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Awesome....simply awesome :)

Hello to everyone that I know on G/S :D

It is such a long time since I've posted a blog on here but you can blame pressure of work and Facebook. Hopefully I can manage to spend some time on my Unions now but if I feel that I'm failing I've decided to find new Leaders for both of them. I have been away for so long and it's odd but I don't seem to have missed much. All of the Unions are pretty quiet and G/S is the same as it ever was.

Beth has made me a new avatar and a new banner. For those of you who aren't familiar with the subjects I'll just say "Twilight". Yes I'm hooked on a teenage girls fantasy and I don't really care. Everyone is entitled to dream......and it keeps me sane :roll:8).

Not a lot has happened in my life since my last blog. Except that Beth finally settled into Uni life and did incredibly well in her 1st year. Mike has become a PS3 trophy addict and is driving me insane looking for games on Ebay with trophies. I read somewhere that all PS3 games that have come out this year will have trophies...he even played my Harry Potter and the HBP to get a trophy lol.

I hope that all of my friends on G/S are keeping well and are not suffering too much from "The Credit Crunch".

By the way I really should change my name to Babsthesuzuki because I've changed my car. I miss my little Yaris but I couldn't go on any longer without air's not a luxury's a necessity!!!!


Settling In.

I must say a big sorry to my Unions and friends for going AWOL but believe me I simply haven't had time to get onto GS lately.

Bethan started Uni on Sunday and I've been so busy getting her sorted that I'm sure I must look like a headless chicken at times. Apart from her not being able to hook up to the Uni internet at the moment she is slowly settling in.

It will most likely take another week or two before I can get back on here properly but patience my friends...I will return.


It would seem that I have a little problem!!!

For the 2nd evening running I haven't been able to log into GS. Every time that I try I get a big white page with list upon list of headings.

I have tried everything that I can think of but after about 7pm I just can't sign in. This is really driving me mad because I have more free time after 7pm and GS is one of my favourite ways of relaxing.

However I have a plan....I am going to lock my husband in the garage 8) and try his pc..... just in case the faults lies with my laptop. So please dear friends try to ignore the loud yells and banging in the background. It is nothing of any importance :twisted:


You lucky people, this is a first on GS, 2 blogs in one day!!!

I was out shopping on Friday and I noticed that the new PS3 80GB is out in the local game shops. It is priced at £299 at the moment. The question is...should I?? or would it be better to wait until Christmas to see if it has any technical problems.

Is it just me??

Every year at this time I get fed up of GS. Why I always ask myself.

It is most probably because it is the 6 week summer holiday from school. Every time I try to post on GS up goes the cry "Mam, where is my....??" "Mam can I go to my mate's house?" "Mam what is for lunch?" "Mam can you give me a lift to work?" "Mam, can you get my new school uniform ready?"

I know that I should be thrilled at being needed so much, but by the time I get any time to myself I find that I haven't got the necessary enthusiasm to post on GS.

I can't be bothered to catch up on previous threads and posts. Hang on though....there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mike goes back to school next week and Beth is off to Uni a couple of weeks after that. So by the end of September I should be my old self again on GS.

So be patient guys I will return to full strength.

Pretty Good For A First Attempt.

This is my new banner. It is my daughter Beth's first attempt at designing one for me. I think that she has done a great job. She has got together four of my favourite actors. Just looking at them makes my toes tingle lol. Ever since she joined The Signature and Tag Making Team she has improved so much. Beth has been practicing her art work on the pc for a few weeks now and when she has got enough pictures I'm going to suggest that she makes her own gallery.

What can I say!!

I've just finished watching the E3 Trailer for FFX111 and the question is - should I jump in my car, drive to the nearest seller of games & consoles and buy an Xbox360??.

I have never seen such fantastic graphics, they were awesome. My only worry is .....apart from the fact that my husband might sue for divorce citing games will I be able to stomach the blood etc if one of the characters is killed?. Everything looks so realistic and the characters are so beautiful, the scenery is mind blowing and the space fighters are so.....I'm lost for words. I have never been a fan of "shoot 'em up" games. Perhaps I will give a lot more thought to this decision before I make any moves.

One week on.....there is a big void.

Well it's been one week since Dr Who Series 4 ended. One long week. I really miss it and can't wait for the Christmas special.

I will admit that when I heard that Catherine Tate was going to be the Doc's new sidekick I was horrified. I have never liked her, her brand of comedy just doesn't make me laugh. At first I thought oh dear ...she is awful, but as each episode unfolded I got hooked. She was brilliant as Donna. I even shed a tear for her at the end.She won't even have her memories left to keep her company.

Russell.T.Davies is a very gifted man. He and J.K.Rowling are what Britain is all about. And Russell is Welsh to boot...Da Iawn Boyo :)

Small Print - Part 3.

I give up!!! I've text but get no answer and I've emailed their support website but the message won't go just doesn't get delivered for some reason.

I've come to the conclusion that once you've signed up there is no way of unsubscribing. I'm not saying that this company is crooked (cos I don't want to get sued) but it certainly isn't approachable.

I'm going to get a new sim card and surrender to my fate. I've got another £18 credit but if it can't be transfered I'll let it go. I'd rather let it go unused than let have any more of my hard earned cash.

I could scream with frustration and annoyance, but I'm going to stay calm....argh!!!!!

Small Print - Part 2.

Well I've text and emailed the company concerned but with no results!! They give an email address where I can unsubscribe but my emails don't seem to be reaching them. They haven't answered my texts either.

If nothing is sorted out in the next few days I think that I'll have to get a new sim card and destroy my old one. Otherwise they will take the rest of my credit from me.

I'd rather lose my credit than let them have it.

There must be a solution because I can't be the first person to find themselves in this mess.