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The Final Countdown...

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Hello GameSpot Friends,

It is with mixed emotions I write to you one more time from this side of the machine. What I want to say is that is has been a great pleasure to serve you and help build GameSpot, where you come every day to be a part of gamer culture.

After today, I will no longer be a GameSpot developer, but will continue to be a GameSpot user. I have met many, many awesome people here and made connections both online and off and that I highly value. Thank you so much for making my time working here a fantastic chapter in my life.

So now it is time to move on, but we can still be friends?

{YouTube link, just in case the embed doesn't work ;-) =>}

Take care and talk to you soon!


Legend of Equip > Pants

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Legend of Equip > Pants

Legend of Equip > Pants is a new short in Web-browser playable adventure/RPG game developed by Zachary Johnson and music done by Christopher Winter just released on teh Internets this November 1st.

I've only just begun exploring the game, and it is already clear this is a great effort by Zach to use the latest Web technologies to bring a super fun game experience to your browser. In fact, the combination of Zelda-esque look and Winter's spooky theme sounds already have me hooked and I'll probably spend my Friday night searching for my underwear.

As soon as it is ready, will try to post a quick video screen capture of the opening scene so you can see what its like. Or, just go right for the jugular and play it. Meanwhile, here is a regular ol' screen capture:

Your first hint: jack'o lanterns ain't punkins. xD

Kick Ass!

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Kick Ass!

Turn any Web site into a game! This is great for letting out your frustration for, killing some boredom, or simply trying to best your own high score. XD


To install this neato little scriptlet, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar in your favorite Web browser

Every Day is Halloween

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Everybody has been talking about Halloween lately, like Oct 1 rolled around and everybody turned into a pumpkin. Inspired by @turtlethetaffer's weekly Halloween themed blog post - here are some awesome 80's spooky sounds by Ministry:

Sorry there is not actually a video to go with it, so you will have to just nod your head, sway back and forth, or just play Resident Evil on mute in the dark whilst listening.

MariO Portals Test on YouTube

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I just heard about this - where else but on Fuse via @MarcoM?!?


Granted, I was expecting more 3D portal action but this still looks like a cool game mashup concept. Props to the Stab Yourself duo for devving this up!

This Is Just A Test

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Trying to discover a little bit about why GS videos don't correctly embed directly in Fuse. So, here is a bbcode embed in my blog: