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What I've Been Upto

Yo people. Been a long time since I blogged. I've been so busy with college its like someone hit the pause button of all the things I love to do.

Heres what I've been doing in the meantime.

Being a computer major, as part of our college project, we had to start a blog of our own in the internet. I made one about anime, comics and games and stuff. You can check it out here. I felt it was a real drag at first and was doing it for the sake of the grade. But now its starting to grow on me. I'll keep posting there regularly. You can follow with you gmail account or subscribe to the RSS feed.

I was also busy messing with my PC, trying to modify everything and anything. I came up with an Iron Man theme at first. Pleasing to the eye and pretty handy too. Heres a screen (click to expand in new window).

The circles around his palm rotate all the time. You click on the repulsors in the palm to toggle on/off the icons. It was pretty cool. I'm currently running a Bebop theme.

I slowly finished Baccano!. I havnt been able to read any manga at all. Since all manga sites were blocked along with GS. I also watch Cromartie High School when I feel like it. Damn funny at times.

For movies, I recently saw My Sassy Girl. A pretty good korean romantic comedy. I'd recommend it to fans of the genre. I'll be seeing Inception tomorrow. Late, I know.

Havnt been gaming much. Actually I havnt sat down and played a campaign for almost a year now. Hmm...what else. I'm getting really good with basketball. Only thing that keeps me going in my dull dorm life.

And heres some good new, I'll be moving to a room in the city soon after the new year. I should internet access again and will plenty more time and resources on hand to finally focus on something and hit that play button again.

I'll be leaving on the 14th and I shall be back for the winter holidays around the 23rd.

Making a comeback?

Been a while since I made my last blog. Always hard to leave the place. So I'll probably make a permanent comeback in a couple of months. Instead of arriving and disappearing as I've been doing the last 2 months.

The Toonami Unions grown a lot since I last came. Great new members and its turning out to be a really fun little community.

Just saw the movie. Late, I know. It was like some missing jigsaw piece. Good action. Nothing else. And it was so flipping wrong what they did with Deadpool. I mean God...

As for as gaming is concerned, I got this baby.

Thats a low-order high-end graphic card for my PC. Thats next gen graphics we're talking about! Even better at times. Been enjoying these games.


Sweet game, completed it. Good fun.


Now this was really fun. Played an entire season. This is as good as a Basketball sim can get. And the graphics own. It'll get better with 2K10 though.

Pretty cool themes for windows


Good old arcade fun.

I have a hell of a lot of manga to catch up on. And been a while since I saw an anime or read a comic.

The big news is that I've got a laptop!


Its pretty awesome. And it has everything I wanted. And the best part is I might take it to my dorm and I'll be able to stay in touch! If I get a WiFi connection that is.


Well thats about it....

Until later.

Its time...Farewell Gamespot.

Its time that I leave. For those who didnt know, I'm going to a college dorm and wont have access to a PC or internet. So a stop to GS life for a while.

Hmm...not much left to say. I'll miss the place and my friends. Hope everyone will still be around if I ever get a chance to come back. Which may possibly be around Christmas.

I was thinking of making a grand final blog but I dont have much time on hand. So I'll end it here.

Thanx to everyone who has been a friend over the last years.



Leaving Soon

My college will be starting around the 20th this month. So I'll be leaving in a week.

I'm trying to make the most and have a good time on GS.

Thats it. Short, sweet and to the point.

Back Home

Back from college hunting.

I managed to get a Computer Science and Engineering course in on of the top colleges of the state. This means I'll be leaving home soon and staying in a hostel. This also means that my GS days are possibly numbered. The odds of continuing my GS life are very little. Though theres still a chance.

Now for some good news, I got what I wanted for a long time now.

Its a graphic tablet. You use a pen which acts as a mouse. Helps a lot for drawing and painting on the PC. All in hopes of getting better at manga art. I'll be sure to post some stuff once I get used to the pen and the tablet.

And since my time is limited, I'll be sure to stay active on GS and focus on manga art at the same time. But I'll have to cut short on my anime and games.

And during my time in the big city, I saw Hancock.

And I hated it. It was just an ok movie. Not the ones you'd expect from Will Smith. Started off well but the lack of a real villain and cool fights and repetetive screenplay towards the end ruined it. Lacked humour as well. It seemed like one of those superhero movies for the kids. I should have stayed and seen Dark Knight.

Two good anime songs. Only audio.

Surface - Yume no Tsuduke He

Yui - Rolling Star

Thats it for now.


Out for a week.

I'll be going away for a week. Regarding my college. And to buy some stuff and enjoy a bit.

And for some comments, I'm gonna ask, how is/was your summer break?

I'll catch everyone later.


Got these,

Thinking of getting,

Just wanted something to blog.

For the sake of it.

Thought I should make a blog for the sake of it.

I see I've crossed Level 30. That was fast.

Watching Darker Than Black. Yet to see Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. Funny how people call it " The Hulk - Part 2 ".

Thinking about life a lot for some wierd reason. Also getting serious about becoming a Mangaka. Cant wait to get a Wacom tablet. Will probably get a new laptop too.

Stopped making sigs. Guess I lost interest.

Learning Japanese.

Feeling blue.


Some New Games

Finally got the game I wanted for quite a long time. Its for the PS.

This has got to be the best fighting game ever in terms of pure fun and awesomeness. Really addicting and loads of replayability, being an arcade game and all. And the greatest thing about this game is the roster.

Spidy, Wolvy, Gambit, Magneto, Captain America, Iron Man just to name a few from Marvel. And of course the Street Fighters, Ryu. Ken and Akuma and other Capcom stars like Jin, Strider Hiryu and Megaman. Each character is extremely unique. The game is a 3 on 3 battle btw. If you have a PS2 or XBox get this game now.

And on to the next game, which is one I find really hard to master.

The visuals are absolutely astounding. The best in a driving game. Thats expected from GT though. The gameplay is as real as possible. Hours of NFS are a problem here as the controls take time to master. I spent one whole day just to get my license...

And a new union which interests me apart from Toonami.


This is a designing Union. Most GS desingers have decided to unite here rather than being spread around.

Thats it for now...

Life so far...Great / Waste of time.

Its been a month and a half since my break began and I'm yet to do something constructive.

I checked out some movies,


Good attempt. -

Nice idea. Bad execution. -

O..k.. -

Did they even try? No. -

And then some Anime Movies,

Really poor execution. They hardly tried. -

And then some Anime,

Its been great so far. 4 more episodes to go.

C|assic. Just a great anime. It really is a New Genre. 6 episodes and 1 more movie to go.

Its been decent enough. Awesome opening and endings. Nice story/plot. 4 more episodes to go.

Check out these two,

Daybreak's Bell OP 01 -

Ash Like Snow OP 02 -

An utter waste of time. Really disappointing. Will put my total hatred in a review for the Toonami Union.

Completed 60 episodes. Been rather good. Just a bit prolonging and irritating at times.

I'll write a review for most of the above in the Toonami Union. You can do some reviews if you want as well.

And I've just started to watch these two,

Done with the manga. The anime's visual were just too good to pass by. Lets see...

After such a long time, I am about to start this 6 episode series/ova. Its visually awesome.

As for the Mangas and Comics,

As I said above, just awesome. Really have to credit Ohba(writer) and Obata(illustrator) for this c|assic work. Gets slow in the second half. But the first half more than makes up for it. Will review this as well. Death Note. Go read it. Or watch the anime if you still havnt.

And I started this Manga a week ago. Its a Seinen, so all you shounen fans can skip this if you want.

A thrilling story about a Doctor who saves a 8 year old kid who later becomes a Murderer. Been good so far.

And before moving on, thanx to lancelot200 for introducing me to to keep track of all the above.

Whose side are you on? Really good series. Just 40 of 100 comics to go. Might as well review this too.

And now for the games,

Jedi Outcast. A great game. But everytime I play it, it gets so nauseating. Makes you feel sick. Maybe thats just me.

And I got this for the PC,

Its a decent game but the voice acting...its horrible and makes you not want to play. Especially those of Naruto, Lee and Kakashi. I feel sorry for all you Naruto Dub watchers. You dont know what you are missing out.

Ok, so whats left? Ah yes,

I've been thinking of getting a Wacom. Its a digitizing tablet. If you know anything about it any information would be helpful.

Oh and new sig,

- - - @ s v i c j

*crosses 'Make a Big Blog' off the 'Things to do before I Die' list*

EDIT: Just saw Bebop Movie. Pretty good.