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Lately going on PS4 has been a hassle. Logging in fine, then 10 seconds later receiving a message that Sony Entertainment Network is undergoing maintenance. It's a good time to play campaigns, but bad if you had plans with a friend to go on at a certain time, in this case, the time SEN is down. Will this be resolved in a few days? I know, it's the 26th, one day after Christmas, but I received this message multiple times today. Currently, as I am posting this (5:20pm EST) SEN is down, or is it? I'd like to hear your thoughts, thanks, AtomIron.

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Gamespot: AtomIron PSN: Brendan99050

Looking for a few people to play on COD: Ghosts as well as some Battlefield 4 buds.

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Here is a promotion video for a DarkRP server that I am admin on. We just added this! Please if you have the time, let me know how I am at editing. This isn't my full ability of work... I'm not going to say any more about the server because I don't want to consider it spam. If you would like to join, you can PM me. Otherwise, that's all! Thank you for your time.