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I Came, I Saw, I Corrupted

Well in case you weren't aware I got Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Wii. This has been one of the best games I have played. The gameplay is awesome, controls are so good that its very hard to go back to dual analog. I found the controls we're pretty much on par with PC controls for shooters since you can be so percise. The game was quite astonishing, even tho the Wii is not a power house the graphics we're damn good, best looking Wii game yet, amazing art.

So today after clocking in 15 hours I finished Metroid Prime 3. It got quite intense near the end (not going to spoil) but it was very good (tho the ending perhaps could be been done a little better since this closes the Metroid Prime trilogy, never the less it was still good).

If you have a Wii I highly recommend you get this ASAP. If you dont then this is a game that you should get a Wii for.

Feel The Corruption

No I havent started playing Chaos, Im talking about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!

Picked up the game on launch yesterday and have been playing it non-stop (well, while not working) and gotta say from just the little bit I've played, Im very impressed. This is a game any hardcore Wii owner should....no...MUST own!

Im only a few % in and Im enjoying it, alot of mind scratching problems but you'll figure them out over time lol. This will keep me very busy till the Halo 3 launch, but Ill be putting alot of time into MP3, would like to do a review too.

In spirit of Metroid I made my gamespace a Metroid theme, enjoy!

OK! You Got Me...

Today......... I made the plunge, I bought a Onyx DS Lite. I got really ticked of trying to play my GBA games on my GBA which btw is the original one with no backlight and is nearly impossible to play on it.

So I went to go see what prices we're for GBA's, eb had a deal where there was GB micros for $29 but they no longer did that deal nor does nintendo make the micro anymore, the GBA SP is $90 so for the $50 difference why not get the DS instead of a 2nd GBA, so I did. Cost me $140 with my discount and sale price so im happy. I love my PSP so dont think Im going to neglict it at all, far from it.

Nintendo.....you win again! DAMN YOU!

Tis A Good Day

Today was the day of 3 good things:

1. The MWU turns 2 years old

-Today is the 2nd anniversary of the union, im going to explain the whole thing but check out the front page of the MWU for the whole scoop.

2. Podcast turned out good!

-Alright so the other day we did episode 24 of The Drop Pod Cast and ended up turning to a steaming pile of turd since the program we used crapped out on us and ruined the episode towards the end. So today we re-did the episode and so far not a single problem since we're using a new program. The episode finally stays in sync and I no longer have mic issues that plagued the show before. I should have it out tonight if not tomorrow morning.

3. Announcement of a new game

-Today our development studio, Nexus Studios, announced today our first title in development. We announced Warmonger (working title) a epic story driven 3d person shooter for homebrew enabled PSP's. I let you guys check out our site for more info:

Nexus Studios.

More Than Meets The Eye

Again with the late blog updates, been busy with work around here so I finally now have the chance to give ya guys the update.

To start off I picked up and beat Gears of War for 360, fantastic game but short. The same day I also picked up Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition which Im still currently playing, as someone who really missed out on the game before, I am shocked that I never bought this before, such a great game and can get spooky sometimes. Yesterday I picked me up a copy of Rainbow Six Vegas for 360, now Im officially a good 360 owner since I now own the manditory games :lol:

Ive been working alot but for good cause since I was lucky enough to have a few days off which just happens to land right on E3, w00t for good planning! So yeh next week is E3, definatly looking forward to it tho mainly the live press conferences.

Speaking about games, time to tease a bit more about the one Im working on, we're still in pre-production, right now its concepting and demoing. I may have gave a sneak peek of our main character to some of you guys before but that is now obsolete, since I completely redid it and now looks a 100% better. We will be making an announcment soon, as well as some art of the game on the website. As for actual screens, you will probably have to wait a little bit for those.

Last night I saw Transformers, tho Im a big Transformers fan, I grew up with this but Im not going to nit pick about it but it was an excellent movie and im taking it for what it is. If you havent seen it I highly recommend it. Next on the list is Die Hard.

Last thing I wanted to say real quick is that we're sorry for the late podcast, we're doing an extra long episode tomorrow, episode 22-23 to be exact, just to make up. Its just the damn scheduling problems that we keep having.

I cannot think of a blog entry title, so I typed this instead.

Alright so here I am once again with a new blog update which I havent had a chance to put up sooner. So heres the latest updates since my last blog post:

Work - yes, been working alot, since we're short handed Im getting alot of shifts and with that some juicy pays ;)

Step 1 of my dream - So I have finally started a development team, a few people from my clan and myself have formed Nexus Studios, a dev team for making games. We're working on our first project which will be a fully 3D PSP homebrew title, which we will release more details soon.

Going 360 - So with my good pays I have been getting I picked up the Xbox 360 premium bundle with Froza 2, I must say Im very happy with the system.

Long Needed Update

Alright to start off, heres a video blog I made to basically cover the aftermath of Games Day with my miniature and swag:



Secondly just to update with my new signature I made:

The image consisted of a Dark Angel which I re-mastered to make him a Blood Angel and the face of the main character of too human which I really liked because it gave him the look of a librarian, glowing energy and psychic powers. Decided to add some arches with scribings and images of imperial nature.

Until next time, always let to Wookie win. 

Games Day!

Today was Games Day, and what a day! This has been an amazing Games Day, tonnes of great stuff and lots to see and do. I had the chance to meet up with some union members there and had the honor of actually meeting some fans of the podcast.

I entered in my Golden Demon entry (battle scene) but didnt make it :(, when I talked to the jugdes when I was picking up my model I was actually going to make it all the way, the only thing that kept me back was some of the very very minor paint bleeding onto the display base (was a base I made before and was glued down so I had to tape it up and paint it). If that wasnt there and possibly didnt rush the base, which btw I finished last night at 12, then I would of made it to the winners (most likely Bronze demon). All and all it was a great experience and least I got to enter for the hell of it.

I also had the great oppertunity of playing Warhammer Online! Got to play some PvE and RvR which Ill be posting impressions soon on the union. All I can say so far is fantastic!

Got some gaming in, not too much since I didnt have time. There was just soo much to do and see, Ill be making a Games Day thread this Sunday covering EVERYTHING! I took lots of photos :D

I enjoyed all of it, now I know how to properly prepare next year, perhaps bring a army to duke it out.

It Is Time!

Alright, im finally finished, everything is 100% complete, the only problem is tha due to time constraints I could not finish the Ork, tho there is 1 on the base (dead) I do not have enough time to do it, so it might change the catagory from "Battle Scene" to "Open" because of that.

I will be taking pics of it tomorrow when I get back, a whole lotta crazy sh!t happened which ill explain later.