About baghdig

Baghdig has been a huge fan of video games since the age of 4 (Now 23). He has been fascinated to play in the multiple virtual reality worlds of video games and be able to perform actions that he won't be able to attempt in the real world (Sky diving from buildings GTA, be in a fantasy world,...)

Now he is a huge collector of video games and owns multiple game consoles. In the year of 2013, he has decided to collect vintage gaming systems that he was never able to procure as a child like the N64 and GBA SP.

Outside of Video Games, Baghdig still enjoys life behind the LED Screens by filming his Web-Show in Montreal, which is the new home-base for major video game companies.

You can follow Baghdig and his team on “ What’s Up Montreal?

PSN: Baghdig

3DS: 1650-1752-9803