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This makes me mad !!!!!!!!!

In the summer of 2004 we got new carpet. after it was done and I moved back in my room, I could not find my gamecube memory card. On my mem card I had beat the games sonic heroes, ssbm, soul caliber 2, mario sunshine. had game data from starfox adv.,viewtiful joe. I'm getting a new one tommorow but i have to beat them over again.

a new dimention !!!!!!

if suddenly a dimentional rift broke and I got sucked in. after that i am in a different place and everyone either had powers or had a suit of armor. some guy asks me "do u want a power suit or a pill that will give u dbz powers." I say the power suit and then he gives me the suit and i get warped back to to my world and I still have my p suit on. It would be great if that happened 4 reel.