrible)
Headshots (many)
shots fired 11843
Time played 1 hour
Sic Transit (arena)
Hunter: Spire (should be Sylux)
Weapon: Power Beam
Mode: Survival
I know these are pitiful, but i can't improve these anymore because i think they'll get erased when i get a new DS. But just for safe keeping here they are. I had a lot of fun playing everyone of my opponents.

People i (played) beat at mario kart

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Yes i know i'm kind of a nerd for keeping track, but here is a list of everyone i beat online in mariokart, some of them multiple times. (note: i took peoples names after i beat them at only one race, so they might have won overall, also disconnectors i took their names too, but honestly not too many of them) I have had so much fun playing these people online...they were really the most fun i've had in a long time! I would not count any of these opponents for granted as they were all really hard to beat.
1. el nino
2. nitz
3. silent
4. jam (gg)
5. David. R.
6. Shy king
7. Grumpy mu
8. Psycho
9. Brandon
10 Tayson
11. Jimbo+1
12. James 3
13. Spud
14. dav
15. juan
16. hiya hunny
17. Dark ninja
18. Dfx 3000
19. Polak 007
20. Shorty
21. Slaver
22. Ryan
23. Ash Mini
24. Joelseph
25. Steelers
26. Homerowed
27. Jesus freak
28. Mr. Krank
29. Sir Muter
30. Pc
31. Pk machine
32. Lucky
33. Ron jeremy
34. Enau
35. Toast
36. Mandy
37. Devon
38. Playtime
39. Neo Koto
40. Uto
41. Askicker
42. Chris
43. Tig925
44. Niko Lite
45. iktk
46. joseph
47. ashad
48. bigfoot269
49. Dr. Mario
50. Netty
51. Yoshi 90
52. Dominique
53. Sj
54. Qwerty
55. Maswindu
56. Libsters
57. merp
58. kaleki
59. riot
60. rafael
61. jujo
62. flail
63. Drugas
64. Up yours
65. Labr
66. Wolfman
67. mike

There's always room for more... and on a side note all of these have been exciting matches.
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