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I miss.............

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talking to my friends,hopefully I can reconnect w/you guys & gals soon.:cry:


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Wow!Gamespot is really evolving.I don't have time to log on as much as I would like to,but seeing all the new features is great.

3 jobs........

by on
Can you believe that I'm currently working 3 jobs right now:evil:!!!!!!!!!This is insane:!:I've been doing this for 3weeks & I sleep 3hrs. a day.I don't know how much longer I can hang on...........:x

I just don't get it.

by on
I still can't figure out how 2 fix up my sig.I need" HOOKED ON PHONICS".


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Dang!I'm soo busy,I can't even catch up.I don't know how anybody finds the time.:lol:

I need 90 more..........

by on
I need 90 more post 2 get a banner on my sig.,I can't wait my sig is currently wack!!!

Did I miss anything?

by on
Sorry I was very busy 4 the last 2weeks working on my house with my Dad:lol:.I hope I didn't miss much.
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