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It seems like I can't do that anymore. I switched to controlling Aiden before Jodie got attacked by the entities, and I can't get back control of Jodie. Thanks for the replies.

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This is the part I'm at. I tried hitting the triangle button, but I can't get back in control of Jodie.

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I'm stuck at the Condenser Chapter on the part where I need to go to the other shut down control. I opened the door then used Aiden to scout ahead, but I can't get back to controlling Jodie. Is there anyway to get back control of jodie? If not, does anyone have a save file around that chapter? Thanks.

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I just got the quick travel spell so I went back to to Castaway Cove, but Horace is not there anymore. Am I f'd?

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I missed the Horace spell at Castaway Cove and Fairygrounds, is it still possible to get the thunder spell at Hamelin?

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Actually, I feel this game is too grindy. I have to grind very early in game, and now I need to grind again to fight the boss at Hamelin. Even for JRPG this seems too grindy. 

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I definitely agree with the op on this, this is a linear shooter with frustrating puzzles, mediocre gameplay and not that many interesting characters. But I guess we're judging it by current standards, that's why it seems to suck. Games have come a long way in these 7 years.