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Interning with Gamespot UK

It's been a very quick 2 weeks, but my internship with Gamespot UK is slowly coming to an end. It's been a great insight on how Gamespot UK runs as a whole as well as seeing how professional games journalists work. It's very different compared to my freelance experience and I honestly believe I'd much rather be working like this. Freelance is very up and down and there is so much competition, so I would much rather work for a publication like this.

So what have I been up to? Well apart from appearing on the last 2 Gamespot UK podcasts, I've also worked on a Splinter Cell: Conviction video feature, a hands-on preview of the game, capturing footage for several games and a short news post about SingStar. I've been capturing lots of footage of games too and generally doing bits and bobs around the office. The majority of these things will go live tonight or tomorrow, I'll make sure to link it up when they do!

I really enjoyed podcasting again, especially with the better equipment. I used to podcast over at for 2 years and being here has reminded me that I miss it so much. Ideally, I'd like to save up for a decent microphone and some other goodies.

The most challenging thing was probably learning Gamespot's style. Guy Cocker was very specific with his edits and it was great to actually have someone sit down and run through them. It's not very often you'll see an editor run through the editing process with you when you work freelance, so it was a nice experience.

Hopefully I'll be back in the summer to intern for a bit longer. I'm heading back to university on Monday, so I couldn't stay as long as I would have liked. While I'm gone you can catch me on or on twitter @atheistum.

Silicon Valley: Breasts in video games

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Heavy Rain Breasts

Last night I was thinking about breasts. I was thinking how breasts in games never look that great in motion. For example, the pair in the banner are pretty nice to look at but as soon as I see them static as she moves around and dances, I kind of get really put off. Either the jiggle is so minimal that I've hardly noticed or the animators didn't want to bother popping any jiggle in. They look so solid and uninviting. Nothing about that screams out sexy or realistic to me and to watch them remain motionless makes me cringe a little.

I recently picked up The Saboteur and turned off the nippletasselsto check out the digital flesh on offer. While male friends claimed they were good video game breasts, I could only sit and feel pretty unsatisfied with the result. The jiggle (if any) was off and the pink of the areola was pretty extreme in comparison to the bronze of their body. The nipples freaked me out so much I popped those tassels back on within 20 minutes.

I have no issue with seeing breasts in games. I'd rather they have a purpose for the nudity but I learned from a young age that games are generally marketed towards young men and what do young men want? Boobs! This isn't a rant against breasts in games though, I've gotten pretty used to seeing over sized balloons, poking out of tight costumes. I even fell in love with Lara Croft, who is well known for her pointy polygon assets. But the thing is, I have breasts. I see breasts everyday. Real ones! I live with 5 other girls so it is pretty impossible to not see a pair but I'd rather have mine than the large, solid, motionless polygons that are stuck into unnaturally proportioned digital woman. Real is more fun.

Now take the Dead or Alive series. A series which is famous for its fanatical obsession with breast physics, swimsuits and volleyball. Smooth, cute looking breasts, on animé inspired models, jiggle around so much that it's laughable. As unrealistically proportioned and coloured those bad boys are, at least they jig about in hypnotising harmony. They at least look like you can reach out and grab them and give them a squeeze rather than bruising your hands on solid baps!

Why is it that realistically designed breasts are only that aesthetically? If you are going to expose breasts in your game then at least put some thought into how they move about. If you combined the look of Heavy Rain and toned down the physics of DOA, you could get some pretty realistic boobies and I have no idea why people don't do this. If I am stuck looking at breasts they might as well play the part.

I don't even know why it bothers me so much!

On a side note: There is not enough cock in games. Thank you Dante's Inferno. Thank you.

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