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Graduation /beating CASTLE CRASHERS

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Last week I finaly graduated from highschool without have to go back for extra years or being a AKA 'sooper senior'.

We had a graduation party and all my freinds and family came including my best freind brandon . he gave me 40 bucks and Lollypop Chainsaw for the ps3! Its a awsome game but wait to buy it until its gone down in price

Yesterday night my freind brando came over agian and we hung out played some castlecrashers and beat the game before he had to leave for his job at the public library . The ending left him speachless and smileing with a "Duh Fuk did I Just watch " face XD

I will keep you updated on my life aslong as you keep following me

N64 kicks ass once again

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me and a bunch of kids are in a social club after school on wendsdays

some of the kids are a tad ... awkward but that all changed when i brought my N64

we have a flatscreen from 2004 there and a wii so i asked if i could bring my N64

the lady who runs the group said yes so the next time i came i brought it and we all had a blast playing it

this weekend i got Vigilante 8 second offence from Game Craze and mario cart, mario 64 and smash bros from my Girlfreind Lindsey (she had spare copies of all 3 ) so this wendsday me and my 64 bit buddy will be rocking the basment of the preschool i work at (also were the group is held)

im still alive

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sorry i havent posted in a while i havent been on the site for a long while so i will be reviewing a couple more games

Golden sun= super fun!

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I absolutely love golden sun! maybe becase of the over the top visualy delighting magic attacks and diijin attacks. or could it be the fun puzzles or the sweet music

the only thing wrong is the main charecter you get to name can only be a 5 charecters long so ausgamer is ausgr .the g stands for game

I perfer playing this master piece on my gba rather than lunar legend any day!!!

ps: sorry lunar legend before golden sun we had some fun times and you were my first gba rpg other than pokemon but your music was bland and so was your story so ..yeah

happy 25 birthday NES

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i bet thats 25 million years in console dog years LOL

I just picked up the new nintendo power nes aniversery issue and i couldent be happier


my progress in wind waker is now at placing the final pearlin the final triangle island shrine

Im replaying a game

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its the legend of zelda windwaker!!!

its a old game i just found and to my suprise my old file on my memory card was deleted :( oh well im starting a new one

I love armored core

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I love it because it alows me to play out my transformer fantasies and stuff in a game not about transformers... im getting the 3rd this friday soooo... which autobot or decepticon should i model my AC after and which generation if you know

Dead Frontier 3D

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its the 3d version of the bare bones 2d zombie survival 3rd person overhead shooter and its coming soon (ETA late july)