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    Will Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth be too hardcore sci-fi?

    Too be honest I'm not a huge hardcore Sci-Fi fan, meaning that i like when there´s a little bit of Sci-Fi like, The Matrix, Inception, Aliens 1-4, Fifth Element and many more. What i understood from t...

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    I'm tired of GTA online - are you?

    Now a lot of people will disagree but try to read this with open eyes..or eye..if you got one eye. Anyway. GtaO ( Grand theft auto Online) as been the same thing since it came out ( now you have a car...

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    Games you should play right now - Xbox 360

    Far Cry 3Story : You play as Jason Brody and his friends having a blast in the tropical island between pacific ocean and Indian ocean little did you know that island is run by pirates. You mange to es...