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Games Made On Choice

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Choices, decisions, conversation tactics are all available in RPG games; the least being to be able to select a different path to complete objectives/missions. Script, implementation, story bend, characters, etc all play an enticing role in decision making. Games such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect have garnered acclaim for in this aspect; while Deus Ex HR and the Splinter Cell series present a rather basic but fundamental choice to gameplay i.e. stealth or guns ablazing.

While choices within a single game are numerous and different as compared to the next game; one field remains untouched still : Choices and decisions made in one game carrying on to its successor, its next chapter. Ramifications, consequences, results, failures carried to another chapter of the experience; in this field, gaming has been less experimental with quite a few tactical problems such as:

a story which has the ability to bend and mold itself to the psyche of the gamer , player experience playing the original game or not having played the initial game, level of diversity on major choice making in the initial game; the game would be huge with not two but half a dozen different storylines. These are but a few mentioned problems problems.

A direct comparison for this feat to be accomplished should be with novels. It sounds a little strange a comparison, but a series of novels is a simple continuation of a tale and experience with choice being carried from the initial book to the next, the choice being that of the characer of the author. It would be a great experience to see the choices, big and small, unfold in a storyline in which the gamer himself makes the choices and not only following the restrained path set by the restricted AI. The gamer will experience freedom in a world which isn't even his to begin with. That would be exceptional gaming!

Assassin's Creed Revelations: The vital links

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Assassin's Creed Revelations: The vital links

With the upcoming release date of November, AC Revelations will be the third installment in the Ezio storyline and fourth in the overall series. While the AC2 was a sensational experience in its storytelling, character introduction and bonding, visuals, etc…..; Brother carried the storyline without the impact and leap of the second, but still was a hit and a lovely twist of events for Ac fanatics like myself. So not to drag this blog on, I want to make clear quite a few things required in Revelations to assist with the overall mechanics of its storyline and franchise without compromising its value.

1. First thing is the storyline. With the conclusion of my personal best gaming character, the ending has to be epic, has to be legendary. Furthermore the story should differ from the path in the means that the main focus should not be the vengeance of Ezio for the murderers of his family or simply eliminating Templars. AC 2 and Brotherhood did that; but the story should be personal as well as go deeper into the ''those before us'' concept and reveal more of their history and the danger to come.

2. Ezio should father a child. The whole concept is based on hereditary DNA and reliving memories of our ancestors. It can be revealed in letters or as a romance or simply that he had a child while in Italy ( this option would destroy a beautiful chance to intensify the emotional story)

3. I personally liked the travelling in AC2, i.e. Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Forli, but was disappointed of just Rome in Brotherhood. Conceiving the city was big and beautiful, but lacked the diversity of a city on water or the dull effect of battles as in Forli.

4. Altaire would a story writer's wet dream to use, but the previous chapters of AC should not be repeated, an aspect of something we did not see yet from Altaire's legacy would be too much appetizing.

5. The emotion of the Christina missions were a delight; would like to see something of that as well.

6. One thing that is not for me to decide but would love to see is Desmond's alternate, which would be a female character mentioned during the ending of Brotherhood that will be Desmond's companion in the coming days of the series.

7. Some light on the next assassin would be a gift. Would love to play as a female assassin in a past. The aspect of a female assassin would also be enriched by the portrayal of the female in a different century and also their different struggles and diversities to male emotions and techniques.

Thank you for your time. November couldn't come soon enough.


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Gaming is the ultimate outcome of thinking out of the box, of imagination. One so normal can experience the impossible, to live and control what they couldn't in reality, more likely, what they wanted to be! They say experiences account of age, well then I believe that gaming is the ultimate novelty, not for living one life, but many!!!!!