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The Conduit Review

This is a review on The Conduit for wii. The Conduit is a fps for the wii. There really isn't anything that sets it apart from other shooters. This game is extremely fun though.There is a variety of weapons expanding from basic human weapons, futuristic weapons, and alien weaponry. In total though, there is only about 12 different weapons in the game, 15 if you count the hidden weapons in the single player campaign. The game can be adjusted on multiple difficulty levels.The hardest one is grueling and fun. I like the story.However, just because i like doesn't me it's the best story. The story is about a several attacks on Washington dc,an infection going around,an alien race coming to takeover, and a attempt on the presidents life that fails because of the main character. The main character is named Michael Ford and now is involved in finding out to what is happening. The story is linear but i think your enjoy it. The game is fun but some may think it is repetitive. The game is fun yes, but you can't customize your character i single player or multiplayer like other shooters.Multiplayer is fun and during matches since you can't customize your character except for look, you vote on different weaponsets before matches. it mixes things up and is fun. I give the game 7.5 out of ten.

Devil May Cry

Hey, this is a shout out to any devil may cry and bayonetta fans. I was wondering if any off you thought bayonetta would have a sequel and if devil may cry 5 would be good.