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I'm back...

I don't know why I left for so long! For the last few weeks, I've been getting back into Gamespot, and I don't plan to leave again. Anyway, just throwing that out there.

New Machine

You may notice my avatar, the popular icon that Mac computers have been uisng for years? Why would I be using this now? Well, I recently got a new laptop to replace my old failing Dell, a brand new MacBook Pro, which happens to be my first ever Mac. I chose this machine because it was powerful, I loved all my other Apple products, and an Apple store was built a while ago near us that I could go check out the products at. Also, with Boot Camp, I can have a Windows install on my Mac, which defeats the "Macs can't run anything" argument. Unfortunately, a few days after this purchase, Apple at the WWDC, replaced my model with a new one. :( Thankfully, the Apple Store kindly agreed to exchange mine for a new one. :)

Here is a picture of my desktop:

I love the Mac OS. It's a simple switch from Windows and you get used to it in literally less than an hour. Everything is so streamlined and you can run multiple things at once. (For example, there is no maximize function on Mac OS X. However, this doesn't matter because you'll soon realize why this isn't there.) I've never had one lock up in Mac OS. Plus, if I ever need a Windows application, I can reboot and a copy of Vista is ready for me to boot into.

Just thought I'd share this with everyone so if you're considering a Mac, get one. I could go on and on about how great they are.

(One more thing, the multitouch gestures are great. Wanna scroll down? Just put two fingers on the trackpad and scroll.)