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PS3 Pre-Order

I have just paid 100 GBP to secure myself a Playstation 3 on launch, which is 23rd March. I can't wait, and am going to buy Elder Scrolls Oblivion, F.E.A.R, Resistance Fall Of Man and prob Def Jam Icon


Last PS2 games to buy...

Kind of sad but happy, but I only plan to buy a few more ps2 games now. Then I will save up like a dog and buy a stupidly priced ps2 bundle just after launch.

The last games im going to buy are:

  • MGS3-the new one
  • The new MK
  • Devil May Cry 3-SE
  • That new dragonballz game
  • and not guitar hero2 cos i can play the guitar for real so there...

Should i get a xbox 360?

i was waiting for the ps3 but the 360 looks so cool and i wanna play prey, dead rising and oblivion! Oh yeah street fighter as well, i may spend a lot of money or i may not....

ps3 or 360!!!

Is this india?

i dont know but the amount of power cuts we have been having may suggest that it is. I played no ps2, i had to play a bit of new super mario bros.

By the way

By the way dont :Pbe fooled by the running mario gif, i am not a "Fanboy" of any company, but im not that fond of Microsoft, oh **** i have most likley made some u angry by saying that, )))))sorry)))):P

Short but frank

OK so the summers holidays have come and to be honest they pretty much suck. I havem't got anything to do and so, well, oh forget it...

I am going to just hit the keyboard randomly in anger, lkdfjsfsjiporgreg  erv bjrtjg eigueifo urfkrf,rnkkjgkpdof ig nisepjtlgj

Thanks guys i needed that...

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