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I have conquered! EBA Beatin' and Brawl Playin'

Commander Khan is making a fool of himself! Why is he dancing around like a cheerleader! :P

So yes in case you haven't figured it out I finally conquered Elite Beat Agents on Hard Rock difficulty! This is the highest difficulty setting and has you dancing as the "Elite Beat Divas", female cheerleaders. The mode is very hectic because the hit markers are smaller and the timing to hit them is also decreased, and they appear much faster.

It seems SOOO impossible, but after multiple retries and much crying you'll finally pass it and feel like you've just done the impossible! It took me literally over 10 tries to beat the final stage on Hard Rock mode.

After that you unlock a very cool extra. It's not a new difficulty setting but if you hit the Commander Khan button that appears on the difficutly select menu screen it'll add Commander Khan as the middle dancer! This is hilarious because you've never seen Commander Khan actually dance, or do anything outside of the view cut-scemes that he appears in. GO COMMANDER GO!:D

If you want to check out my review of Elite Beat Agents, give it a look here.

Elite Beat Agents DS Cover Art

Elite Beat Agents is pretty much the start of previous games that I had started playing but never either beat or finished. With Elite Beat Agents I of course had beaten the game to write my review, but I never completed it. Now it is conquered! All that's left is to raise my ranking by beating my previous scores on levels. Right now my rank is "Hero's Hero" and I have "44,101,497" points needed to raise to the next rank!:?

I also finally beat Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. I had beaten the GameCube version of RE4 before but not the Wii version, so I finally beat that and wrote a review for it, which you can you read on VGB here.

For my review I beat the game on normal and also beat all the extra modes: Assignment Ada, Seperate Ways and the Mercenaries mode. Seperate Ways was an awesome mode. It adds so much to the story with the additional chapters and it's a very long mode, it took me like six hours to beat it! I still want to go through the mode a few times, with the unlockable outfits and guns I've already gotten and then beat it on the Professional difficulty setting.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Cover Art

I do still have a few games that I need to finish though.

I also started playing Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360 which is the first Xbox 360 game that I've played and we've had the system since Thanksgiving or so (Black Friday) and I have yet to really play anything! We also have Assassin's Creed and I can't wait to play that. As well as Conan, which my brother who bought the 360 bought it as a gift for me and i still haven't played it. lol. Which I didn't do on purpose it's just that I've been busy playing other stuff.

I really like Lost Planet so far, it's a very fun game and it's a lot better than I was thinking. Also a lot different, it's more of a shooter and kind of has the feel of a first-person shooter but in third-person, and much different than the aforementioned Resident Evil 4. Strangely, I also find the whole winter/ice/tundra environment to be refreshing. Since it's not an environment you are used to seeing. And then of course you have the massive boss fights which are incredible! My main beef with the game though just comes from personal taste, and that is: I don't care so much for using the mech-like robots. I prefer the on-foot shooting . . .

Lost Planet Xbox 360 Box Art

And last, but definitely not least, I have been playing . . .

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Box Art

Yup! I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a gift from a friend who's web-site I am working on ( so I can review it.

The game is AMAZING. The graphics are so much better than what I had expected, it's literally like going from Street Fighter to Street Fighter Alph. The intricate and very busy backgrounds do wonders! It really makes your jaw drop. The single player Adventure Mode is also insane! I've barely touched the service of it as I'm only at like 6%, but my friends boyfriend has been playing it and she says that he played it for over 6 hours and still isn't finished! That boggles my mind. :D

I also already played an online match with my aforementioned friend (some of you may know her as Angelbabe531) and while it was awesome to finally get to play an online game with her, it really sucked for me because it was SUPER laggy. The lag was so bad that it almost broke the game because you could not do all the timed-based combos and attacks that you would in a normal Smash match. Smash is all about timeing after all.

But hopefully that just depends on the connection and it's not always like that.

I actually wouldn't know because I've avoided ALL reviews and articles on the game as to avoid any and all spoilers. I literally know NONE of the secret characters. But it's time to get busy and down to work to unlock them!

Oh yeah and I almost forgot something else in my excitiment! The other newest game added to my collection it this:

Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cover Art

Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360! I got this game from Capcom to review for VGB. I've only played the first few missions and my early impression is . . . It's Devil May Cry! :P Really, surprisingly nothing has changed outside of the visuals. The addition of the Devil Arm is interesting, and it really adds a cool element for battles, but outside of that it's all what you'd expect and doesn't seem to try anything new. But we'll see if that changes later on. I have a feeling it won't though. It's actually kind of funny too considering how much Nero even LOOKS like Dante.

The opening moments of Devil May Cry 4 are AWESOME btw. I mean amazingly awesome. Oh and I do have a major beef. The voices in this game are EXTREMELY low, so low that it's hard to make them out and nearly impossible if there are other sounds/music going on in the background. Thank God for subtitles, but it does surprise me how badly the audio has been mixed. It's very annoying. Might as well not even talk! :P

And with that I'm off to play some Smash! Take care everyone!

Oh and by the way, if you wanted to read my Turok 2: Seeds of Evil N64 review, which is what I was talking about in my last post, you can give that a look here.

If you have problems connecting to the site btw it's because the server load is insanely high do to so many visitors (over 200) reading the site at once, mainly the Super Smash Bros. Brawl articles!:shock: So try again later.

Dropping Seeds of Evil on the unexpected

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. You may know the name, but probably haven't played the game.

It is the sequel to the best-selling Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64 (You can also find both games for the PC) and I'm playing through the game right now on my good ol' N64. I've had it since the year it came out way back in 1998.

Maybe you've heard, but there is a reason this game is called "Seeds of Evil". And what is that reason? Because it is the spawn of Satan! No really, this game is punishing in it's difficulty. And it's not the enemies or bosses that make the game hard . . . It is the level design!

You can clearly picture the developers sitting there laughing their asses off as you fall of a chasm to your doom (the game contains what are essentially "holes", just like the first Turok. At least here they aren't in long platforming sections though). And it's not just cliffs that make Turok 2 perilous. The levels in Turok 2 are absolutely enormous. I'm talking gigantic. And unlike the levels in something like Halo, where they sprawl into the distance, here you are required to search every little nook and cranny, and if you don't you can easily miss something.

In the second level, The River of Souls, I had made it all the way through the entire level (probably took 4 hours, and I know the first three levels nearly by heart) only to find that I had missed one of my objectives! What did this mean? It meant I had to backtrack through the entire level again! The game drops absolutely zero hints as to where you must go or where the objectives are located. Do you know where it was? I'm betting that if you played the game and got stuck on this stage, that this particular objective was to blame.

It was hidden behind an explosive barrel! You find explosive barrels (that can contain health, life forces or ammo) all over the world in Turok 2. So many times you won't shoot it because you don't need what it contains, sometimes you might even "strategically" save it! But that's a no, no in Turok 2. Because behind every barrel could be a breakable wall. Now typically you can tell when a wall will be blown up because of the barrel (you can see the outline) but this one was hidden in a dark crevice! Evil. Simply evil.

To top the whole wicked thing off, the game hasn't aged well as far as controls, framerate and overall smoothness go. I can't tell if it's the framerate or just the sensitivity of the control stick when looking around (which I've adjusted) but it is difficult to do incremental adjustments, making fighting the bad guys twice as hard as it should be. Many times if you try to do an incremental adjustment for say, a head shot, then you can expect to lose health as you stand there trying to maneuver the crosshair while the enemies rushes you, shoots you or lobs a grenade in your direction. It's quite maddening, and as such I hope the game gets an updated release on Xbox Live/PS Store cause that would be awesome and if that one flaw was fixed I think the game would be twice as good as it is. I still hope the original is released on the Wii Virtual Console as well, it'd be interesting to see if the problems I mentioned above translate over even though you'd be using a GameCube or Classic game pad.

Well, thought I'd just type some impressions of the game out. Now it's back to Lair of the Blind Ones, the underground level that's nothing but tunnels . . . thankfully I just past the underwater section, one that back in the day I had to draw a map of to pass it. Thankfully my memory served me quite well and I didn't have to do that this time. Evil I say.

Super Mario Galaxy is GameSpot Game of the Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well and have started 2008 off on the right foot.

I just got done reading the Best of 2007 Awards from GameSpot and when I reached the Game of the Year Award, I would've bet money that Super Mario Galaxy was NOT going to get the award. I was positive it was going to be The Orange Box, Call of Duty 4 or Cyrsis. And yet they gave it to Super Mario Galaxy! Imagine my utter and total shock.

Although I haven't played any of the other games on the list (I've seen Assassin's Creed though) I have been playing through Super Mario Galaxy and I think it was an excellent choice for Game of the Year. It is simply a phenominally fun game that I think blew apart everyone's expectations of it, and it really did change up the platformer in ways I couldn't imagine and that do not come across in screenshots. It's also a very smart, quite long and challening game with great, colorful graphics, great music, inventive game mechanics, terrific level design, insanely fun gameplay and tons of nostalgic appeal, a fact that I love about it.

I do think that the awards were flawed in some ways based on the nominees (and the fact that they only select games that scored over 9.0) as someone pointed out in a thread on the Best of 2007 board, but I couldn't be happier with GameSpot's choice.

And you know what I think is absolutely crazy? The fact that Halo 3 has been so completely and utterly overshadowed in the awards this year. It didn't even pick up ANY awards from GameSpot! In any other year you know it would've conquered because it's Halo and a great game in it's own right, but man what a year it is for gamers when Halo 3 is overlooked. Madness!

Mario is the new Jesus

A bold claim, I know. Just let me explain, and then you too will believe.

I most recently was playing Super Mario 64 on ye ol' N64 in order to review it for my web-site (videogamesblogger dotcom).

If you've never played the game before (which would be a sad, sad thing. Go do it now) then I must tell you that you can beat the game with 70 Stars (which you get for accomplishing goals on levels, each level has 7 Stars total), but to COMPLETE the game you need to collect 120 Stars, which is quite the feat and takes a while to accomplish.

I had been playing the game deligently for a few days and had reached 40 Stars. But then DISASTER hit! I turned my game on one day to be struck by the devil himself! ALL FOUR SAVE FILES on ye cartridge of old were GONE! Which included my newest game of 40 Stars. I had only erased one file though when creating my current one, and so there were still three more files that had been there for God only knows how long, including one with all 120 Stars collected. But now they were no more.

Now anyone that has played games since the cartridge days knows that this is a rather common occurence. The battery back-up simply cannot be counted on to save your games, because there is always that chance that turning the system on or off will trigger a deletion. It has happened to me way too many times to count.

Now instead of hitting the floor and crying my eyes out and lamenting the wasted hours of my life that I would never get back, I just shrugged my shoulders and thought "Well I'll just do it again!" I mean it WAS only 40 Stars, which isn't even half. And heck this is Mario 64, a game I know better than the back of my hand. I was convinced I could probably reach 40 Stars in half the time, especially since I would no longer waste as much time going after coins and would simply go for the goal.

So I turn the game back on and start my journy over again. It was a slow process however and within hours I only had six Stars, in part because I went after a few 100 coin Stars in the beginning, but still, it was taking much longer than I anticipated. Eventually later that night I reached 20 Stars and thought I'd give it a break. So I set the controller down and got on the computer.

That's when Satan thought he'd get in the last laugh and defeat me and my feeble attempts to beat the game again before the review process (I always beat games first, even re-beat them if they are old games before reviewing).

Seizing control of my dad's vacuum cleaner, the demon slammed said machine into my game console . . . which was sitting on the floor (oops . . .) thus FREEZING MY GAME.

At first I didn't realize that anything was amiss. Until I picked up the controller . . . looked at the pause screen, and noticed that the Red Coins were frozen in place . . . . The devil had had the last laugh.

I was defeated. I decided to go to bed that night without the sweet sounds of Princess Peach in my dreams, conquered by that damn vacuum cleaner. *cue devil laughter*

But then . . . A MIRACLE!

The next morning I was amazingly back in the Mario mood and thought I'd continue my game. I would not be deterred! So I hook the console up . . . pick the system up off the floor and place it on the table (I learn from my mistakes, see) and turn the power button on.

NOTHING! The game isn't working. Stupid cartridges! So I go through the motions. I take it out and blow in it (with hot air, under my shirt . . . it works, I swear!) and try again. Still nothing. Grrrr! So I try one last time.

"It's a-me, MARIO!" Yay! It is on. But I'm a bit disgruntled knowing that some of my progress was probably lost. At least, the Star I was getting during the freeze probably didn't count.

But Jesus was on my side.

Miracously, I press Start to find that . . . ALL FOUR OF MY OLD SAVE FILES HAVE RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back from the dead they are!

This includes my very old file of 120 Stars and the game I was working on before the erase, the one with 40 Stars.

Alive, they are alive!Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

I was amazed. Stunned. Speechless!

How? Why? When? Where? Is this possible? Do my eyes decieve me?! Satan is up to his old tricks again isn't he!?!

But no, the screen didn't lie. My file WAS back. And so I gleefully started replying my old 40 Star game like nothing ever happened! :D (And if you must know, the Star count currently sits at 111)

But how? Was it a real, honest-to-goodness miracle? How can it be that all four games were gone, and a NEW game was started (which I started on the same spot as my 40 Star file I might add) and that somehow did not replace it . . . how can it be that my current game could erase, and the OLD game resurface?

Please speculate. As for me, it proves what I've always known. Mario is, in fact, Jesus. How else can one plumber bring so much happiness and joy to the world? :)

The CNN/Youtube Republican Debate. Did you watch?!

So, did you guys watch the CNN/Youtube Republican Debate yesterday? I missed the last Democratic Youtube Debate (even though I'm a Republican, so it wasn't too big a deal) and almost missed this one too. I only just happened to turn the TV on and hear them talking about it.

I thought the debate was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I was so glad that I got to watch it. I watched it live on CNN. I was really surprised at how heated it got between the Republicans, to my knowledge this was the most heated it has ever gotten, although it's not unexpected of course, but I was still surprised at the exchange between Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. I did think that his accusation of Mitt having illegals on his property was unfounded and not a good way to go. Rudy didn't look like he did too well with a confrontation like that, although either did Mitt IMO. I think that exchange really made mefocus my attention on the other candidatesthe entire debate since it happened at the beginning. A bit of a shame since I do like Rudy, and Mitt isn't too bad either.

In my opinion it was Mike Huckabee and John McCain that did the best and won the debate. I also took more notice of the lower candidates, particularly Tancredo and Duncun Hunter, both of who I think are good but obviously they will note win the election and thus won't get my vote. Which is too bad cause I do really like Hunter, and I think he'd make an excellent president.

I thought Fred Thompson did good in the debate as well, some people disagreed but I thought he did fine.

But I thought John McCain has once again really proved his toughness with this debate. He really shone through and I think that, especially standing next to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (I won't even utter the other guy's name, this isn't a clown show afterall), John McCain would simply crush them. There is no way they can even begin to TOUCH him in the area of national defense and foreign affairs. And I think that he would be an extremely strong, non-partison (he's shown that he can work with Democrats and go against the grain of the Republican Party) leader that this country really needs at this time.

And as much as I LOVE Huckabee and think that Huckabee would be a great President, it's the whole war issue that puts McCain above the others, this guy KNOWS what he is talking about. And the others can't even pretend that they know more than he does or have more experience in that area. (although Giuliani gets my next vote in this area obviously);Just as Romney tried to do, you simply can't argue with McCain's credentials. He is ALSO a Senator from my state (I live in Phoenix, Arizona) and that's just the icing on the cake. Maybe Mike Huckabee would make a good Vice President though.

I must tip my hat to CNN as well, I'm not one to watch CNN, my remote stays on Fox News, but I thought CNN did an excellent job and even though the debate was two hours I wanted it to continue!!!!!! :P I also thought the whole youtube question format is an awesome idea and worked really well (even though it's impossible for the candidates to not argue with each other and stay within the time limit). Some of the questions were a bit suspect though . . . two questions on gay rights . . . And then there was the question on if you believe "every word of the Bible", which is one of those tongue-in-cheek/mocking questions the way it was given, but I thought all the candidates did a great job on answering it. Of course Huckabee shined in his answer as you'd expect.

And then they had the whole "What would Jesus do?" question, and Huckabee once again shined like a glittering angel with his line, "Jesus was too smart to run for public office" which got laughs by everyone. As the commentor on CNN said, that was proably the smartest answer you could give on a question like that.

Overall though I thought the questions were pretty well given. And I was impressed that none of the candidates moved or apoligized for the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy when confronted by the gay General. I felt his pain and emotion and indeed felt pity for the person not for what he is but for what he had to go through beinga gay person, but like the others I have to agree that the policy we have in place works and doesn't need changing. A person's homosexuality IMO is a private issue, it's not something you need to bring out for everybody to know. But I do think that it shouldn't be damaging if they come out, but they don't need to put it on display in the course of their service, and I think this also applies to heterosexuals. That should be reserved for when they are off-duty and home visiting with their families and whatnot.

So anyway, great debate I was really happy I watched it. I wish I had a DVR, I would've recorded it, even though you can watch clips from the debate on youtube by clicking on the link at the beginning of this blog.

So what did YOU think of the debate? Did any one candidate stand out to you?

Chuck Norris picks Mike Huckabee for President!

The man has spoken! Chuck Norris has chosen Mike Huckabee as his pick for President in 2008!

I definitely agree, although I like all the Republican front-runners as well as Mike Huckabee so I'm really not sure who I will be voting for just yet.

Btw did you guys see the Republican Debate on Fox News yesterday? I thought it was excellent. Some absolutely hilarious moments and I thought all the candidates did a good job, although McCain stood out for me. And the second tier hardly got any time at all, which is too bad for them. But I thought Romney, McCain, Rudy and Thompson all did great.

Did you see McCain's "All Tied Up" line? Great stuff. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

Small Update - Christianity and Me

I just thought I'd post a small update so as to get SOMETHING recent up. I'm still really upset that I never blogged about me getting my Wii . . . which is now like two months old. :( I may still do it though.

I thought I'd inform you guys though that I have started updating my other web-site, which you can check out at I just did like 10 articles so check it out, comment if you like and spread the word! :P

Gameplay Is An Art Form

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption just released for Nintendo Wii, and that birthed inside me a craving to once again play through one of my favorite games.

I just got done beating Metroid 1 on NES (Using my DS, I unlocked it on Metroid: Zero Mission) and I beat it in under an hour. Netting me the special "Samus in a bathing suit" ending.

Before I get to the main point of my editorial, let me gush a bit.

Metroid is such a great game. It is so well designed that it still impresses me to this day. The game is fun, totally challenging, and just nails the otherworldly atmosphere so well, which is incredible given the 8-bit hardware. And it still surprises me how difficult the original Metroid is.

It's crazy because I am a veteran Metroid player. I know where all the stuff is located . . . well pretty much, although sometimes I vaguely forget or get places mixed up, and so I have to play through it again to refresh my memory. And even then I still manage to get lost. I always have trouble remembering exactly where certain power-ups or Missile Expansions are located, no matter how many times I've beaten this game. And each time I always require a bit of experimentation, blowing up certain blocks, checking certain walls and floors, before it all comes back to me.

Metroid really taxes your brain. Because you have to take note of what direction you are heading in and which doors you have or have not entered, at all times. If you don't it is really easy to get lost. I know the basic layout of Zebes, but once I get into the green colored section of Brinstar (where you find the Screw Attack) or Ridley's Hideout, I can get lost pretty easily; even when I am keeping track of my location and I know the general layout pretty well.

It's just incredible how well designed the game is. The world is huge, and you really gotta know what you're doing if you are to get the best ending. It holds up super well, even in the year 2007.

Now to my main point. Beating Metroid with the best ending got me to thinking, gameplay . . . is like an art form. Yes I'm serious. Think about what it takes: the skill involved, how much the mind is processing inside the head of the player playing, and how smooth it is if you are an expert. Obviously you can't apply this to every game out there. But it does apply to many games I can think of, and right now Metroid is my example.

My brother was watching me play, and he remarked that all he sees is doors, blocks (I think he meant to say "platforms") and enemies. He has no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing.

But in MY head, I'm planning it all out. I'm rushing against the clock (cause I want to get the best ending), and therefore my every move is calculated. And I curse myself every time I mess up and do something that wastes those precious minutes. To the untrained eye, I'm just jumping from platform to platform and shooting stuff. But inside my brain, I've already got the next hour or so planned out, and I know exactly where I'm going and why I'm retrieving that specific item at that specific time.

It's like a dance . . . Those that know what they are doing will make all the right steps and if done right, it will be smooth and pleasing to watch. But if done wrong, if mistakes are made, then the dancer stumbles, and the dance looks a bit uglier, especially to those trained in this art form.

When Samus hits that enemy or falls into that pit and has trouble getting back onto the platform again, those who are "in the know" will cringe. Because they know that it's basically an hour of that player's life "wasted" if he doesn't in fact get the best "under an hour" ending he is striving for. But of course, if he fails, he'll simply try again, until he perfects it. And each time he does, he'll get better and better at it. Each time going faster and making fewer mistakes.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of video games. From Metroid to Halo, games are like an elaborate, complex dance in the hands of the right players.

Note: I am not just talking about speed runs in the above. I wasn't attempting a speed run, but simply attempting to get the best ending in Metroid 1, which requires you to beat the game in under an hour. Incredibly difficult for all but the best players. But no problem for speed runners I imagine.

Post E3 Views On All My Favorite Upcoming Games and Fatal Frame Review!

Wow . . . Was E3 awesome or what? I personally was very happy with E3, there were TONS of good games shown, and GameSpot in particular gave us an in-depth look at all the upcoming titles that I am looking forward too, so that was really cool.

This E3 was a hectic time for me as I was busy with my web-site partner posting as many articles as we could possibly get done onto, and man was that a lot!

It paid off too, the second day of E3 was our best, with our site garnering 26,000 visitors and we posted a whopping 30 articles! Just for comparison sake, a typical day has us doing 8 to 10 articles, so we effectively did triple the amount of work! But our visitor numbers raised by 4,000 in a day, so it worked out quite well! :D

I also posted my long delayed review for the Xbox version of Fatal Frame. It's up on the site now and I think it looks REALLY nice with all the pictures, videos and artwork. I had to do extra duty to get all that stuff and so I'm quite proud of it. I think it looks excellent. If it's not on the frontpage then you can still access it easily under the "EZ Review Links" page on the left sidebar.

So what games did I most enjoy seeing at E3? Well nothing was really much of a surprise. As far as the press conferences go, Microsoft's was actually my favorite, cause, as PrincessZelda said, they showed off the most games that I am totally looking forward too.

Such as: Mass Effect, Rock Band, Halo Wars (looks awesome even though I'm not a Halo fan), Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM (looks sweet), Stranglehold, Lost Odyssey (JAW DROPPING! I can't wait for this game!), Resident Evil 5 (Big surprise, wasn't expecting this and while I still don't quiteunderstandwhatitwillplaylike, it definitely got my attention), Grand Theft Auto IV (first GTA I'm actually thinking I'll play), Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (looks insane), Assassin's Creed (Nuff said, plus check my myspace blog out to read about how I'm in love with Jade Raymond! :D But what gamer nerd isn't?), Scene It (Always wanted to try this . . .), Too Human (Can't wait!), Bioshock (looks good), and there's a ton of little titles that don't stick in my mind but if I saw them on the shelf or on Marketplace I'd probably pick them up. Oh, and the Disney deal, SWEET. I love Disney, and since some oftheold animated movies are hard to come by, having them on Marketplace for download is a great idea, as is getting every upcoming Disney movie. Smart move by them.

Nintendo: Their conference was majorly disappointing. They showed off Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which looked like the best Zelda since Link to the Past! I was majorly impressed with it and I can't wait to get it. I was less impressed with their showing of Metroid Prime 3, which didn't look like anything special although I know it definitely will be! I was obviously taken by surprise at the announcement of Mario Kart Wii and glad that they are bringing it online, but the footage didn't do anything for me. Looked like Mario Kart, def. fun. They're online explanation wasn't convincing at all, and the video they played during the intro was hilarious and awesome . . . Until they showed it again . . . then again . . . and again . . . and once more just to put the nail in the coffin. Worst decision EVER.

Did you see how everyone cheered at first?! They were so ready to love on Nintendo and Nintendo just squashed those dreams with their overabundance of "Wii love ourselves!" videos and a super, super boring, long and drawn out numbers speech. I was impressed with the Wii Zapper and thought it was and is a very cool peripheral, I'll definitely be getting one. But come on, it could look better than a piece of plastic that they'll be selling for $20. TheSuperSmashBros. Brawl footage did nothing for me and of course, the whole of Nintendom let out a collective "SIGH" when Nintendo failed to drop ANY bombs and failed utterly to give us the two things we most wanted (and expected), Sonic as a playable character in Smash and that Brawl would be online. Stupid, STUPID move. And then there was Wii Fit . . . I love it. I think it's great. Ingenious even. I'll be getting one. But I'm sorry if it didn't get me so super excited. Was it fun, light-hearted and pure Nintendo? It was, but regardless Nintendo had no big announcements (I do think the upcoming Touch Generation titles sounded cool though and long overdue for US release) and hardly anything new . . . I give it a big MEH. But regardless, they still DO have a lot of upcoming games I can't wait for and will DEFINITELY be buying. Such as the ones mentioned above (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy which I forgot to mention and Wii Fit and the Wii Zapper game collection, whatever it will be). Which is plenty actually. But still a weak press conference.

Sony: I missed the very beginning of this conference so I have yet to see Patapon. I was unimpressed with the PSP "redesign"
but I haven't bought one yet so it's all the better for me and I thought it was a good move on their part. New colors was definitely
a good move, though I'll probably get something other than black. Echochrome looked mind-blowing! So simple yet so complex! This shows just how good Sony is at making games and innovating, they really are just as good as Nintendo when you think
about it. Infamous looked really cool. I think the NC Soft thing was a big deal, and although they don't have a huge number of games I am looking forward too, they do have some very cool exclusives, like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction, Lair, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, which looks a lot better than I thought it did initially, I'm now looking forward to it (I wasn't before) and of course, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which looks amazing (I actually would rather get it for 360. Bwa ha ha ha hah!).

As for other games that I got to see, well there were a ton of them but unfortuneatly they all slip my mind when I'm trying to think of them, lol. Isn't that always the case? But if you go through my wish list . . . Well actually, I'll go ahead and consult my E3 2007 Page at my web-site to see what games I'm looking forward too.

. . . and there's lots! Brace yourself!

Guitar Hero III looks great, I'll probably buy it for 360 (Rock Band too), Spider-Man Friend or Foe looked cool and it's a neat idea, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground looked impressive even though I'm not a fan. The Witcher looks AMAZING. I'd like to play it if I had a nice enough computer. Godzilla Unleashed looks great. The GCN version was fun so I'll probably get this version. All of Atlus' games look interesting and fun (Dragladen, Ontamarama, Persona 3, Touch Detective 2 ½, Trauma Center: New Blood), I'm totally looking forward to Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (I love the emphasis on story), Dark Sector impressed me
def. looks fun and cool. Dragon Blade for Wii looks great, about time we had a Devil May Cry-****action game for the Wii. Turok looks FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE! That's easily one of my top 5 most anticipated upcoming titles. Age of Conan is an online title I might buy if I played MMORPG's and Conan the Barbarian also looks AMAZING. I'll definitely be trying that out.

From EA: Blocks looked fun to me, Crysis looks as incredible as ever and I'd buy that if I had a good PC, Hellgate London impressed me, looked a million times better than last year. I can't wait for My Sims! Looks SO CUTE! Smarty Pants looks like a totally fun party/trivia game that I'd definitely like to try out with a group of friends (Jasmine please play with me! :P), The Simpsons Game looks like LOTS of fun! I was totally taken aback by how innovative it is. They are really mixing genres and it looked totally unique! I'm not even a Simpsons fan (at all) and I would buy this game!

Demenitum: The Ward is TOTALLY one of the games I'm gonna buy for DS. I love Silent Hill and this game looks amazing. Being able to write on the screen to solve puzzles is such a freakin' cool idea. Can't wait to get this. And on that note, Silent Hill Origins looks great. I'll definitely be picking it up when I get a PSP. As for Silent Hill 5 . . . Meh. I need to see more on the game, but the teaser totally did not tease me. And hopefully that was only place-holder voice acting. But I'm sure the Konami team won't let us down. It gives me chills to think what the Silent Hill team can do with next gen graphics!

As for other GameCock titles (of which Dementium is one they are publishing), Fury sounds GREAT. A fast-paced almost fighting game (but with magic) like MMO, I'd definitely like to try it out. I think it's free too. :D Legendary: The Box looks
FANTASTIC. The trailer blew me away. And it amazes me that no one has really done a FPS against mythical creatures . . . only monsters. No griffins and such so it definitely looks uniqe. So I can't wait to see more of this game. Mushroom Men is intriguing . . . but I need to know more about it.

Koei's Fatal Inirtia didn't impress me, BUT I'm sure it'll be a fun game. It's something I might randomly pick up years down the road since I love me some action racing titles (F-Zero, Extreme-G, Mario Kart, etc.). Star Wars: The Force Unleashed definitely impressed me and it's the first Star Wars game I'm actually looking forward too. The trailer was awesome.

For Microsoft, I forgot to mentionMistwalker's Blue Dragon, which I definitely want to get when I buy a Xbox 360. The PC version of Gears of War also impressed me. That fight was awesome! Viva Pinata: Party Animals is a smart idea and that trailer made me laugh, so it wasn't too shabby at all and I think they could make a cool party game of it. Looked fun.

Unreal Tournament 3 looked in-freakin'-CREDIBLE! I couldn't believe my eyes. It looks as good as Crysis. Not only that though, it looks SUPER, SUPER, SUPER FUN! I definitely would like to get it, and I've never been a PC gamer or Unreal Tournament fan. But how can you deny something that looks THAT good?!

For Nintendo I somehow forgot to mention Super Mario Galaxy, which looks AMAZING! Definitely better than Super Mario Sunshine.
It looks totally unique, innovative and, best of all, imaginative! And of course, how can you deny the total awesomeness of BEE MARIO!!!!!!!!! You can't! You must be the bee! 8)

Going down the list. Namco: I'll definitely be picking up Beautiful Katamari. My inclination is to get it for the Wii since I think that'll be great, but I think it's a really good fit on 360 too, although only as a download . . . I forget if it's coming to retail. If it is, then I'll probably get the Wii version instead. I didn't see Culdcept SAGA at the show but I've seen it before and I'll definitely like to get it. Monopoly crossed with Magic is a great idea, and the fact that it's online is ingenious. Plus I have a friend who LOVES the PS2 version but rarely can find someone to play with him, so this will make him happy! :D Eternal Sonata looks fun, if standard. Soul Calibur 4 didn't do anything for me and I never was a big fan of Soul Calibur, but I'll probably get it anyway. Soul Calibur: Legendslooks awesome! I can't wait to play it, I think it's about time we got a true sword-swinging action game on the Wii. Looks really fun and I can't wait to get it. I think it'll do wonders for the Wii too.

Surprisingly, NCsoft has several titles I'm looking forward too. Aion has a really cool concept, basically an MMO with "angels", if you will. Fantasy setting, cool art **** and you can literally fly around! Very neat. Tabula Rasa impressed me last year, and so I'm still looking forward to it. Even though I'm not an MMORPG player, I would definitely like to get into it sometime and this title looks as good as any. Impresses with it's fast-paced third-person shooter feel and sci-fi design. Lastly, I got a glimpse of Dungeon Runners and it seemed cool.

Sega of course has Nights:JourneyofDreams for Wii and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, both of which look interesting. I'll probably pick one, if not both up (definitely both eventually). Universe At War looks cool, and it's great that they finally brought the 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 online.

Sierra has Geometry Wars: Galaxies for Wii, which I'm definitely getting since I haven't played the Xbox 360 version. Plus it'll just be funner on the Wii I think. The new Spyro doesn't look too shabby. Timeshift looks INCREDIBLE. My jaw dropped and it's improved ten-fold over E3 2006. I definitely think I'll pick it up despite not being a heavy shooters fan.

Square of course has a glut of games I'm looking forward too: Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (Wii), Final Fantasy II: Anniversary (PSP), both Dragon Quest: Joker (DS) andDragonQuest Swords (Wii) sound fun, Front Mission DS and The Last Remnant.

For Sony, I was unimpressed with Killzone 2, even though it has really great graphics. It does nothing for me. Pursuit Force 2 sounds like an even better game than the first one, which I would've gotten if I had a PSP.

Dead or Alive Online was a crazy Tecmo announcement (A PC MMO Fighting Game apparently exclusive to China, though I bet they'll bring it elsewhere eventually) and I'm still looking forward to Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, despite not having played Ninja Gaiden Black yet. :P

And . . .OMG, have I reached the end? Well there are still even more games out there (I didn't see Devil May Cry 4 at the show, and it looks pretty amazing). So as everyone knows, there are a bajillion great upcoming games. But like most people, I probably will be sticking to the major ones, and probably Nintendo seeing as how I doubt I'll have a 360 or PS3 (hahahahaha) in time for the holidays (course, I may get another one for the holidays outside of Wii.

OH! I forgot to mention one of my most anticipated upcoming DS games . . . PAINT BY DS!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't seen it check it out at my web-site or here at GS (although they don't have much, but they do have screenshots). Yay for coloring! I love coloring, this game actually reminded me that I want to get some crayons so I can color! Hee hee hee *giggles like a little girl*

And so that is all! Thank you for reading whoever takes the time to actually consume this glut of text. Take care, and GAME ON!

Conan returns. Time to smash some skulls!

Two new Conan games are in development, and both of them look excellent.

The first is an action game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3, and it has some extremely brutal but totally awesome looking real-time combat. To me, THIS is how you do Conan! Reminds me of the movie 300. And obviously they pull no punches in the brutality of it all.

Check out this trailer for the game:

And see the actual gameplay in action in this interview:

The other Conan game is called: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and this one is a PC and Xbox 360 MMORPG (that stands for . . . Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It essentially means it's an RPG where thousands of people play online at the same time) which is drastically different than Conan The Barbarian, even though the combat is real-time, which is rare for an RPG.

Watch a stunning CG trailer for the game as well as anothe trailer featuring in-game footage in my Age of Conan article here:

Looking forward to both games! Although I'm much more likely to get Conan the Barbarian than Age of Conan. Both look cool though.

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