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What i'm playing right now.

Just decided to give you guys the low down on what im playing despite what my list thingy says...

1.) Halo 2 - Its hard to put this game down when all of your friends are always on ans always bugging me to play it some more. I'm playing a little more of the SP, finding it better each time i play it. While it still isen't as good as Halo: CE becuase of a few bad levels...namely the first and second arbitar missions just suck. Other then that its pure gold. I've realised that i'm a god with the sniper rifle. ^__^ If you want to play sometime just send me an invite...GT - Auldie.

2.) Paper Mario 2 - This game is just soo fun. I must have played about 10 hours this past weekened alone on this game. Everything about the game is brilliant. The new uses of the paper abilities just kick so much ass and open up a ton of new areas to explore. That being said there are a few complaints i have against the game. One being that there is far too much backtracking. It realies way too much on it and its very annoying. Also the dialogue sequences tend to carry on too long and seem over-done and boring in some caes. But i'll neverforget the first time i opened up the black chest, i literally laughed for an hour straight.

3.) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - This game is wicked. Im only about 4 or so hours in but it kicks major ass. So far im loving the story and since i never got to play the orignal game back on the ps1 this game just owns. I think its a tad under-rated here at gamespot but none the less its a must buy for sure.

4.) RE4/MP - I beat RE4 and now im playing it through a second time. Hands down one the best games this generation. Everything about this game is pure gold, from the graphics to the sound and voice work, it just works soo perfect with everything in the game.

As for MP, i bought the MP bundle about 3 weeks ago and havent really touched it that much. Im only about an hour in and im not bored or anything....theres just something holding me back. I know tons of people say its great and it is, i just cant get into it right now. I hope to play it more this coming weekend.

BTW - I would be playing World of Warcraft all day but i have no money and therefor i cant buy a gamecard to play some my account in currently frozen. :cry:

You have to respect Gamespot for how dedicated they are to games.

So today I was going to try and do another review to possibly up my user trusts and get a new badge. I know its the best motivation but really, not much else to go for. So try and write the review but nothing comes, i mean after one paragraph I was bored and wanted to go back to playing PM2. That got me thinking about how dedicated Gamespot is to reviewing games. I mean like look at Greg, he reviews the biggest games out there for consoles. He has to write a fair amount of quality, 2-5 page reviews about once every 2 weeks. That's just insane dedication. His reviews are always the best and most detailed out of anyone's i know. He never rambles on or makes lame jokes like IGN does.

You may be wondering where im going with this....I just basically want to say how much i respect Greg and the Gamespot crew for what they do. Games are one of my two main passions and I can easily see myself making/coding games when im older. But what Greg and the Gamespot guys do is just crazy. The amount of games they have to play, let alone beat is huge, and then they have to put out a quality review more then twice a week in heated gaming weeks. Take this E3 for instance. Gamespot will send there guys down there and they'll be busy the whole time. They wont get to hang out and just walk around...they'll be running around, writing stuff on games, posting it on the site, doing interviews, watching videos, playing games, just a lot of stuff to do in 3 days, and that is true dedication. Then they get 2 days off and go right back to playing games.

I know I've bashed Gamepsot for some of there reviews and stuff like that, but really, they are the best site on the web and they best overall place for gaming related stuff. Sure we all wont agree with what they score a game, but the fact that there reviewing it to the best of there abilities is what really counts.

My most anticipatd games of 2005.

Well since 2005 has just started, what better time to do a list like this. I'll be doing my top 5 most anticipated games of 2005. Here we go!

5.) Call of Duty 2 - Although most Pc gamers are drueling over BF2, this game, which has been rummored to been in the makings for awhile now and now it seems to true. Just think about it, reports have suggested that its using the source engine or possibly the Doom 3 enigne. That would dwarf any other shooter out there. Not too mention it'll be in a new ear. Possibly present things for sure, its going to own.

4.) Mario 128 - Whether or not this game comes out this year is one thing, but we all know that with Miyamoto making it, it will be amazing. This will be the true sequel to the possible the greatest platformer ever made. Although there has been almost no media and info on it, we do know that it is being made and is being released this year. That doesnt change the fact that the series that got Nintendo started will have a brand new game out by years end, and I for one, am pumped beyond beleif.

3.) Dark Cloud 3 - Whether or not it comes to the ps2 or not or it stays with the psp is still up in the air. But right now this is easily my most wanted RPG. For me, DC2 was my fave RPG this generation and quite possibly my faveorite game of all time. I wouold be happier if it was coming to the ps2, but just think about it, DC3 on thr psp, no doubt it will be the greatest RPG ever made for a handheld, E3 cant come soon enough!

2.) Age of Empires 3 - This game, is easily my most anticipated Pc game. Im a huge fanatic of AoE2 and this game looks unreal. Its set it in a new time period which should bring alot of new units and areas to explore. Its got a brend new graphic engine anf for the first time ever in an RTS game, it has a real physics engine. So when you hit a person with a cannon he'll go flying and crash into building. Put it simply, this game will make every other RTS game obsolete.

1.) Legend of Zelda: *insert name here* - Come on, a new Zelda game is a like a blessing from god. Not too mention this is being billed as the sequel to one of the greatest games ever made, OoT. Just looking at the 1 video and handful of pictures have made people cry. Just think about it... free open worlds, unheard of console graphics, attacking enemies on horses and a ton of unannounced features that are sure to blow people away. This will be the best game of 2005 if not the best game ever.


Some honorable mentions are .....

- FF12... Game looks really good, all new direction for the seires and i love the art style.
- F.E.A.R.... Game looks UNREAL, the slo mo moves and wicked story make this game a sure fire hit.
- Jade Empire.... From the guys who made KOTOR, need i say more.
- The psp.... I know this isent a game but come on, this is going to change the way we play handhelds.

Thanks for whoever read that, im going to try and update my journal regularly, key word TRY.