Rockman Exe. One Step Closer

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My third AMV, I finally got around to finishing it:) Don't ask about my second one:P

I worked really hard on it, though it's not that good. I used Windows Movie Maker for most of it, but I decided to try a Free Trial of Sony Vegas, it's pretty easy to tell where.

Song: One Step Closer
Artist: Linkin Park
AMV Creator: AXMAN11224
Anime: Rockman (Megaman) Exe.


Watch It On Youtube (Decent Quality)

Watch It On VidiLife (Decent Quality)

Watch It On GamesSpot  (Not Recommended, Music Is Not Synced With Clips For Some Reason)

Download It On Rapid Share (Pretty Good Quality)

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it! Please rate and comment and tell me the Pros of the vid (good things) and Cons (negatives, things that can be improved):)

Now I'll be able to start another AMV and work on Juliaryders also:D

I Haven't Been On For 3 Weeks

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I know, but Christmas break gave me time to do things I haven't done in a while. And Twilight Princess is also very addicting. Plus, I've had a lot of work to do after the vacation and I still have some left. But in two weeks, this semester will be over and I'll use some of the time in that one week vacation to post here;)

Christmas Break!

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You guys know the feeling, it's last period, you and your friends are talking about how, just in a matter of moments, we'll be free, for at least a week. Well, it's finally here, and it's an awesome feeling! I just want to take a moment here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year. Have a great week guys!

Nintendo Haters, Eat Your Hearts Out

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I picked up a copy of Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess (GC) yesterday, and after playing it, I was speechless. I'm already 10 hours in and I only beat the first boss and I know many bosses, and many hours await since I'm still next to the first village. The graphics are simply beautiful, and you can tell Nintendo wasn't lazy. Being a wolf, I actually had doubts about it, but now I realized it's just as fun as being human! The gameplay is sharp and killing enemies is so satisfying. The story unfolds very slowly but that's what I love about it. It's very interesting. Twilight Princess may be the best game I've played so far!

Sorry Guys.....

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For my inactivity for these past two months. My schedule hasn't been giving me much time since I usually get home at 6:00 P.M. I'll try to be more active and post in your unions as well as my own. Once again, I'm very sorry.

Well Guys, Schools Almost Here......

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For some, it's already started. On Friday, I got to go to an orientation since I'm starting High School and school starts on September 5th. Meh, another summer gone, and now another year, well, I guess we'll all have to deal with it like we do every year.....
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