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Replaying FInal Fantasy VIII

I'm about to embark on a 40+ hour mission on playing FF8, but not as you think. Since my PSOne is screwed up I'm using an emulator called ePSXe, which actually works, albeit the sound doesn't quite match up always.

Wish me luck



 Blog post number 99 woohoo! one more to go :D

I'm Leader??lmao

While I was away it seems like i've been made leader of some union i joined???????WTF

I'm gonna resign, but i'd like to know if any fool wants to take my place.

the union has been around for some time now with only 18 members and its still at level, since I havent been around for almost a year :P 

I'm Back

ya it's been a long long LONG time but Sam is back. probably won't be as active as i used to because my internet speed has been cut down due to unmentionable reasons  *ahem*

Going to France- wont be available

next week im going on a school trip to Paris. were spending half the time working with a school and seeing a presentation by Richard vaan de Lagemat (who is he?) and then the other half will be having fun sight-seeing and also disneyland! yay :D

this means that i wont be on GS :(
special note to rated123: i wont be able to help ou out with your new union all of next week because im in France but i will be sure to be in action as soon as i get back

ciao for now.

Holy Crap!

Just when i thought it was all over, i just found out that tomorrow is my english external examination which counts for 25% of my final grade!
the worst part is that its all about shakespeare and wordsworth :cry: this is gonna be so hard to revise overnight. :cry: :cry:
maybe im just worrying too much. oh well
the exam is at 11am so i have some time before that to prepare, we'll see how that goes.

Xbox and gamecube aficionado's?

i dont think i have ever seen anyone with an Xbox or gamecube aficionado emblem. i've only seen pc and ps2 ones.

this emblem is awarded for having loads of games for that particulat console. i think its weird IMO